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Another Successful/Un-Successful Runs Day




So on this day session out myself, the hippy and the hobbit decided to try out a new water, Trebellan Park lakes out near Newquay, Cornwall. On this particular session the hippies girlfriend Lilly came along (and caught more fish than the hobbit I think ;) ).
Now myself and the hobbit took a walk around the lake the weekend before and saw so many carp on the surface it was insane, some looked a good size to. After speaking to a couple anglers willing to share a bit of local knowledge it sounded like a real hit and miss lake some days they were walking away catching 20 plus carp in a day, and on other days walking away struggling to catch 1, so myself and the hobbit were quietly confident we would hit it on the right day. We were oh so wrong we were in for yet again another challenging day although we did come through in the end. It just seems at the moment whenever we plan for a runs day it turns into so much effort, so next trip is definitely a specimen session hopefully a 72 hour session as well, if were going to end up having hard sessions may as well target the bigguns.
So we hit the lake at about 8 am and took a wander, as always the hobbit was running late picking me up. That being said somehow we still managed to beat the hippy to the lake who left about half an hour earlier than we did. A true hippy van things just happen eventually lol :). It quite literally couldn't have been a more beautiful peaceful day, gorgeous sunshine and not a cloud in the sky. So we get all set up and cast the rods out after choosing a little spot where we could all set up, pretty much next to each other. Things were looking good yet once again we were having trouble catching, we could here them splashing and see the odd few on the surface but no luck, this got us questioning if they were spawning, but it didn't seem prolific enough to be spawning behaviour and apparently they had spawned around two weeks prior to today so who knows. Anyway we persevered, I think the hobbit had got so fed up with his run of bad luck he resorted to a float and catching Rudd lol.
It got to about mid-day and I was planning a move around the lake, after I took a wander and saw quite a bit of fizzing going on in the bay at the other end of the lake. Just as we were discussing the merits of moving the hippy's rod screams off. Lilly shouts for the hippy as he was off collecting twigs for his kelly kettle, thankfully not to far away, and he's in. It was fighting like an absolute demon, he could not get it's head up off the bottom, I think we all honestly thought he might be about to beat his PB of 16lb on this one. Now something to point out is that on really hot days by the lake I always fish with my shoes and socks off, now this usually isn't an issue until I started fishing with the hippy lol. I grab my landing mat and scales to give the hippy a hand while Lilly was netting his fish and stand in his pile of twigs, only they weren't twigs, oh no, he had been harvesting dry brambles! I lept off them and yelped like a puppy who just had his tail stood on, it blooming hurt, obviously the hobbit found this real amusing. Anyway Lilly nets the fish after a good ten minutes of hard fighting, not as big as we thought but still 13lb so good fish.
After this it got to about 1:30 and I had had enough myself and the hobbit still hadn't had so much as a nibble so time to make a move, I move my bits over first and cast out to reed bush which was moving loads when I got there. The hobbit came over to see where he was going to set up and by the time he had gone picked up a few of his bits and walked back over (bare in mind the lake is only about 2 acres) I was in. Now because I was snag fishing on this occasion I did have to put a bit more pressure on the fish than I normally would, but I have got my rigs set up so if it does get a bit snagged up my leads get ejected, so I am fishing as safely as possible. The hobbit walks around and see's me into a fish, lets just say he makes some un-savoury gestures lol. I get the fish in, only around 5lb but its a start. The hippy and Lilly move around soon after and set up just down from myself and the hobbit in another corner, while the hobbit fishes between us casting to the opposite margin and open water. About 30 mins later I was in again, just as I strike this one my other rod goes, I normally wouldn't strike both but had to because the second rod to go was the one in the snag. I was in a bit of a pickle lol, Lilly and the hippy come over and Lilly takes the second rod and plays the fish (awesomely I might add). We manage to get both in safely both weighing around 5-6lb, happy days.
Now by this point I think the hobbit had lost motivation, it really was not his day, he has caught on the last few sessions but it has been tough all round and we were all hoping for an easy one on this one but it just wasn't meant to be, and he does normally do pretty good. I think he had got to the point where he was just enjoying the day and being outside like a Labrador lol. He's a sleepy man anyway so I offer him my bed chair as I was barely using it as I had to pretty much sit on my snag rod. Now I am not even exaggerating within less than 5 minutes of him getting on my bed chair he was asleep lol. While he was sleeping things went a bit quite for a few hours so we all chilled out in the sun. I wake up to hearing things hitting the ground near me, to amuse himself the hippy started catapulting boilies at myself and the sleeping hobbit lol. Now the next part I really wished had worked, let me just clarify we do take our fishing seriously but when things are quiet and there is no one else near us or on the lake that we might disturb we do like to mess with each other a bit. I look over and see the hippy sneaking up on the hobbit while he was sleeping flat out on the bed chair, I could see where this was going and obviously decide to help a hippy out lol, unfortunately when we are mere feet away his hobbit senses tingle he knows something is wrong and wakes up, disappointed but I am sure to be continued on another day lol. So after catching a couple more little one's about 4-6lb it was time to wrap up the day, the hippy definitely got biggest fish by far, unfortunately the hobbit had a blank which is the first one in a while for him and he lives to fish another day so no biggy. And I think Lilly had a good day fishing and chilling in the sun and I managed to catch a few in the end, but once again no runs session like we were hoping for. But it is a new lake for us and it does seem to be a bit of a hit and miss one depending on the day so I think we will definitely give it another go again.
But the next one is the big one of the year specimen fish here we come (hopefully lol).








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