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Carp Fishing Luggage has become a must-have item. Fishermen buy padded bags to hold their tackle from their motor vehicle to the angling bank. Fishing bags cover their kit when moving angling gear in their garage at home, so the fishing gear is not damaged. Fishing bags have been made over the last few years to make moving their angling tackle more comfortable over long distances. 

Carp luggage has purpose-made pockets for tackle boxes and a variety of accessories.

Carp fishermen have been at the forefront of tackle created for over 20 years, helping fishermen select the most suited fishing bags, from rod holdalls and rod bags, as some fishermen call them. With carp luggage specifically designed for fishermen, each bag type and size fit into one another as a carp luggage system. Both to save time and store their angling gear.

Examples of Carp Fishing Luggage

An angler's fishing bag needs vary from person to person; various carp angling styles affect how fishermen use bags. Carp luggage manufacturers have spent years perfecting many tackle bags in their ranges. Each pocket has a specific function for holding items. Designers have even considered the location for your Fishing Tackle Box for easy access, allowing you to setup as soon as possible when you arrive at the bank.

Fishing Rucksacks or Backpacks: Fishing rucksacks do not need to take just Carp Clothing, though if organised correctly are perfect for angling overnight. It can keep cookware gear and necessary items required on your angling trip. Rucksacks, in many cases, have individual pockets for bait storage and placing your equipment. Backpacks have lots of advantages over other fishing bags. It keeps their hands free, which is brilliant for stalking anglers.

Fishing Bags;- Are needed for holding your Fishing Pots and Pans, tackle boxes, cooler bags, plus secondary tackle pouches. Fishing carryalls and bags are perfect for longer trips for the fisherman that are often hyper-tidy.

Fishing Bait Bags and Cool Bags;- have evolved into anglers using ice packs; cooler bags now keep frozen fishing bait from getting stale. A thermal foil layer has been built in Carp Bait Bags and Food Cool Bags to allow ice packs to keep items fresh. Some bags have bait pots to pre-prepare their hooks bait with favours at home even before arriving at the lake.

Carp Rig Safes & Accessory Cases:- Rig safes are fabric cases with straightforward wallets to store rigs. In some cases, they have been made entirely of plastic over the last few years. The idea is carp rigs are placed within wallets so items are not damaged. 

Reel cases:- Fishermen often use a rod and reel already made up if fishermen want to avoid taking much gear to the angling bank. The reason being reels and rods are so expensive. Reel Cases protect them from damage in the car or bank, even when stored in their garage.

Net Bags:- Have been developed to stop wet nets from smelling out their car or garage. Fishermen can take the net and the bag home to be washed, removing all smells and signs of fishing. Unfortunately, most fishermen go wrong because they must dry their net and net bag correctly after use.

How Does a Fishing Rod Holdall Differ from A Rod Sleeve?

Rod holdalls: They have been made to act as carrying cases for their made-up rods while transported from their home, then car to the angling bank. Rod Holdalls and Rod Bags used in fishing are usually padded internally. And have been made to have to carry straps that allow you to take both their rod holdall and rucksack together. Rod holdalls come in different sizes based on different lengths of Fishing Rods.

Rod sleeves - are a basic version of a rod holdall, rod sleeves that can typically hold one entirely made-up rod. Rod Sleeves are ideal for mobile carp anglers. Rod sleeves must also match the correct fishing rod length, and the right rod sleeve must be picked to hold a Big Pit Reels or Baitrunner fishing reel.

Things to consider when purchasing carp luggage:-

Purpose: In selecting carp fishing luggage, you need to consider what items of tackle you wish to store and protect. Rods and reels must be fully covered to stop damage, and fishing carry bags to suit their carp fishing equipment. 

Usefulness: Will the bag selected be fit for storing all the items of tackle you require when fishing? 

Size: It is best to make sure the dimensions match their items of fishing equipment as that affects their final choices of tackle bag if it is fit for purpose.

Materials: To prevent soiling, most carp fishing bags are made from waterproof fabric, generally on the bottom of the fishing bag. Cool bags include thermal linings with soft canvas materials as the outer, often in Green or Camo fabrics.

Brands: We have a majority of angling brands offering exceptionally well-made bags. Whether you seek Fox, Korda, Nash or Trakker, these are the leading brands in carp fishing luggage.