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  2. Wronguns

    What you have to remember... the looks of the fish can have more to do with where they live rather than the strain .
  3. Wronguns

    Got to agree mate! Lovely looking fish!

    A lot of water to get lost in. I'm sure they'll reappear.
  5. Wronguns

    Two of the above aren't mine, cropped captors so as not to offend, plucked from public sites, just liked the look of them.
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  7. Wronguns


    Cheers mate, Iā€™m a member of that group. Gives you a good idea of the fish that are currently in there and also many pics of fish that appear to have grown legs and left!! Do you fish Ardleigh at all?

    It's a great idea. Apart from recent stockings what exactly is in there is an unknown. From what I hear there is fish that frequent bankside often but others that have only been caught once. So I'm sure there is a few uncaught that'll surprise people. I also heard of big tench coming out but they havnt been seen in years
  10. What is your newest purchase

    had to check the posting date on your other post,, both sharpie and dal in one post and dal not been seen since xmas 16 lol

    Hi Danny If I read the Facebook front page correctly , to post you have to contribute i.e. Mike would have to be willing to post 'photos of all his captures to help towards building an idea of what stock Ardleigh holds .
  12. January catch reports

    Yes mate still ongoing, not really been up much though (aside from last weekend for a work party with mr bayes himself) as got the braxted back lake bug right in between my teeth again, so I have been concentrating my efforts on that.....but come March 14th the club lakes shut up shop until first of may so I shall be getting back on bayeswater for a few 24hour sessions....as always I will update if anything occurs
  13. What is your newest purchase

    I did wonder if you meant me mate lol

    That's certainly a qualifiable fish I'd say
  15. January catch reports

    Hello Spr So Bayeswater is still ongoing , just on the back burner for now ? .
  16. What is your newest purchase

    Oops ! , I've got my Gooners mixed up ! ; I should have said Dannygooner , not Dalthegooner ! .

    Hi Mike You probably know this already , but when I went on Facebook I came across " Ardleigh Reservoir Carp Catalogue " . I think you would qualify to join if you wanted to .
  18. šŸ˜‚ šŸ˜‚ šŸ˜‚
  19. Ā£4.83 delivered , eBay šŸ˜‰
  20. Wronguns

    i would pm frank, seems to know his stuff where differing breeds originate
  21. Older fox alarms (lxr,dxr,rx)

    Nice one fellas šŸ‘šŸ»
  22. Older fox alarms (lxr,dxr,rx)

    The dxr has a roller wheel sensitivity button and the other turns it to vibration sensitivity im not sure if it was the fox millenium carp fishing video or the first one that matt hayes showcased them can probably find it on you tube somewhere
  23. Wronguns

    That's the thing CM, regardless of strain, I've seen photo's of , what I consider to be, nice looking carp without knowing their origins..... The origins aren't as important, as long as, in the captors eyes, they've caught a worthy adversary, in my case, something I regard as, nice to look at, and not too easy to catch for me.... Just wanted to know if anyone could point me in the right direction in order to read up on the history and introduction of various strains.... Not wanting to stir it up or start slating different fish. I'm really just interested in the fish I like the look of and it would be nice to know where they get there characteristics from, first hand, from an author that has in depth knowledge on and written about the subject.... I'll continue browsing to see if I can come across anything, but if anyone has read or heard of a decent reference, please divulge
  24. just purchased, Ā£5.85 Amazon
  25. After a quick browse........ The only difference between the two DXR and RX Digital,........ The DXR has an extra adjustment dial on the face of the alarm. So there are 2 dials that have an "S" on them (The bottom two).. These are both for sensitivity control... The first of these, 3rd one down, is for adjusting the sensitivity of the roller wheel and is governed by how much line you want to pass over the wheel before an indication is registered........ The second "S" dial, bottom one, is said to adjust vibration, ...... A micro adjustment, if you will. The RX alarm has one single sensitivity adjustment dial. When you turn this dial all the way round to it's most sensitive, there is a "V" symbol on the dial reading, which stands for "vibration", in other words , it's mega sensitive..... IMO though Dan, I doubt you'd ever use an alarm set at its most sensitive as the slightest breeze or ripple even, will give you a lot of false bites. Basically, the single sensitivity dial on the RX, does both jobs, that the two dials on the DXR do.. Side note... Those dinky little dials on the older alarms can be fiddly to adjust, especially if a little stiff. I use forceps, gently , if I need to adjust mine,. which isn't often.
  26. I've not owned DXR, but I would assume that the "D" in their title would stand for Digital...... Some of the differences on these alarms could be something like, tone control or sensitivity control... I know the RX have Volume,tone and sensitivity controls,...... Let me have a browse and I'll see if I can pick up on any real differences between the two...... Don't worry, you are not chewing my ear
  27. Thought for the day.

    after extensive reading on the subject it transpires that the TOTAL yearly cull figure is decided by Natural England (an independent body of cat loving do gooder lefties) who do a head count and then decide how many they are prepared to lose year on year, you have to tell them how many you are going to cull and after a bit of negotiation (where the threat to withdraw your license tends to curb your enthusiasm) your cull is knocked off the available total. this only applies to over wintering pairs and from 2004 to 2010 was an average of 1395 roughly equal to 10% of the population, for some strange reason this figure jumped to almost double (2596) in 2011. the effect of culling in the uk tho? winter population from 1998-2002 was 8,355 breeding pairs, 2004-2009 18,000. i would say that the 2004-2009 boom was about the time that the cormorant presence started to really impact on fisheries, at the moment there is a guestimate of C38,000 breeding pairs on the uk inland waters,, culling? not working while you have people involved who are not affected by the flying rats.
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