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Avid Amplify Rod

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Product Attributes

  • Cross weave slim blanks
  • Lightweight,fast actions
  • 12ft and 13ft lengths
  • Ring: Silicon Nitride inserts
  • Tip Ring: Anti-frap
  • Handle: Japanese shrink tube
  • Butt Carp: Stainless steel
  • Minimal graphics
  • Line clip included
Enter the Amplify. Formerly unimaginable distances are now within your realms. If you are faced with big distances and big demands, or just seek a more powerful rod, then look no further. During our extensive testing and development period, distances of over 200 yards were frequently recorded with relative from a number of consultants. Featuring our unique blend of Triple X Carbon and Diagonal Carbon Cross Weave, the bare carbon section at the top of the blank allows for a faster tip speed, enhanced fish playing experience and softer tip, minimizing the risk of hook pulls that are otherwise associated with casting rods. The Triple X Carbon technology loads incredibly quickly allowing you to utillise the entirety of the rod's length, propelling your leads further than you thought possible. The Diagonal Carbon Cross Weave enhances the blanks recovery to allow for minimal line resistance. When coupled with the super lightweight low-profile ringing with ultra-tough Silicon Nitride inserts, the Amplify rod's offer a responsive and crisp action. Capable of massive distances, the Amplify rods are well suited to a whole manner of PVA bag applications, as well as extreme long-range fishing. The classy aesthetics look equally as impressive as the rod's performance. Super slim EVA handles make for ultimate comfort when casting to the horizon and winding in leads from long range. Available in both 12ft and 13ft models, the Amplify rod range caters for everyone's preferences, both of which fall in the 3-5oz casting weight bracket. Avid Triple X Carbon and Diagonal Carbon Cross Weave makes for an ultra-responsive blank Available in 12ft and 13ft Super lightweight low-profile ringing with ultra-tough Silicon Nitride inserts Anti-frap tip ring Super slim EVA handle Stainless butt caps and collars Diagonal Carbon Cross Weave makes for ultra-responsive blank Understated graphics and styling Integrated line clip
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