Daiwa Optonic G1 Display Bite Alarm Set

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The G 1 features extended ears for improved rod positioning. It also delivers audible and visible detection at distances of up to 200 mtrs. Offering the ideal combination of Tone, Volume and Sensitivity your complete set up can be tailored to your exact needs. The receiver can operate at a distance up to 200 mtrs offering audible and colour coded connectivity with up to four units. OTHER FEATURES Alarm LED - Supplied with blue, yellow, green or red LED. The alarm light illuminates when line is moving and latches for another 15 seconds after line movement stops. Vulume Adjustment. Tone adjustment. Sensitivity Adjustment. Night Light Low Battery Warning (uses 9 volt battery) Extension Socket For Illuminated G1 Drop Off. (not supplied) Gl Radio Optonic Receiver. Designed to accomodate up to four alarms the receiver also offers four Volume levels and four Tone settings. All four LEDs latch for 15 seconds.
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