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carp fishing

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im new to carp fishing and do not know how to set up my line for a cage feeder. what strenght of line do i need, what size hook, and do i need and whire line atached to the main line?? please help me so i can get under way in my dads private lake! :lol:



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hi taza... you definitely wont need to use wire traces for carp fishing, you only need to use those for pike fishing. the use of cage feeders for carp fishing is not something you would normally use. they are used primarily for coarse fishing, ie: for bream and such like. i suppose you could use a cage feeder if you were fishing for small carp in a heavily stocked pond. i'm sure if you went to your local tackle shop and asked nicely, they would be only too happy to show you how to set one up! good luck. ps, if your dads pond holds some wackers, i would be only too happy to come show you how to catch them :lol:



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what strenght of line do i need

There is no special requirement for cage feeders other than it needs to be strong enough to be cast often with the weight included. Probably 6 - 8lb if there are not many snags, some would 10 - 12lb.

what size hook

Again there is no special requirement for cage feeders.

When attaching the cage feeder, make sure it can drop off if your mainline is broken.

As briandki has said, your local tackle shop will be only too pleased to show you, if they do not, do not go there again.

Best advice I can give is - if what you are doing isn't working, try it somehwere else :twisted: NOT!
Currently waiting for my good stuff to mature :twisted:
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