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  2. I used Diawa cross cast 5000x reels, I’ve got 4 of them, 2 are on my boys rods, ones on a spod rod and one is a spare. They held up to my hamfisted efforts to knack them, I broke one when in a proper strop while snagged up, wrenching for a break, diawa replaced it no questions asked. My boy uses them with no issues at all. I’ve got the fox EOS 12000 reels and I absolutely love them.
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  4. I've had Daiwa feeder reels when I was on the Match seen, and the old Gold and Black Daiwa Emblem for Carp fishing...that's all really. Both were just as good as each other...the Shimano I had a few go's with a mates, the Crosscast I've handled in store.
  5. I take it you’ve never owned either Shimmy’s or Daiwa’s previously ? In my experience people tend to like one or the other …. mMust be difficult to choose if you never owned either . If you had there wouldn’t be a contest .
  6. Not so much a purchase more an acquisition, my father-in-law donated a couple of packs of the Korda ‘safe zone’ anti-tangle sleeves when he came over yesterday. Its ok though . By the time I’ve mixed em up amongst my Gardner & ESP ones nobody will know the difference. 🤣
  7. Thank you mate , I think after a while we go onto autopilot and our experience kicks in so we just get on with it .
  8. As a course man myself when I started taking my daughter it was to a day ticket place on a 4m whip with pole rigs and red maggots, she caught loads of small roach and loved it. Have upgraded her to 8m pole and started teaching her casting with rod and reel but she always goes back to the whip as she just loves plucking fish out and happy with her catches. We now alternate between a venue for her to land roach and the next trip for me to try carp set ups. These are some if her fish from a nice little venue near Wrentham in suffolk
  9. Just renewed my rod licence for the year - £45 for the three rod option. Now I've paid that and my club fees (£225 for GAPS, £170 for CAPS) it's all gravy. I still have best part of 10kg of base mix and additives to boil up (think I used about 2-3 kilo all told last year! Big believer in a little bait in the right place)), along with particles and liquids for attraction. All set for another year. A short session after work tomorrow is on the cards I think.
  10. When the pipes in your home or business become blocked, it is vital to get them fixed as quickly as possible. The blocked drain pipe relining method creates a tube that is shaped around the old pipe and gives it new life. We use a special adhesive to manufacture the pipe relining material, making the old pipe stronger and durable.
  11. Yes of course but I do need to get myself more organised. As for clubs , yes there’s Billericay DAC which has loads of lakes and river stretches but very few that permit night fishing and with work commitments and transport issues day sessions are not much good to me tbh , it’ll be weekends which unfortunately is mostly the problem. Ive got myself on the waiting list for a local club/syndicate which has a 4 year waiting list and I’ve emailed several membership only lakes in Thurrock enquiring but as yet haven’t had any sort of reply . Im thinking of going further afield (Chelmsford way) but don’t want to go all that way on a Friday pm and find its chocka block like last weekend . it’s a dilemma.
  12. Well you certainly made the most of it buddy! I love a nice long catch report and really enjoyed reading this. It sounds like the sesh had its ups and downs but ultimately you made your time on the bank count. Well done.
  13. I'm now between the DAIWA CROSSCAST 45 SCW QD or SHIMANO ULTEGRA 14000 XTD....I should have a set of 2 at least by the end of the week... The only thing is that, Fishing Republic have the Daiwa there n then (New), but the XTD I'll have to scour the sites for (2nd hand).
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  15. I went a couple of tmes about 5 years ago. We had the last Lodge on the middle lake. Really nice and peaceful. It's s lovely place. I didn't have much luck on the top lake, but once I found the fish on the middle lake, I had fairly regular catches. If I remember, they said no alarms, but if you ask nicely and have them so they don't disturb anyone else they seemed to be OK about that. There's a nice little swimming pool for the rest of the family too. Our first visit, we found a hornets nest in the loft of our lodge (they were using a vent). Told the owners and they had it sorted the following morning. Don't leave your outside door light on otherwise you will find hornets or similar hanging around. It is in the country so bugs are to be expected. We didn't get stung at all though.
  16. Thanks mate .... certainly some proper old fish to try & trip up. 😎🤞
  17. 👍🏻 Ta mate I hope I can catch a few like I’ve seen in your pics .
  18. From what I can tell mate , the only thing different between the two is the handles and they ain’t too sturdy are they ? I was having a little play this afternoon and tbh it’s opened up a whole can of worms . The extra Voyager/Camolite bags available as extras could well make redundant the hold-all/rucksacks I already have … decisions decisions ….
  19. Not something I ever carried but have a little bottle now as dirt cheap so no reason not to get one, had no idea of the stuff carp anglers can pick up but learning fast and draining wallet quicker 🤣
  20. Hi Newmarket I've got the Fox Explorer Barrow , not the Deluxe version that you have . I bought some Explorer Deluxe handles for my Barrow , but I found they flexed , and I needed to retighten the screws ; so in the end I went back to my original handles . 😃
  21. What an epic read , Newmarket , I'm exhausted just reading it ! . You've only been back 5 mins. and you've got Nicks' 'phone number 😲 ; I hope this doesn't mean favourable treatment ? - if Newmarket steps out of line stomp on him , Nick ! . 😁
  22. I could go on a rant about how the Scratch Team are evil, but I would probably break whatever character limit carp.com has for a post. for example, their discrimination against groups of people that don't align with their beliefs... I am going to stop myself so I don't sit here and type till the end of the week. The point is, carp.com mods don't do this and that's why they're cool. 😺
  23. Hi guys, has anyone been here? I have a week coming up on the top lake and would just be interested to know if anyone has tried it before.. Many thanks Paul
  24. Cracking read Newmarket, well done on getting a few!
  25. Well that certainly sounded like an adventure. I've recently started back out again after a couple of years break. Unfortunately for me, covid was bussier than ever. Do you have any club lakes near you that might have a better angler to swim ratio? I had a similar situation to you with my only catch so far (I only really do days), so had to make do with an unhooking matt pic. Anyway at least you learnt things an will hopefully be able to get things sorted for next time. There will be a next time, won't there?
  26. Good luck buddy - a special place hope it goes well 😎👍
  27. just as an add, i have no problem with getting nasty jobs that others don't want, the worst being a toss up between full time night cleaner at the city rail station to cleaning phone boxes, caretaker at a homeless hostel. the last being a good jaob and a nice place to work, but i never signed up to be a cheap social worker/mental health nurse, then there was the petty crime very violent and off the scale.
  28. pretty much all recycling is worthless most ends up in landfill the material is worthless as scrap in this country, it's just another form of mild fascism always has been, if it goes in the blue bin i will put it there even though i know it's just going to get sorted and dumped or burnt. most if not all the centers are funded by tax money and grants they would make zero profit as a stand alone business. then you you have the forced labor at the sorting centres... that really goes against everything i consider to be human rights, they don't even bother me with that stupidity, forced to work sorting other people's rubbish... yeah you just know i will be there bright and early with a spring in my step, quoting Karl Marx to the proletariat.
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