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  2. This is quite interesting stuff,I might try not using a glug to start with this year and build on that maybe try adding other attractors,and feed items as I go but only If feel I need to, I do agree you need to have faith in your bait and that must start from the bare boilie, this way as I tweak and change things I will learn more about what works and what doesn't, Just out of interest if you guys were prebaiting would you always glug your prebait to replicate the bait you would use if fishing, or use the liquid as a boost for the times you are fishing to encourage them along quicker?
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  4. Hi all πŸ‘‹ I’m always on here reading & gaining knowledge so I think it was time to make an account. Even though I’ve been carp fishing for about 3/4 years Theres so much more to know & learn. I’m From Nottingham and mainly fish hacketts lake with good success Pb being 15lb & always get into the fish on most sessions there. Dose anybody know this lake and maybe know what the Biggest fish in there is? The bailiff told me there’s a 30lb mirror but who knows right πŸ€” Dose anybody know of anybody having a 20/30 out of there?? Really want to get to the 20lb club myself πŸ˜‚ Also I’ve been thinking of giving colwick park a couple of nights.. again dose anybody know of the stock in there? Think il be well out my comfort zone tbh but need new surroundings and new targets. thanks in advance for reading. Tight lines.
  5. Same as Yonny i use glugs/hydro in the hope its more attractive to carp and is giving the bait a bit more pulling power . I don't believe there is any 'magic' bait glug etc and my thoughts are the same as Yonnies use a decent bait and get it in the right spot .Location is the no.1 .
  6. I don't think glugs have anything to do with whether a bait will be taken by a carp. For me the role of glugs is to boost attraction i.e. help the carp find your bait. A bait that is only taken once glugged is a bait that should be binned imo. I agree they're not essential and I don't use any of them as much as I used to. Any old half decent bait in the right place will catch miles more than the finest heavily glugged bait in the wrong place.
  7. The past year I stopped glugging my baits. They go out exactly as they came out of the bag or tub, and I'm sure I found a few fish on Alton that took plain straight hookbaits. In fact, I think the only reason I started glugging baits again was using wooden balls to combat crays and so did the same for any real bait. I have caught on soaked and glugged baits, but don't think it is an essential all the time.
  8. Don't rule out the original hydro - liquid liver. One of my faves.
  9. I've got a 72 hour sesh booked (with the missus) late April at Linear. Looked on their website, Oxlease closed due to flooding, some of the lads are absolutely smashing st johns🀯. I wish I could get there now!! I've not been there for the last 2 years, so really looking forward to it🀞 My mates, making noises about a new prototype Bait from A2, to take with us. I've been using their Bait the last few times out and seems to work better than the last few brands I have used.
  10. I did notice scanning the catch reports that the crab one seems to be a prolific fish catcher, I might try proper job pop ups this year, but I also have loads of others so may just get a match the hatch pop up as I don't think my pop up shelf will hold too many more 😊
  11. I think the DNA pineapple and tutti fruiti ones sound quite Angler friendly,but will that mean they don't work as well? πŸ˜‚ Also the active CSL sounds OK too 5ltrs for 30 quid at the minute on BAF anyone used this? or should I just go stinky and fish based πŸ€”
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  13. One of my club lakes has a pole to show you where the shopping trolleys are πŸ˜‚
  14. Have a great time , Ginger , stay warm and dry . You may have seen that the chaps on the forum that are out fishing at this time of year aren't catching much , but still enjoying just being out on the bank . Having seen 'photos of you , your " old man " is probably around my age you cheeky young wippersnapper ! . 😁
  15. A water near me has a scaffolding pole driven in where there is a gravel bar , but I'm sure you'll be a lot more discrete ! ; maybe trees as markers , and just hope they don't blow down . 😁
  16. Ive only used hydros. Be that krill, salmon, shrimp and a shore crab one. I've used them all and no one is any better than the other. I've blended them also. The only thing I noticed over a few seasons were the results were better in the spring time using these glugs. And it's not just the hookbaits that were glugged, all my bait would have been glugged (boilies I mean).
  17. You need one of those bin lids in there to be able to present your 3 rods on 😁
  18. Will be a pretty uniformed bottom, But There will be the odd thing to to take note of I'm sure , πŸ˜‰ the spot within the spot 😁 Cheers guys .... started clearing the ground the last couple of days .
  19. Great stuff thanks for the replies all, it would appear from the responses that hydros might be the way forward, but maybe add a little powder to make them more user friendly 😁 I do like the sound of Maggi and marmite though,, I want to try and avoid making it too fishy though as there are moggies in them there waters,
  20. I do t think I'll ever change...it 1 fish so far this year and 2 fish since September...😁😁
  21. Apparently the. S model cap will fit and isn’t a QD Β£6.99 each from daiwa why not lol
  22. I like it too but I can’t buy a bite on it lol
  23. I use Manilla Pop Ups and Wafters, every other day a give them a few squirts of Manilla Bait Spray. Now I've started to use Stix Mix and this made up of Manilla 2mm Pellets, Manilla Powder all mixed in Manilla Cloudy Liquid...fished with a boosted Manilla Wafter. When I start to Spod this year (Spod Mix already bought) I will be adding Manilla Pellets, Boilies and the Cloudy Liquid also. (Think I love Manilla??)
  24. I've tried a lot of glugs, flavours, potions, mixes, my own thoughts are, that if they give you confidence... go for it... Marmite is one that still manages to pull a fish in occasionally, I have a fridge full of the things and I rarely use them... I goo up pellets for feeder work but rarely use them nowadays for carping....
  25. I have never really paid to much attention to oils and glug's outside of the goo really but over the last year i have started to play around a bit more, from urban i tend to add a decent amount of the nutcracker liquid and leave it to soak for a day or 2 then on the day i add some of the red spicy flavouring. On the 2 waters i fished last year i caught really well and consistently, Would i have caught as many with them? Who knows but if i am catching with them iam not going to stop using them....Also the liquid tastes nice and the red spicy flavoring is just mashed up chilli's, Its hot and great on chips!
  26. Still alive mate, Just couldn't do watching or talking about fishing whilst i knew i couldn't go! I have booked Jacobs Creek, havent fished it before but walked around it a few years back, 2 nights with the old man next week so hopefully we both manage to grab 1 or 2. Looks set to rain most of the weekend so glad we have a little cabin to hide in!
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