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A new begining,




Don't you Just love this time of year. Changing weather encourages us to start walking the bank. Searching for some early signs of fish moving.

That's if you've stopped for the colder months,

Personally I prefer the winter in Egypt scuba diving,


This winter I've been making a new bait, along with stumpy who as his own base mix. I've come up with a couple of base mixes of my own and quite eager to give it a season or two,


Having the luxury of a club that runs 2 wonderful venues,with a very good head of carp/cats in both the first is around 5 acres, The second a littler larger at 7 Acres. I've fished this lake a few times this year prepping a few spots with a small amount of my new bait, early signs are good, just not enough time on the bank.


Stumpy along with a close friend the Thacker did a long session (over 72 hrs.)on the small lake just as the weather change, it went form lovely sunshine to freezing fog, Thacker kicks off the session with a 23lb and 18lb Commons, On the first night. Stumpy yet to score, lets cut a long story down a bit , 6carp for the Thacker the biggest the 23lb, a good Early season Tench for Stumpy.




This Blog is to keep an account of our season, venues fished ,fish caught, the fun and game's we have on the road, my thoughts rant & raves , pointless information, rigs bait & our disagreements


So far this year we have arranges a number of trips abroad Stumpy is off to Lac Les Pins in Limoges, run by Barry and Colin, its a fly down trip, Me I'm off Diving in Egypt early May for some sun, after a long winter working nights I need a recharge.


Next all three of us are Heading off to Belgium to fish on the blue water complex, Along with the CockO2 in July . September where 5finger and the Angler with no name will be fishing at our second visit two blue water,



Stumpy and Me will be fishing up at SWP on Thursday, it will be our first visit and really looking forward to our first session of the season,




Hope you all have a fantastic season tight lines, ill look forward to reading about your explotes over the coming month, hope we can share a mug of tea time,???






Toftman ?



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