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  2. What is your newest purchase

    No, its full, a lovely place to fish, no giants, does me.
  3. What is your newest purchase

    Good for you, enjoy what you can, when you can.... glass half full
  4. What is your newest purchase

    Yeah not bad mate, Iā€™m catching on it so no complaints so far.
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  6. What is your newest purchase

    When i was your age and considerably older, it wouldnt have been my first choice, i loved Ecton, Ditchford, Sywell, Cransley and the river too much, but now i am restricted by other things and love the short sessions, the estates are perfect for this, if you prebait them correctly, a short session will produce, this one has many faults but i love it.
  7. Right so I went fishing today and I manually close the bail arm, made a mental note to see just what I do LOL , then I dug out my old reels and a Mitchell match is a 440a and the 300 can't be closed by hand ......
  8. What is your newest purchase

    Nice one Vic šŸ˜‹
  9. What is your newest purchase

    For the numbers of fish and the looks of most of them. Well worth it. It's good fishing. For me it's too much to justify as a back up ticket though. Stunning place to be too.
  10. What is your newest purchase

    I reckon there may be more, i and several others have had problems on really heavy gear, the ammount of fish in that lake has dropped significantly over the years, no restockings, you have broken a significant barrier weight wise, i dont share Ians view, too many anglers this year for sure but i reckon its pretty good value at the price for a ticket.
  11. What is your newest purchase

    How do you find the Nutcracker please Ginger ? , I've not tried it before .
  12. A lovely video to pass the time....

    smuft ... spot on loved it would be great to have a brew & a bit of bank chat with Terry ... Top man .
  13. What is your newest purchase

    Cold an understatement. My rods were iced over by 6pm! Water on the mat actually iced over within minutes once the fish was back and the reels got a dunk before casting as the line was frozen on the spools!! Thanks for the kind words mate. I always thought there was at least one 30 in here. Maybe I've fed them well enough this year for them to have put on the extra pounds, who knows. I was stacking in skrettings finest over summer.
  14. What is your newest purchase

    You are a true Northants superstar buddy, catch it in spawn in May, that lakes been open for 35 years and nothing of that size has been caught, you deserve your prize, protect your fishing, hats off bruv, top rod, although i hate that expression, in your case it applies, enjoy your night, its flippin cold.
  15. What is your newest purchase

    Not going to tell the estate. I've actually asked mods to remove the post telling you. I'll tell a few and it'll go on social media but as always just 'estate lake' nowt else.
  16. Self Takes

    I do the same thing , but with an iPad attached to a Joby Grip Tight Mount mounted on a Camera Tripod . I have a horrible feeling I have even less to take 'photos of than Spr
  17. What is your newest purchase

    Oh my God, well done buddy, so glad it was you, what are you going to publicise to the estate, nowt i would suggest but a fantastic acheivement never thought it would happen although i had my suspicions, bubbling myself mate, its something i have wanted to hear for years, superstar.
  18. A lovely video to pass the time....

    Cheers mate,that video was superb I really enjoyed it.
  19. What is your newest purchase

    Must resist šŸ˜‚
  20. What is your newest purchase

    Just done it. By an ounce!!
  21. A lovely video to pass the time....

    Beautiful - captures the essence of angling perfectly as Terry always does! Total Legend. My friend and I were only saying last night that not enough anglers appreciate or even see the wonders of nature around us these days! A conversation prompted by him seeing a couple of carp anglers mistreating a bream. Some of my best fishing memories are of seeing Buzzards, Kites, Deer etc etc and feeling truly privileged to have done so. It's always been important to me that my kids have had the opportunity to experience the countryside and seasons like I have. Magic! šŸ˜Š
  22. What is your newest purchase

    Yes Dave can climb, but he's no monkey.
  23. The Cheating Thread

    Glad you've enjoyed black and yes it has got a special stock of fish with still some I believe uncaught whackers. They've been seen but not banked, as far as I'm aware anyway. If black wasn't in the middle of a country park and only accessible by anglers then I'd still be on there now, well unless id caught the ones I wanted haha.
  24. Plans for 2018 šŸŽ£šŸŽ£

    Both Ashmead and Redmire were invites from mutual acquaintances via another forum... certainly not cheap, and given the cost of both, I could have had a ticket on a good water for the year.... but opportunities like this don't come round too often and when they do you have to grab them.... Redmire may not be the venue it once was, but just to walk those hallowed banks, let alone fish, will be a thrill in itself.... Looking at the Ashmead map, there is no real clue as to where to fish... it's a veritable maze of bays, arms, points, and peninsulas and I'll probably stalk about in the day with some rods out from the pitch during the night
  25. Plans for 2018 šŸŽ£šŸŽ£

    Awesome. Never fished there but it looks very special indeed. The best of luck to you. At some point I'll get down there. Those fish are somehing else.
  26. What is your newest purchase

    I feel right at home in the trees. Nothing better than watching a biggun feed from the branches. I often have a 4 pack of topic bars when sitting in said trees. I owe a few captures to them lol.
  27. A lovely video to pass the time....

    A lovely vid.. really enjoyed that, thanks for sharing
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