Daiwa Air Z Ags Feeder Rod

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Product Attributes

  • X45XNanoplus technologies
  • V-Joint Alphais designed to reduce weight
  • AGS Guides
  • Reel Seat: Alps
  • Supplied with 10z, 1.5oz, 2oz quiver tips


Our highest level of rod technology; ever! The torque busting technology of X45X, not only aids accuracy but but more importantly converts the highest levels of rod energy into your cast. Combine this 'wizardry' with High Volume Fibre that is morphed together with nano scale reinforcements throughout the resin and you get a level of blank strength and performance that is hard to believe. But we have gone further than that; by applying our World exclusive AGS carbon guides. They weigh 'nothing' by comparison to metal equivelants, coming in at around 70% lighter! This delivers two effects; ultra light handling and a super quick recovery. The best 'sculpture' though has been reserved for the handle. The amazing ALPS Air Pad reel seat is 'skeletal', light, refined and provides a truly fabulous sense of grip in the hand. Following down, we have crafted the AIR logo into a section of Duplon, that meets what is possibly our slimmest ever profile of Armlock in cork. This is followed by a short section of Duplon that kicks back up in diameter at the rear. The range is four feeder beauties; a conventional 10' and 11' version, complimented by two dual length options of 10'/11' and 12'/13'.   X45X Full Shield HVF Nanoplus V-Joint Alpha AGS Guides ALPS Airpad Reel seat Supplied With Three Quivers (1oz MTQ - 1.5oz MTQBG - 2oz MTQBG)
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