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  2. Membership might not be a requirement but if it is I may be able to sort out a gift package which value wise will be close to the membership fee
  3. There is an NGT one that will go 2 foot high apparently according to an Amazon question and it has a kneeling pad so may be more comfortable getting up and down
  4. Today
  5. I've started a new thread hopefully, only people who can come will respond on there mate!
  6. That a proper fish mate. Good skills as usual.
  7. Had a couple of hours yesterday evening, freelining prawn a couple of feet from the bank. 2 perch and 3 carp landed.
  8. Bank Holiday , 16 acres and only 4 on their. ClubTicket
  9. Il doubt ill fish this one , personally their is no value to me in the £25 membership , £75 for a weekend , sorry guys
  10. Thank you all for your replies. It’s not so much as landing the fish but just getting down there to unhook it. Will have a look at the cradle with extending legs. Thanks again guys.
  11. I think Nash,NGT,Saber and Avid Carp do unhooking cradles with legs.
  12. May depend on what you want from your fishing trips i.e why you go , but it may be worth considering general float fishing this may be easier on your body as a whole . If your back is that bad you may struggle or put yourself in pain even playing a large carp or cat fish .
  13. Sorry I didn't reply when you first posted. To be honest March is when my pike fishing stops, they are usually spawning, followed by the water temperatures have risen enough to make catching pike very stressful for them, potentially resulting in fish that die after capture, especially so in the shallow waters of southern England. A lot of clubs only allow pike fishing from October to March. Zander I think are more hardy in summer, and for summer fishing I would be out with lures, with gear heavy enough to bring any accidentally hooked pike in quickly so they don't suffer oxygen deprivation, the cause of stress.
  14. Welcome to Carp.com. You have really got me thinking, and not knowing how severe your arthritis is, the only answer I can come up with that is safe for the fish is a framed cradle, but then you would have to be ungentlemanly and slide your legs under the fish in the cradle. I picked up a few with the search terms in Google of carp cradle, here is one. https://www.fishtec.co.uk/buy.cfm/fishcare/tfg-banshee-carp-cradle/40/yes/176647?Affiliate=4,397&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIpZKKjJze4QIV6LztCh02UQUoEAQYDSABEgIu6fD_BwE Sadly the alternative is fish with someone else who can unhook the fish for you.
  15. Speak to the disabled anglers association they may know of something
  16. Without dates and numbers I cant make an approach to horseshoe. Miles is now away fishing for a week.
  17. So mid September! 13,14 & 15th?? Horseshoe lake. Oxfordshire /Gloucestershire border. £25 to join carp society, then £1 an hour. Who's coming??
  18. Hello. To my knowledge not many fisheries are going to like you having their fish that high off the ground. Are you able to get some waders on and get in the water. With a good unhooking mat or retaining sling. This would allow unhooking and photos without any risk to the fish. I'm sure the bailiff/owner would/should adapt a swim to allow you to enter/exit the water safely in this regard. Fair play to you buddy
  19. Yesterday
  20. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F362615579290 This one has adjustable legs if that still isn't high enough maybe get some longer legs made up for it, there are others btw but I quite like sonik stuff
  21. Hi luv4carp Welcome to the forum To me a table sounds a bit dodgy as if it's not perfecty level you may get sliding issues, and it's a big drop for the carp if it falls Have you looked at some of the bigger cradles (with frames) they may be better for you , if not would be worth asking a company to have one made to suit you maybe an extra tall one, with a taller frame or maybe have some 3/8th threads put on the frame so you could use adjustable banksticks to increase the height that way Hope this helps and all the best Elmo
  22. I’m new to the forum so hi everyone. i have an auto immune condition which causes arthritis around my spine and hips. About half my spine has now fused together and I struggle to bend down. Is there like a unhooking table that is quite high for me to unhook the fish? It needs to be around the height of a normal table. I was thinking of buying a folding table and putting a unhooking cradle or mat with padded sides on but don’t think it will be very safe for the fish. Any ideas? TIA Heres a photo of my latest catch.....32lb cat....
  23. Its just the label the bottle is one of those big boy bottles
  24. Are you some kind of giant or is it a little can?!
  25. Look what I found for this evening 😀
  26. That’s a cracker mate. The rudder on it!!😮
  27. Love a G&T. I’ve now reached the age where I don’t mind ordering one at the bar. I’ll have a G&T and stick my little pinky in the air and to hell with the judgemental so and so’s! 🤣
  28. Large, long wedge of cucumber.
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