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gear wish list.




ok peeps, my intention on using this blog as a place to create my wish list was boosted by an attempt to clear out my tackle bags, it was while emptying the first bag that i realized just how bad a condition some of my stuff had gotten into.
my rod pod was so worn that it falls apart when it is picked up (how did i not notice this?) my lead bag is almost empty, i dont own a lead bag, my scales are knacked, my rod bag is holey and the list goes on and on and etc :wink:
it is with this in mind that i have been prompted to start a list of gear needed and wanted in the hopes that the hairy boss will stumble across it whilst stalking me :lol: :lol: so here we go.


1/ rod pod & bank sticks as i believe they both have a place and time.


2/ 5 rod quiver


3/ comfy chair


4/ two man bivvy (as its a wish list lol)


5/ lead bag


6/ bobbins/indicators/swingers


7/ air dry bag


8/ carp cradle (must hold water)


9/ landing net c/w 2mtr rigid handle


10/ i will get back to that one :wink:


please feel free to offer suggestions on all the above, im not tight but a bit of a budget as i dont believe in paying for the sake of brand names. :wink:



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Apart from number 10 and number 3 (comfy chair), I can't help much as I don't own anything on your wish list except a lead bag, which contains various bait punches and without looking, I've no idea who made it as I got it from a bargain bucket and to me they all look pretty much the same.


As to a comfy chair, I have a Nash PegOne chair which I find very comfy, I can attach a rod rest to it, bait tray and wheels which means I can carry all my gear on it. I don't think they make it any more though.

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Lead bag, Terry Eustace used to do a padded odds and sods bag (had mine 10 years plus and still good)

Quiver, Both the wife and me use Trakker 5 rod quiver and sleeves bought separately when money allowed.

Bank sticks, Stainless I`m afraid (heavy but as tough as cockroaches) but pricey

Bobbins, Cant fault Gardner bug cradles for slack line work and I still have my blue osprey light up bobbins (tarty but I love em)

Landing net, Mesh loose from Tackle box, Handle Daiwa Black widow (tough and light) Arms and spreader cannibalise your existing.

Well that's my 10 pence worth I`ll get me coat



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Hello Jon , I can obviously only recommend what I use myself mate .

It's all reasonably priced stuff that you would pay a lot more for were it sold by Fox or Nash .






That'll do for starters matey , I'll post the rest when I can :wink:

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hello mate, i have the carpzone hurricane 2 man bivvy. at just £200 with winter overwrap included its a bargain and comes with all the extras you find on much more expensive bivvy`s. nice big peak, vents in the back, also in the overwrap, makes a huge difference in the hottest nights. it really is a quality product at a good price. the whole front can be unzipped aswell. defo worth a look if you are still interested in one. it is huge, you could fit 2 x nash wideboy beds in there with room to spare.

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