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Anglers have the best terminal tackle, but you will struggle to find anything while fishing if you do not have the correct setup to store your accessories.

Over the years, rig pouches have gone in and out of fashion. However, they are very much in fashion with carp anglers. Though the humble tackle box still rules supreme with lots of people.

There is an array of tackle boxes in the United Kingdom and Europe from the Korda Tackle Box and Fox Tackle Box Systems. The big problem with angling is organisation is critical if you hook a fish and have it on the bank. This is where a large tackle box is a crucial item of fishing equipment. Most anglers use tackle boxes, which can include small tackle boxes based on their style of angling.

Where would we be without tackle boxes today in fishing? First, it allows you to organise your fishing accessories in one place. Second, it allows for a modular box setup. Larger Tackle Boxes have smaller boxes holding everything from hooks, swivels, rig foams, and boilie stops in one place.

Anglers are after Korda tackle bundles. Sometimes we have offers though in most cases, you will need to buy the items as separate items. However, please checkout out our Clearance Tackle Sale Pages on Sometimes we tackle bundle deals from the various manufacturers in terminal tackle.

Over the last four-five years, Korda has led the way with their Korda Tackle Box and Korda Rig Safe. As a result, thousands of anglers have adopted Korda Combi Safe as the box system of choice.

Tackle boxes for fishing were first created as a dedicated box. It allows them to have one big box that can be single or double-sided to store all their fishing accessories in one place. In addition, some Tackle box systems allow for smaller tackle boxes to be placed in a larger Tackle Box.

The company most favoured for this is Fox. Cliff Fox developed the System Fox Box System, manufactured in a single and double box setup. So, you can have two boxes in one with this arrangement just by turning over the tackle box.