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  2. Out of interest which clubs operate in the area? There's a lot of water up that way.
  3. Found it. Looks interesting. Used to be connected to the blue lagoon. Be worth looking at at some point. Big works afoot on the cogenhoe backchannels mate. Been involved in the discussions. Could make it better for the fish though. Well if I get my way, looking unlikely though with the modelling.
  4. Welcome to I have moved this into New to section as I know you ve posted on a Baden Hall thread in UK Where to fish
  5. Ive booked on to the bridge pool at baden hall for 3days .. and im wanting to know which pop ups and baits are best
  6. Today
  7. That will teach you for using sphagetti bolognese as a bait.
  8. I suspect from your location and your observations of fish feeding in the margins that these may be Grass Carp, i reckon you have a problem, they rarely take anglers baits unless the locality is devoid of vegetation, you might get lucky but i wouldnt hold your breath.
  9. There are many places on the nene where nobody ever goes, there is a dangerous marsh just before Cogenhoe Mill, the mill race stream to a long gone mill that used to stand on the southern side of the Jigsaw lake, runs through it, narrow and weedy cutting through an area known as the island at Cogenhoe, never caught anything large from it but its rumoured to be a carp haven, never seen any though, did once see an article in the national angling press, a local famous angler holding a twenty pounder on method feeder, but he may not have been truthful as to where the fish was caught, its never fished and was one of the places Otters were reintroduced. The river at Duston mill, is rarely fished and definitely contains big fish and another place is the old gas board coal wharf, high walls and massive chub, all good stuff.
  10. Yes mate, its part of the old river course, it is basically a lake with a large island in it, used to be navigable, the wildies used to live here in numbers and if they have been marooned in this little forgotten world, who knows, maybe not, but i fancy a look, i pass it most days always glancing left and reminding myself i must take a look but never get round to it.
  11. Until recently I had only ever caught two carp besides a flyrod.....I can tell you that tailing carp are feeding, so if you get a wooly [censored] in front of them without scaring them by moving it toward them, you should catch one. When a carp sees a nymph, crawfish, helgramite, minnow, etc. close enough to catch, it will eat it. By making sure the carp sees it, then bringing it away (fleeing from) the carp may chase and eat it, otherwise it will scare the carp instead. You may catcharp on a floating fly as well. Use a catterpiller or mayfly imitation coasted overhead, and subtle twitching at the proper moment can induce a strike! Good luck....its a lot of fun!!
  12. It sometimes (most times) takes a day or so for the carp to find and become comfortable with your chum. That said, you may use more than initially expected. Don't worry, you will be on the right track, just keep chumming your spot, and soon you'll get bites!
  13. Yesterday
  14. Hey everyone, brand new to this site and have been fishing for 10 plus years, mainly for carp in Boston Massachusetts. Recently I moved to South Korea. I am not sure if this is the right place to post this but I feel like all my carp experiences are useless here. Recently I've been fishing everyday at a little spot in Seoul where a river cuts off the Han river (main river) around a little island. I've been seeing carp 5-25 kg swimming and eating like crazy in the early mornings in shallow water around the banks to 15 meters off the banks. I've watched a few people catch them on these powder baits made by Marukyu, idk if anyone has heard of them. I'm trying so hard, used corn, bolies, worms, Marukyu powder bait mixed with water and molded around a weight with 3 hooks hidden in it. I'm using floro leader, light wire hooks, and camp braid but I just watch these fish swim right past me And ignore my bait. Trying super hard here with 3 rods rigged with different baits in different spots but I just can't catch the cheeky things. I have been prebaiting 3 spots on a daily basis with corn, bread and the Marukyu bait in a mixture. The only place I was catching carp I later found out was illegal to fish, if anyone has any tips I'd be sooo greatful.
  15. Cheers I'll have a look at that ye i dont mind distances if im going to do a night
  16. Think ive spotted it long and thin , i could be wrong
  17. Went to visit a mate on the bank today and was mightily impressed with the chair he offered me to use. Incredibly light, and a nice high back to lean back on. Twice the size and half the weight of many other chairs out there, including my old Wychwood chair. And although I was only there for half an hour or so, it proved very comfortable during my visit. Not a tarty brand, but well worth a look if you are lookin g for a high backed chair.
  18. Fascinating thread CM. I'm only half.hour away from the area mentioned, but never explored it.
  19. Tim, I'm buzzing, mate. At my most recent visit to Horseshoe, several months ago, it was obvious the there was a physical security problem, made worse by the fact that the numbers for the combination padlocks are being passed to non-paying, nocturnal visitors. We have suggested a GSM driven keypad system at the gateway which can be altered weekly, daily or hourly via specific input from a verified mobile. I believe that this image is what attracted Sabrina's attention.
  20. Just looked at the Abington nature reserves on the website, its on the wrong side of the A45, between the river courses, wrong place Vik, uncle Steve is going to have to show you.
  21. Just bought a JRC Bait Bag. Substantial bit of kit. Insulated interior and the separate lid-zip reveals two decent sized bait boxes as a bit of a bonus. Ian
  22. Dont know of any reserve down there, its on the oppsite side of the river from any fields, only a housing estate built on the old tannery land, not sure what to expect, its obvious from google earh that its frequented, that piece of river has been isolated for 40 years, if you know better please enlighten me.
  23. Vik, it's obviously local to you. Be nice if you could take a look and let me know wether or not I'd be wasting my time getting there. I'm a Brummie, well Water Orton in North Warwickshire, so it's a bit of a step getting there. Ian
  24. A lot of lake owners couldn't care less, i was talking to one a few years back, i mentioned that i was at barston when the EA turned up to check licences, turned out they did his place on the same day, he wasn't happy about it, couldn't type here what he called them due to site rules. There needs to be a new system that includes other sports and waterside activities, such as canoeing and cycling on towpaths, they should also contribute to the up-keep of rivers and the water system in general, as it stands, the implication is only on the angler, if all water users paid something it would be difficult for the angler not too pay their bit.
  25. You need Bromide in your snakebite Jonno, i heard that two timing Myrtle the sheep giggling behind your bivvy on Wednesday, hee, hee., give Phil a rumour to start.
  26. Hi, as the title suggests, I'm looking for a bedchair which is fairly stiff, offers good support and doesn't sink when you lay on it. All suggestions and comments gratefully received. Many thanks...
  27. is that a fish in your hand or you got an infection in your thumb nail looking secsy in those shorts mufty
  28. Once again, well done all!
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