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You hear all the stories about the carp that got away at the last second. I'm sharing one example of a typical carp fishing situation here. Its sums up the thrill of fishing, the joy, and the sorrow. Suppose you do not have the right tools and go home after looking at a fish with the feeling of what if and next time. The perfect landing net is most significant if you want to reduce the story below. It happens for many reasons when playing a carp to the net. But, finally, it occurred to you and me that having the right fishing net and pole is one less thing to worry about on the fishing bank.

You are playing the fish and can see the fish darts on the horizon, landing net in hand; you are ready for action. It is at the net you reach for it makes one final dive and manages to escape. That is angling; this might repeatedly happen without the correct landing net and handle. Landing nets for carp are pivotal in bringing carp to the water's edge. You will hit problems if you need a longer landing net handle or your fishing net is too small. Ideally, the landing net fishing pole should be 6 feet long, 183 cm in carp fishing. A 3ft landing net might be ideal in a fishing boat.

Having the correct carp fishing tackle from landing net to rods and reels is of utmost importance as these are your essential fishing apparatus items. With them, you can land your dream carp when angling. Carp landing nets come in many types based on price and use of materials. It can be quite daunting for the not beginner carp fisherman to select the correct landing net for carp. You have to consider the depth of the net and the type of hex-mesh, as this affects how it glides through the water.

Most landing nets for carp are 6ft and 42" inches in the United Kingdom. In Continental Europe, 50" Inch landing nets are more common as the fish are larger. Landing net handles are often manufactured to match your fishing rod in terms of finish and material; based on the rod affects the price. For example, some landing nets are made of aluminium, which is far cheaper than a carbon composite that does not match your fishing rod finish on the landing net.

The other thing that affects the price of a net landing head is it is made from stainless or ABS plastic and silly things like a stainless butt cap. All these decorative details and types of material in the landing net handle influence the price. Even the net arms match the finish on the landing net handle on the more expensive nets. Also, the handles often have EVA added to stop the angler's hand from slipping, as another added feature on more expensive landing net handles.
Carp fishing Nets have also become another important angle. There are many Hex-Mesh types, and manufacturers use different sizes of mess on the bottom and the sides. As I mentioned, it is to help it glide through the water. In addition, nets have been created to be soft to the touch and not damage the carp. Some nets have even been rat-proof, as some are very easily damaged.

All landing net manufacturers have created their spin on their products, and we are here to help you select your next fishing net. But, to stop you from losing that dream carp, many things need to be considered just walking into a shop unless a beginner angler must be regarded.

The shapes of most landing nets are triangular and come in 36," 42", and 50", which have been adopted by carp anglers. Though there are exceptions, nearly all nets come as complete units, so scroll through this website and see the available options. No matter the budget, the strength of the head in metal is the best option; aluminium sometimes loses its colour as it is only ideal to use in water if coated. In addition, anglers only realise the forces on the head once the poles are removed.

If you look at fishing tackle, the landing net is the 2nd thing to contact when you land a fish. The fishing hook is the first thing. Carp Care is the new thing as carp health is critical, from landing, unhooking and safely putting the carp back into the water. Another option is fish safety; adding a net float to your net is essential when boat angling, as this can be pushed over your handle. Your net float usually slots over the landing net handle, right near the head end of the net, and is attached around the block to ensure that it doesn't shuffle towards you whilst in use.

Fishing nets with handle retail in carp fishing from the leading brands such as Nash, Fox, Trakker and JRC from £50 to £ 190; the cost comes down to the landing net model and the quality of the product.