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  2. Thought I ordered 3, but only 2...ah well. I'll put the heads on my Fox Quiver Arms 😁
  3. Just realised, known as Pollys, meant to be very weedy all year through... Never fished it but heard a few people on about it.
  4. Have a look kingsdown flash at abram there's support to be some big uns in there mate.
  5. Yeh 2021 £250 for 4 waters (Day and Night) , £137 for 2 waters (Day and Night). Well over priced, Prince Albert is only £260 for 1st year then £130 every year after... Im on the 2yr waiting list 🤣🤣🤣 Im gonna still get the Day ticket, but my nights are looking at 3 Sisters, there are some Gems in there (personally seen the 28lb common). Also looking at another lake... Amberswood in Hindley, may also try a few stretches of Canals 🤔🤔
  6. Yes indeed one mans nectar is another mans poison. Flavours are a very subjective area, and it’s difficult to accurately compare one against the other as there are too many variables. Baitwise I just use what gives me confidence, I was brought up with Rod Hutchinson flavours and ingredients, as started carping in the late 70’s I dont use flavours in my main loose feed boilies, a good base mix should have all the attraction needed. So the only baits I use with artificial flavours are a few pop ups and wafters I buy, as it’s difficult to make them as good as you can buy off the s
  7. Yes I've read it on the forum, it's only from 2021 isn't it. What do you think of the syndicate scheme? I think it's well over priced for the waters they have. I was going to rejoin next season but I don't know what to do now.
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  9. I was yeh, but it was an unsuccessful fishing... But today... So will be trying more often now...
  10. Where you at three sisters again, any joy?
  11. Each to their own I guess lol
  12. Chods are a great rig in the right kind of weed up until you drop a real big fish haven't really used a chod since i left KWP you can get one to sit nice on thick silk weed. Very easy for the fish to blow the rig at any point after picking it up though, very sharp barbed hooks are a must as big as you think you can get away with. My preferred pop up rig that is a withy/chod style rig has to be the reverse combi.
  13. I honestly don't know. They look good, but it would be whether the build quality is good
  14. If they like a big bed why not bulk it out with pellets and particles, same effect a lot less cost,
  15. You cannot fill a carp, they have no stomach, just a digestive tract. Either of the baits you mentioned will be fine mate.
  16. Guys need some advice there's a lake that I fish which is full of simmos and recently found that a big bed of bait in the right place and produce a big hit of carp now I've got a few areas that I think will produce the hit I'm just unsure on the bait to use like what boilie it's a big bed of boilies that does the trick I just don't want to use one that will fill them up to quick!! No I would just use the boilie I use anyway but with it being the DNA s7 and DNA switch and them both being a hnv bait I worry to many will fill them up
  17. I allways keep the cork stoppers from my single malt whisky bottles and trim to shape and use them for my chods. The carp in my lakes may be alcoholics.
  18. I thought the original Rod Hutchinson bun spice was the best
  19. Hello all, I've been offered 2 x diawa emblems loaded with braid and shock leaders for £89 each. Good value? I know brand new they are £125 as the basic reel so id need braid etc on top.
  20. Everyone should be prepared to chuck a chod out imo. For a while everyone was using them but I don't think that's the case anymore. Imo the chod can never be a "go-to" rig, too many flaws, but it can get you bites that no other rig can get so it's essential it is in your armoury.
  21. Sounds like a winner if it helps disguise the hook and smells like jesus buns,
  22. It did iso euginyl or however it is spelt lol
  23. Does bun spice have clove in it? I've been hearing a lot about the anaesthetic properties on clove lately, and how it numbs a carps mouth,
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