Daiwa Emcast A Reel The  Daiwa  Emcast A is a traditional big pit reel that is perfect for large open water  carp fishing . The reel comes available in three sizes. The smaller 5000A is ideal for all of the bigger waters in the middle of the spectrum. The larger 5500A can comfortably cope with all of the UK's largest venues, as well as being able to drag in the biggest carp the venues have to offer. For real distance casting perfection the 5000LD is the extreme distance version of the Emcast A and it is ideal for hitting the furthest features with accuracy consistently. The Emcast A can offer much more than simply distance casting perfection and this reel is fitted with a number of Daiwa's most cutting edge features. These include AirBail - Daiwa's hollow protrusion free bail arm system that offers snag free transmission of the line to the line roller, even when faced with the kinds of loose line that is common after a long distance cast. This line roller has been engineered with TwistBuster technology. This eliminates the risk of line twist on the roller, even when you're fishing with a thin monofilament line or a braided mainline. This reel can almost boast a massive crank which is more than a match for the incredible distances it can reach. Able to pull in up to 85cm of line for each handle turn, this reel can more than contend with the fight of a big fish over a long distance. Daiwa has housed all these great features in a graphite body and rotor. Graphite is one of the most popular choices amongst prestigious reel designers, such a Daiwa, because of its ability to offer rigidity and weightlessness. This keeps all the vital moving parts of the reel in perfect alignment for sustained performance perfection whilst maintaining the kind of balance you need to sit this reel perfectly on any of Daiwa's Emcast  carp rods . Key Features AirBail Infinite Anti-Reverse Twistbuster Soft Grip T-Shape Knob Full Spec Spare Spool Graphite Body Graphite Rotor 85cm crank
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