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  2. Thank you, really appreciate the advice. Any reel recommendations that aren't crazy money? For my standard reels I've used diawa regals for years and years with no problem and they were only about Β£50 from memory
  3. I agree mate. The spod reel takes some serious punishment and gets covered in bait. It's worth spending the extra to get something reliable.
  4. Looks a minter as well buddy. Well done.
  5. Today
  6. I'd been sitting deliriously with only one rod out due to another tench, so I set another one up recast it, let the line settle, then the bobbin went right up to the butt lifted it up didn't feel anything Initially then boom thought it was a tench but as it got closer I thought that's no tench, it hit the surface and came off, a little jack pike had a hold of the leader, I am now back down to one rod and trying to get motivated to pack up πŸ˜‚
  7. If you are hitting the clip too hard have a look at the airbomb it's kind of got a shock absorber I've used mine a couple of tines now starting to get the hang of it now πŸ‘ I have a wychwood dispatch S1 spod rod that's pretty decent, I think cheap reels for spodding are a bit of a waste of time the sonik one isn't up to it imo , when you get into spodding it's worth remembering this is the rod and reel you will use most and will take the biggest amount of punishment, if you buy cheap you will need to replace it Might be worth looking at second hand to see what's out there
  8. I am flabbergasted right now, is there a cloud higher than 9 cos I am on it, that's a proper carp woop Someone told me Yesterday PVA bags are only good in winter πŸ˜‚
  9. Nice one mate πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸŽ£
  10. I've only gone and beaten my pb again and I thought it was another tench sπŸ˜‚ 28lb 4oz of knarly old mirror in the sack, I didn't see that coming 😁
  11. Latest news 3rd tench burnt my sausages
  12. Nothing else in the night, very tenchy this morning tbough had 2 since sunrise, All 3 fish have been Shortly after casting out a fresh bag, I noticed this last week too, it definitely seems to pay regularly rechucking them
  13. Good angling elmo.πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸŽ£
  14. Yesterday
  15. I'm not going to be much help on the rod or reel as I still use my Century DD Big Bertha and Shimano Aerlex. However when it comes to line on it, I still stick to 15lb Mono, with a 40lb Mono Shockleader. I personally, have had braid cut a groove in the tip and butt ring of a spod rod. I have also found that because there is no stretch in braid you are more likely to crack off if you are hitting the clip hard.
  16. commonly

    May catch reports?

    Yeah mate, I'm chuffed to of found this place, certainly a new challenge for a few years, I think. Not so sure about guests on this venue, although my estate ticket allows guests for Β£10 a night!! No biggies in there, but they are good looking and it's a world away from your average carp water. It's a shame that there's no socials with the regulars on hereπŸ˜•
  17. well done elmo congrats on new pb pal
  18. Big congrats Elmo 🎣😎
  19. chillfactor

    May catch reports?

    Unlucky mate .... sounds like the new water will be a good challenge to get your teeth into though . May be a guesty visit at some point 😁
  20. Done an off cam one, will do a proper one tommorow 3oz bigger than my old pb so it's a PB 😁
  21. New pb 27lb 3oz woop will do proper pics when I am home 3oz bigger and from 2 pegs Down from my old pb πŸ˜‚ Buzzing now
  22. good one pal take a pic and post it
  23. Lovely lake tbh, not too manhandled, still a bit rough around the edges and there is plenty to think about, this swim is a lot more overgrown than when I fished it years ago I think I've got a bit of a chunk in the net certainly a bigger than normal one 😁
  24. That's what I've done. A couple of traps set for the night/ morning feed. The fishing is a bit moody so not holding out much hope.
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