Abu Garcia Seven 7000 Multiplier Reel

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A firm favourite with boat anglers, and very effective for trolling, the Abu Garcia Ambassadeur range of reels has an illustrious history, with over half a century of producing European angling's favourite sea-fishing reels. With the typical understated design and functionality of all Abu Garcia products, the Ambassadeur Seven reel steps smartly up to the plate as the latest high performance boat fishing reel, designed and built to allow your sea fishing to take you out to the big fish, and take on the feistiest fighters in the water - and emerge victorious. With an easy wind power handle, this reel features a level wind, giving you compact line lay, which is necessary in the confined space of a fishing boat, where everything you do has to be at maximum efficiency. Sea fishing is an unforgiving discipline: if you get your cast wrong, you've got no hope of a fish biting, and you might end up losing your line to a pier leg or a particularly strong current. And, of course, if you're live-baiting, you could end up losing valuable offerings to the local seagulls, which is not what you want out of a sea fishing session. With star drag for easy application, and ultimate control over lively takers, the Ambassadeur Seven is an accessible reel for those new to multiplier reels, trolling, or sea fishing generally. Featuring a precision designed handle which allows for maximum power transmission, to give you the edge in choppy, challenging conditions, and when playing large, powerful fish who are far more interested in putting up a fight than they are falling for your bait. A 270yard line capacity gives you the flexibility to let the fish run with the line before bringing it into play, as well as making it easy to troll bait at a distance behind the boat, while the 562kg reel weight gives you robust dependability without weighing down your rod. With the Abu Garcia Ambassadeur Seven reel, you can enjoy full versatility to fish the offshore waters in whatever way works for you, take on the liveliest of their residents, and generally have a great day out, safe in the knowledge that your gear can withstand the rough and tumble. In an unforgiving discipline and challenging, constantly-changing conditions, your equipment is going to make a real difference. So, make sure you go for the reel that makes the difference, and set up with the Ambassadeur Seven from Abu Garcia Big favorite with trolling and boat anglers Simple, robust, and functional Easy wind power handle Level wind for compact line lay Star drag for easy drag application Bearings - Bushing Line Capacity: 270yds/0.45 Gear Ratio: 4.1:1 Weight: 562g
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