Daiwa 20 T Basia Surf 45 SCW QD

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The distance casting prowess of any Basia is regarded as untouchable by any other reel. This Tournament Surf edition has added refinement that the serious beach match angler will truly value. The 45mm LC spool is offered in two depths; shallow and deep. This lends itself perfectly for application of braid or mono when tactics demand. The SCW Slow Cross Wrap ensures optimum line lay and release, delivering seamless casting, enhanced further by way of the twin edge spool lip, which reduces line friction but maintains a narrow line corridor. Utilising corrosion proof Zaion in body and rotor, Magsealed and 7 CRBB also bring added protection from the rigours of saltwater and debris, ensuring prolonged ‘showroom smoothness'. Magsealed Zaion Body Zaion Air Rotor 45mm LC Long Cast Spool Slow Cross Wrap QD Quick Drag Aluminium Tough Digigear One Piece Air Bail Infinite Anti-Reverse Aluminium Machine Cut Screw-In Handle Spare Spool Supplied
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