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  1. Yesterday
  3. welcome, how did you find us?
  5. Welcome to the forum.
  6. Yes mate noticed that myself, although they were saying down into the 980's this week so wouldn't bank on it , but still looks good early next week . Xc weather by any chance ?
  7. Gonna try and get out Monday after work myself. Pressure is crashing to 982 on Monday according to my weather app.
  8. I'm carp fishing bout 6 years in Ireland not to many lakes here with carp my pb is 16lb only a few lakes here with twentys one very public lake has french fish biggest I think is 42.5 , people here keep the lakes to themselves that hold carp very hush hush mostly to keep the munchers off em (polish/Romanians Lithuanians) there's two runs water's here ones free and ones a day ticket most be jammed most weekends I love fishing can't beat chilling out trying to catch that pb fished about 70 night's last year had twenty fish mostly doubles cant beat that feeling of catching a new pb and feeling that rod bend it's tough going the lake I fish so be so jealous of all the other european and the UK anglers so many possible lakes for yous to fish within an hour or two , it's my dream to open my fishery saving at the minute so hopefully within the next 5/10 years if I don't get a mortgage before then to do it , hope to import English fish and make a 3 lake complex 2 runs water's and a specimen lake the people of Ireland need a real carp venue, I'm suprised no English men havnt tried opening fishery's here as it be a goldmine trout/match fishermen here are the only real real fisher men recognised here the by the fisheries board alot of red tape to import carp here as the EU have the whole no foreign species so I hope to find a way to get around it an fulfil my dream , anyways just thought I'd write bit bout myself and Irish carping as I'm new cheers And tightlines all
  9. Well the storm seems to have blown out now , Just knew loads of bigguns would hit the bank mate . Would of loved to of been out in it . I like your style yonny tight lines
  10. same rods I use
  11. Nice stuff mate. Is that coops who you were with?
  12. Doing an evening session tomorrow on a tidal stretch, will be fishing up to high tide and then off home lol. Bait will be boilies and corn, but I'm tempted to chuck out a rig with a some worms on to see what else is about
  13. Great blog Vik, cant wait for the next bit.
  14. You've done it, unless you are wanting to post?.. as long as there are no promotions and no adverts.
  15. Hi please can somebody tell me how to just put posts on this site pleasešŸ˜¬
  16. I think drilling the boilie out abit so it can slide up and down the line would work better the rig can then twist and turn without the weight of the boilie being attached to it and as i said the stiff line allows the rig to sit upright nice work
  17. Very lucky!! unlucky in the fact my friend did try to talk to the owner about a syndicate being set up but he wasnt receptive to it. Part 2 in the next few week so like the facebook page!!
  18. Harrison torrix t.e in 12.6 would be my recommendation, they're soft enough in the tip to handle close range stuff but can put a 4oz lead well over 100 yards
  19. well, where do i start lol harrison torrix t.e 12.6 rods, mk3 nevilles with the newest remote, jag xcavator sticks with adjustable bars, trakker tempest brolly oh and a rowing boat for my syndicate (these have all been over the past year or 2)
  20. Not quite a numbers game but i would like to catch more of the biggies in my syndicate, there are a lot of known biggies and several which haven't been out for a long time so would be even happier to get one of those.
  21. it's clear then that smoking clearly makes no difference at all, and as for things like petrol and diesel i wouldn't touch anything if i could physically smell it on my hands but how many times do you think we've been in the clear but still polluted our bait somehow? the sense of a fish are more sensitive than ours surely even the slightest of hints could make a difference?
  22. Pukka, that place sounds awesome. You lucky, lucky fella
  23. Thanks for all the replies, thats great I'll be able to make a lot more bait really easy lol.
  24. Been busy writing over the last few months. Plenty of new content and most recent part one of my brief time on an pretty much untouched pit.
  25. Years ago a pal of mine was fishing three hemp seeds threaded along the length of a fine hair on a simple hair rig, introduced with a mesh bag of seeds. It was similar to what you're doing there in that there was no bait of significant weight/mass to aid rig mechanics, it was as close to fishing a bare hook as I've seen anyone do. I remember thinking he was nuts until he bagged up on carp and tench.
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