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First session of the Year




blog-0626104001396283062.jpgIts been a Good week All round, I've just got home from 3 day session at SWP. We arrived at the lake after a 12 hour night shift.(9am Thursday) Stumpy was hoping to fish one of the swims by the café, That's stumpy for you, Don't like walking to far from the car!. Personally had other idea's. after a chat with the duty bailiff , I mentioned an alterative, his reply was I'm not fishing any of them and would rather go home than walk that far, this set the mood for the trip, Our own fault for not packing a barrow either of us, Stumpy picked the funnel swim 5 and I opted for the Reeds swim 6. deep water with lots of carpy spots


I opted to use my Spicy mix for this venue with a dash of scopex as the flavour, stumpy got the boat out and started to set his spots, I set up a marker and spod, ( I wanted to blow away any cobweb). chatting to a couple of local anglers I picked two spots one on the corner of the bay. one just off the front bank trying not to snag the over hanging tree branches, lastly I fount a couple of clear gavel spots behind a weed bank out to my right about 30 yards, seeing a number of mussel on the lake bed in front of me, I decided to use a different bait for this spot. I had a little left from a baiting session on my club water, only having a limited amount of this bait I was feeding about 5 baits in a bag,I just pop the rig on the spot recasting every 2 hours, time for food and settle in for the night,


Thursday night was quite cold, Friday the weather started to improve, this made me think any fish in the area would move to shallower water,( fishing alone id probably move), around mid afternoon on Friday we had a fish pop his head out of the water which gave us a lift, stumpy was straight on it and dropped a bait on the spot,


Saturday was a nice warm day, Seeing a fish on my left tight in to the bank I pop around to the bailiff to ask about swim boundary's. Back in the swim I borrowed the boat from stumpy and dropped remaining bait I had left along with a good scoop of response pellet in 2ft of water along the right arm of the bank right under the tree line, just as it was getting dark, after a good home made curry from stumpy/s daughter ,a single bleep, very different from the roach and bream pick up we've been getting. The hanger slowly lifts and keeps going, I'm up as the tip starts to move, I strike and its not either a bream or a roach, a good steady battle, I give stumpy a call, not thinking its as good as it turned out, A new Pb of 33lb,14oz Marty's Mirror I'm told by the bailiff ,


Back at work a collage I gave some bait to reports he to had a fish of 28lb asking what one he used. As I'd given him a selection of my homemade Spicy1, Chocolate1 Green1 he tells me the Green #1 well pleased id used the Green#1 too



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