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Aqua Products was created in 1990 through one man’s desire to make quality carp bivvies for his friends and himself. Chris Manifold has become a celebratory bivvy designer, not just an angler, wanting to fix faults he saw in carp shelters and bivvies while fishing.

Working from home, he designed his first bivvy, fixing all the issues he saw in existing products on the market. His attention to detail improved the fabrics used in his designs, using tape-seaming methods to keep the products waterproof and the anglers who used them dry. Due to these extra important details, grateful carp anglers bought into the added higher costs of Aqua Products.

The company still uses Aquatexx fabric, with bivvies and brolly systems continuing to bear the name 30 years later. Chris still designs carp shelters and bivvies in the Northwest of England. The design concept of Aqua has not changed, and the brand still produces carp shelters that look good and perform to the highest standards.

While Aqua has continued to design top-end bivvies, it has also branched into clothing and luggage. The team at Aqua Products have spent hours testing and developing items to meet the angler's expectations. For example, over the last fifteen years, Aqua Luggage has been a focused concept for top design, using the best quality materials to continue the brand's ethos.

Aqua Products are proud of our history of innovation in carp fishing equipment, striving to push their items to the next level - with anything that proudly boasts an Aqua badge. The Aqua bivvy range has led the market for over 20 years. One of their latest designs, the Aqua Bivvy M3, has again taken the market by storm.