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  2. Leadcore short lengths

    To original poster I fish with very short lengths of lead core for solid bags about 6 inches in length. I remove the lead from the core so it's soft and splice a loop one end and a swivel at the other. When it come to inline leads your right they are a bit tight so I get some scissors or a knife and run it round the plastic until I get it so it holds but after a good shake will come off the swivel.
  3. Prebaiting on the other side of canal

    Well went Sunday 4:30 am mirror at 6:50 8 weeks of prebaiting buzzing
  4. Mainlines latest offering The Link

    There is not much in it to be honest mate, both re made using similar processes, very soluble in water and most have a really good amino profile and have a great ability to stimulate a feeding response as far as ingredients go they are a must in bait with what ever combination you choose to use.
  5. Mainlines latest offering The Link

    The stuff I'm about to buy is sold as "Liver Hydro Powder"... Make of that what you will. All I know is that it's highly soluble and carp love it........ As far as fish and nut mix, I'm happy to use that...... Even fish, nut and milk, had fish on that before.......Colours and flavours mean nothing to me, as most of what they eat is drab in colour and won't be smelling of tuttinutberrycherrynilla, or what ever they want to call the next batch lol.
  6. Leadcore short lengths

    Hardly any of their products are on their website buddy, not sure it's even updated any more..... I think they just use FB now, worth having a look on there. As far as I'm aware it's still made, it's still available in tackle shops.
  7. Leadcore short lengths

    Well, I tried using Solar Lead free and as a leader it works well, I found splicing it to be a bit of a faff at first, but once I got the hang of it it was easy enough.... that's the good bit out of the way... for solid bag work it's next to useless, as the material holds water so as soon as you start to tie off the neck of the bag the water witheld in the leader started to dissolve the PVA bag... as I said though as a straight leader for fishing in snaggy or places where abrasion is possible, it's great, it's soft, supple, follows contours and does what it sez on the bag (comes in sort of grey/green or silt black colours) Tried to find a link for Linqtek... nothing worth following... is it still made..?
  8. What is your newest purchase

    Qdos 3 Rod Goalpost Pod 3kg Nash Candy Nut Crunch (buy 2 get 2 free), Stove, case of gas, 2ltr kettle, pans, cutlery. korda terminal- hooks swivels beads leads, 2x NGT 6000 dynamic reels, 3x ron thompson bite alarm set. PVA bundle 42" net stink bag. Cord to repair bivvy poles Thats about it i think..🎣🎣
  9. Mainlines latest offering The Link

    Off topic I know but do you (or anyone else for that matter) know if the difference between the liquid hydroslates and the powders is solely water content? There's a few none fishy amino ingredients around. The liver would go well with a nut bait IMO or he could look at a yeast extract, or CSL etc
  10. Mainlines latest offering The Link

    With the bait being a tiger nut meal based bait the inclusion of fish based additives may not be ideal. Personally I'd look at the inclusion of different nut meals or nut oils. The lads there will have proven tweaks. Probably by previous customers. So just ask them and pick which you think will work best for you.
  11. Mainlines latest offering The Link

    I know what you mean mate. I've said recently that my kitchen looks like a couple of catering firms have had a tear up even after rolling just a few kg's....... There are certainly smells and mess to put up with. If you are going to get them rolled by a bait firm with some kind of tweak to combat the silt. I would suggest getting a soluble ingredient added that contains some freed up amino's...... IMO they won't be hunting with their eyes in the silt...... Something like, GLM powder, Liver Hydro powder, or plain old belechan and they'll find it with their eyes shut. If the bait is any good, you can ditch the flavours to help cover the cost of the added ingredient..... Hook baits with a dose of oil so they don't draw in the silt smell as much...... Just my op'.
  12. Leadcore short lengths

    heya Richard, your inline setup should really be minimalistic, just two items are required for the rig to work perfectly, lead and swivel as anything else is personal. leads @ 2oz are the norm for me and this should be coupled with a #8 large ring swivel. pass mainline thru lead sleeve and tie off with your knot of choice leaving a 15-20mm snag end, the snag end is tucked into the lead then followed by the swivel to act as a tell tail. if needed the rig can be set up thus, first a length of tube to suit your set up/lake, then tail rubber pushed into the tubing (can be glued but only here), thread lead insert thru lead and onto line and add your swivel, seat tail rubber onto insert and fit hooklink, you will see that the whole rig from the swivel up will slide up the line under its own weight so in the event of a snap off the mainline will just slide free and dump the lead. that is the way i have done it for years and i have never tethered a fish.
  13. Leadcore short lengths

    The main reason for putting the lead in is to make the bag more stable for casting, allowing you to cast it further. Just by keeping the bag close to the lead, attached to the hooklink swivel you make it more stable.
  14. Has anyone tried this PVC-made fishing cart? I've been looking at some DIY meant for fishing and saw this one that can be attached to the vehicle
  15. Mainlines latest offering The Link

    I'd love to have a go at rolling my own BC, but I just don't get the time mate. Plus my Missus would go ballistic because I'm not the tidiest of blokes in the kitchen........
  16. Mainlines latest offering The Link

    The other way (lighter) might be the way to go. The Lake is very (very) silty, so visibility is key. Definitely going onto the MC Nut. Freezer space is still tight at the moment, but I have a plan, which involves one of these.....
  17. Last week
  18. September Catch Reports

    nice fish there , well in !
  19. Leadcore short lengths

    All i do is make a little solid bag with my hooklink and leave the lead out of the bag. That way you can just quick tie on your new rig with the bag already on it. A lot of videos and instructions on the packs tell you to put the lead in but i dont bother and its caught me fish
  20. September Catch Reports

    Itching to get back mate ... cracking fish
  21. Leadcore short lengths

    Hi Richard.... the setup your describing is geared around speed , so lends itself to the match side of carp fishing . If speed isn't an important factor just go for inline & short rig straight through . Also I personally think loop to loop for any leader will definitely be the weakest point & 99 times out 100 the loop on the mono will give. Leaders when used especially longer lengths should be joined with the appropriate knot . Your always get different views on leaders so don't let that bother you ,but unless you really need one then it's safer not to use one . Big fan of tubing personally.
  22. Leadcore short lengths

    Hi Everyone, it looks like my original post has triggered quite a debate! Let me first explain where I am coming from. I've only been carp fishing for around a year or so now and all of my fishing has been done using a lead clip and safety is something which has been and always is front of my mind when carp fishing. I now want to try using Solid PVA Bags. Having done my research it appears using a lead clip with a solid PVA bag is not really the best route to go down so I've spent a bit of time looking into the inline lead setup. I purchased a few Fox inline leads and quickly realised that these leads alone are really not safe straight off the shelf. There is a hard plastic insert which fits inside the lead and gives the swivel something to sit inside of. The problem is, it fits in so tightly that there is no way that lead is coming free from the plastic insert should it need to! I've taken out the plastic insert and instead used a soft tail rubber which you'd normally place over a lead clip. As this is softer with it being rubber it releases with minimal force and would slide up the line / leader to should it be required, it also fits into the lead almost perfectly. Maybe I am wrong, but that is my take on inline leads, maybe other brands except Fox are different with regards to the plastic sleeve insert? Having done the above research I then started to look into how to attach this to my mainline. A lot of people suggested using a leader and alot of the online videos also suggest this for the ease of having several tied up ready to go and simply looping them on and off. It's at this point that as a beginner I'm starting to get confused. Mentioning the word leadcore seems to have sparked a varying reaction but as a newcomer it's difficult to know what or who to believe. I've purchased some leadcore and started to make up some very short lengths similar to the korda pre tied ones, they are also very short. I am slightly confused how a very short length of leadcore can so easily get snagged up, I've always been told to concentrate of ensuring the lead can easily detach from the rig which I'm confident I am doing with this setup. Problem is I'm now doubting leadcore because of the comments in this thread. What can I use if I don't use leadcore? Is it a case of having to tie them up with your mainline directly through the inline lead? Is a piece of 15lb trailing mono any safer? It's really hard to know which way to turn and even more so as a relative newcomer to carp fishing.
  23. Leadcore short lengths

    Just one knot and it's one of the strongest about. The Mahin knot. I lost a fish on the undercut island Friday night. Fish shed the hook and I was left stuck to likely a root. The knot st the hook link swivel gave before the leader knot. For the invisibility factor it's well worth it. If I could get the leader in 15lb I'd use it at that BS but 20 is the lowest.
  24. Leadcore short lengths

    never having used a leader i would ask, is the extra 5lb Bs worth the hassle of the extra knots needed to attach your leader?
  25. Leadcore short lengths

    considering leadless leaders are available they are an option instead of leadcore. I've gone from fox submerge to avid outline fluoro leaders this year. Just to try it out. Personally I dont think i'll go back unless fishing on the river maybe. It's stood up to numerous snags and not come back damaged at all. Sinks superbly and is practically invisible. Yes it is a leader but I think because of the stiffness the likelihood of it tangling is lower than leadcore/leadless if a fish is trailing it. Obviously no leader is best but with 15lb line does it really make much difference using a 20lb fluorocarbon leader?
  26. Leadcore short lengths

    That is part of my view about leaders. They are only suitable for fishing if there is no weed or snags that can get tangled up and tether within. I have long said that tackle companies often bring out tackle that is not safe or suitable for fishing, but only to make money for them. Solar tackle do sell PVA bag/mesh clips, they can actually be attached to an inline or pendant set-up not just a helicopter style lead. http://www.solar24-7.co.uk/baitshop/advanced-rig-gear55cdd7abe430c/product/qcbs-quick-change-pva-bag-system
  27. Leadcore short lengths

    Standard line can tangle or tether though...... we are all risking the safety of the fish to a certain extent simply by fishing. IMO if a carp gets tethered on 15 lb line it aint snapping it, it'll rip it's own face off before the line goes. The safest rig is the one that lands the fish IMO. If that takes 20 lb line and a leadcore leader then where does that leave us? Tricky one. I tend to agree..... but Rig Marole Linqtek does none of that! I'm using tubing at the mo but that's due to rules. I'll be honest, given the choice I'd be on the Linqtek.
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