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More meaningful to Cheap Fifa Coins




Without spoiling too much, the story goes very much as expected for Fifa Coins the most part, as you transition from zero to hero, from rough-around-the-edges talent to a more polished figure in the team of your choice. There are the ups and downs that Hunter has to deal with, such as falling out with his friend Gareth Walker, but these are all scripted and happen no matter what you do, so there's no need to worry or shape your game around these moments.


The beginning is very much focused on cutscenes and introduces players to The Journey very well, as you'll be seeing a lot of cutscenes during your time playing it. You control Alex Hunter's speech choices in these cutscenes as well, interacting with others and shaping the way that they perceive you.


These cutscenes for the most part add something more meaningful to a game that has been lacking this kind of personality in the past. It's nice to have a character feel like more than just an avatar on a screen for you to control. It's not going to win any awards for acting, but for the most part this adds something fresh to FIFA. Alex Hunter's journey is one that has been developed by talking with real youngsters in football like Cheap Fifa Coins Marcus Rashford, Harry Kane and Dele Alli, so it actually gives a sense of weight and realism that Be A Pro doesn't.



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