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  2. This is where I think overstocked waters do more harm than good, giving a false impression. There is a difference between catching a few roach and perch to keep the interest to catching carp and starting with a big fish to beat your 'pb'.
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    July Catch Reports

    Nice one. I bet you're buzzing
  4. Four for me so far got a named fish in the net at 35.9 mirror.
  5. Come home from work... This was waiting in kitchen 😁😁
  6. They've always worked for me πŸ‘
  7. Cheers for that, if the doctor doesn't work I will try this. πŸ‘
  8. another way of getting twist out is to put an ordinary lead on... go to a big field.... give it a big chuck, follow the line till you get to the lead, cut off the lead go back and wind the line in through the grass... et Viola... no twist (addendum... I found this out after using a side cast reel... horrendous twist off wunno they bad boys)
  9. Good point and I think you are correct. However I am sure you will find that it will only make the French more vigilant towards UK cars for on the spot fines. Another thing to be aware of is that next year they are introducing something that the locals refer to as "noise radar". It measures the sound of the exhaust and you get a fine if over a certain level.
  10. With respect Golden Paws, your information is incorrect. The French are are simply implementing the EU rules for non-European countries that have been in existence for many years and which the UK, when it was a member of the EU, helped to formulate and voted for. You raise an interesting point regarding Northern Ireland. The same rules that concerns Striker must surely apply to any anglers going to Northern Ireland to fish. Although N Ireland is part of the United Kingdom it has remained in the single market and is obliged to conform to the single market rules. The same rules that the UK, as a member of the EU, helped to formulate and vote into existence. All the UK has to do, to be able to export sausages from UK to N. Ireland, is agree to conform to the same quality standards for the preparation of sausages as the rest of the EU has done. For some reason this is politically unacceptable. The alternative is to abandon this agreement and move the border from the Irish Sea to between North and South Ireland. This would infringe the Good Friday Agreement. If this were allowed to happen, the rest of the civilized World would certainly turn against the UK and the β€œtroubles” would start all over again.
  11. Gardner spin doctor, I was using my distance sticks on Monday/Tuesday and was letting the line off via the clutch like an idiot, Only noticed late on I was getting line twist and I couldn't work out why and then it suddenly came to me what I'd done, never done it before I always open bail arm.πŸ€ͺ Hopefully the spin doctor will sort it out. πŸ˜πŸ‘
  12. Thanks Carpe Pecher good adviceπŸ‘ on the plus side I am assuming no more speeding tickets will be coming my way I had 4 last time and a couple of them were a bit of a stitch up in my opinion only 5km over the limit!
  13. I rest my case, Your Honour! Common sense has gone out of the window and the French want to convict anyone who wants to travel there. It's got so crazy, that we on the mainland can't export sausages to Northern Island, which is a part of the UK and there are shortages on the shelves. I can see the divorce papers being ripped up if they continue to try to treat us like fools.
  14. Sorry, I don't know of any anglers who have been stopped. But plenty of friends have done the post Brexit trip.. All I can say is that the rules are not applied in any systematic manner. One friend who runs a small market stall had his entire stock of Bisto confiscated and was given a formal warning. When he asked what that meant, he was told next time he was caught he would be taken to court and the "Bisto" incident would also be taken into consideration. The penalties can be severe but were not designed to address boilie smuggling Another friend had his Mercedes sent over to be delivered before the end of the Withdrawal Agreement to avoid any problems. The garage screwed up it it was delivered on Jan 6th (only 6 days after the WA ended). It cost him €7,000 to legalise his car. My best guess would be that you will be unlucky to get stopped. If you are and it is your first offence, you may only get your bait (or whatever) confiscated and a caution. BUT, remember there are probably more jobsworths in France than UK. I can assure you, from personal experience, that it is not worth having a customs caution against your name. Even though you make it past the port you may not be in the clear. I am not sure about North of France but here in the SW you get customs officers turn up at random roundabouts and do spot checks. My suggestion would be to mail order bait to an address where you are fishing and not attempt to bring any food stuff with you. But whatever you do BON CHANCE.
  15. Couldn't afford the Mortgage... they are supposed to be a bit good though
  16. Not a purchase as such... found an early 60's bite indicator today...
  17. Ok thanks carpe pecher I think you understand my interest now! lol have you heard weathers its fines or just boile confiscation? πŸ™‚
  18. Prawn sounds like a good idea, Prawn Ronnie with a pop up sounds unbelievable might be worth a try
  19. The customs rules apply equally to anyone who is not a member of the EU, whether you from Tooting or Timbuctoo. There is a brilliant marketing opportunity here to sell vegan boilies to British anglers wishing to take their own bait into the EU.
  20. The wide bend on the Krank lends itself well to prawn bait, I just run the hook down the body of the prawn so the point exits the back... I use large hooks when fishing them... gets a good hookhold.. size 2 or 4
  21. Certainly none on Prawn.. not had a take on the Krank Ronnie yet
  22. Sorry striker I misunderstood your question. The rules are clear, you cannot legally bring in meat or dairy products as an individual. In practise many people engage in smuggling and some get away with it. Not everybody is checked.
  23. A bit off topic chaps I was asking about the situation going through the ferry ports or euro tunnel
  24. Any issues so far? , I'm desperate to make hookpulls a thing of the past πŸ˜‚
  25. Very sad to hear you whinging again about Brexit again. When Britain left the EU, the intention was always to have a cordial arrangement based on mutual respect and dare I say it, friendship? The EU have tried to punish Britain for daring to want to leave and not subsidising them to the tune of billions of pounds a year. The EU is a bloated, inefficient talking shop where very little gets achieved but many bureaucrats do very well out of it, thank you very much. After the protracted "divorce" was thrashed out, I believe that if the referendum on membership was rerun, it would be rejected by a landslide. The final nail in the coffin was when Britain was awarded "null points" at the Eurovision Song Contest! I can't say I've ever heard of the bloke and if he was gigging at my local boozer I doubt I'd go to watch him but it was totally predictable. Covid is obviously muddying the waters and it's difficult to tell sometimes whether a decision on quarantine is based on medical facts or a continuation of the *** for tat agenda. I understand that your British pension might not go as far nowadays but as a full time worker and tax payer to the British economy, I'm afraid my opinion might count more than yours!
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