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  2. Thought for the day.

    with the results saying what ? shelfies are not to be trusted at all or we must only use fresh or frozen baits ? was it sponsored by a particular bait company by any chance. Just saying that's all.
  3. Fishing around J6 (M25)

    Nine months have passed since my last post and I still haven't been to Pippingford Just found out that Godstone Vineyard has closed its lake permanently as of last November. Sad really as a lot of people would of used it and it was half decent, once upon a time. Pity the owners couldn't be bothered with it. I have had two sessions in the past week at Tandridge Lake and that is fishing well. Several carp on the surface and it's only April Beaver Farm is also fishing well according to my friends. Happy fishing to you all.
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  5. Thought for the day.

    Some bad stuff about shelfies was published in the A.T. this week, someone repeated the tank experiment over 12 weeks with shocking results.
  6. April catch reports.............

    Haha! He said he wanted some antlers on in the photo!
  7. April catch reports.............

    Well that's just cheating , Nige , your little lad is clearly wearing his Carp Seaking Antennae ! . 🎣
  8. A Bit Of Interactive Bank Chat

    Lost a nice one, not sure if it was a 20 but a good double. It was heading towards a post so I stopped it from taking any more line and the hook pulled lol. I'm getting done by liners though, my alarms are going every five minutes, the problem is is that I'm using worms and not sure if their still on my rig or not lol
  9. A Bit Of Interactive Bank Chat

    I think the fish are getting ready to spawn, there's loads of crashing/activity in the margins. I've managed 1 about 8lb so far, only been setup for an hour so hopefully have a few more before I leave!!
  10. Thought for the day.

    Pine Disinfectant...through the steamer..would a Bed Chair Foot Cover fit my Wide Boy bed ??
  11. Pegging brolly on rocky ground

    Brilliant, buddy, judt dont fart, hee,hee.
  12. Thought for the day.

    Very shiny
  13. Cheers Steve, think I've cracked it:
  14. Thought for the day.

    Bit bored so cleaned all gear and Steam Cleaned mi Chair n Bed...
  15. Doh! Not Boddington, I'm on mud, but there are rocks less than 16.764mm beneath ground level; you can sometimes weave a peg through, storm poles make me speak funny words . Trouble is I rarely use a brolly, so haven't developed a knack for using one (showing how dumb I am ). When I have used one, it's normally on plain simple mud where you can get pegs and stuff in.
  16. April catch reports.............

    Crackers nice! And the pic with your sone is great, I’ll hopefully be able to upload one later on with my two
  17. Pegging brolly on rocky ground

    Put one of the big Boddington rocks on top, it wont move far.
  18. Any advice for pegging down a brolly on rocky ground? Was fishing yesterday and needed to put up my brolly, to protect from sun (not much, but enough) to protect from rain (enough) to protect from wind (not my own ) The wind kept changing direction and meant re-positioning the thing, anyone know any good ways of getting the pegs deep enough in the first place (mallets not allowed)?
  19. April catch reports.............

    8 bites, landing 5 of them in the last 24hours. That’s as many fish that the lake has done since November! Mega happy with that little session. Even managed to get one whilst the boy was with me for a couple of hours
  20. Thought for the day.

    Hello sunshine. Hope life is good for you mate.
  21. Thought for the day.

    Was spawning at a little runs water I went on weds too
  22. Thought for the day.

    'Best by' refers to when the item is best to be eaten by, after that date it will lose quality nutritionally and taste wise; 'use by' is the date when it will start to fester and become a breeding ground for bacteria as the food breaks down into easily digestible items for bacteria to breed and feed, it might not be evident by look or smell though, so if in any doubt - bin it. Dairy items can be some of the worst because they're kept in the fridge, the bacteria that can stand those sort of conditions are usually quite bad for us, remember listeria? But yeah, bad luck on that, dry toast (no spread) is supposed to be good? and no watching ready steady cook while you feel sorry for yourself watching telly!
  23. Thought for the day.

    Aye up stranger, good to see you here again, hope you are well
  24. Thought for the day.

    My thought for the day is ....I need to get on here more often hope everybody is well
  25. What is your newest purchase

    I don’t mind the smell but clearly my body says otherwise as my nose ends up streaming, unless it’s something else...I’ll test it next session. I usually dose up in jungle formula too.
  26. Thought for the day.

    I am an addict for bacon sarnies, a local Asian grocer used to save me all his out of date bacon, i used to eat it weeks out of date, never done me any harm, food is wasted, whilst half the world starves.
  27. Thought for the day.

    Thought for the day.... sometimes when a food item is past its best by date, it really is not to be eaten, left a chocolate mousse in the fridge when i went fishing the other day, noticed it last night, checked the date, went off on the Wednesday, so i smelt it, fine i thought, tasted it, yep, eat it, by the time i went to bed i was feeling very sick, seems to of eased off this morning, i will more than likely be running for the bog half way through my first cuppa.
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