Avid Amplify Spod/Marker

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Product Attributes

  • Cross pattern blank that’s slim and lightweight, with a fast action
  • Made in 12 ft and 13 ft
  • Guides: Silicon Nitride Inserts
  • Tip Guide: Anti-frap
  • Handle: Japanese shrink tube
  • Butt Carp: Stainless steel
  • Minimal graphics
  • Line clip included
The pedigree of the Amplify Rods needs no introduction, if you are serious about distance fishing then these are in a league of their own. Never before has such performance and quality been available at such an affordable price. Such are the demands of fishing at long range, we have developed a Spod/Marker rod capable of using at extreme ranges with relative ease. The Triple X carbon technology loads incredibly quickly in the cast allowing you to utillise the entirety of the rod's length, propelling your baiting devices further than you ever thought possible. The Diagonal Carbon Cross Weave enhances the blanks recovery to allow for minimal line resistance, gaining vital accuracy and distance, while the bare carbon tip section at the top of the blank allows for a faster tip speed allowing you to accelerate the Spod or lead faster than ever before. When coupled with the super-lightweight low-profile ringing with ultra-tough Silicon Nitride inserts, the Amplify rod's offer a responsive and crisp action, perfect for accurate casting every time. The classy aesthetics are equally as impressive as the rod's performance in keeping with the stylish Amplify fishing rods. Super slim abbreviated EVA handles make for ultimate comfort and practicality when casting to the horizon and winding in the largest of Spods and marker float set ups from long range. Available in both 12ft and 13ft models, the Amplify Spod/Marker rods cater for everyone's preferences.
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