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  2. AD are the cheapest around but snapping up the bigger shops around,it’s only a matter of time before they have major control,the average tackle shop just can’t compete πŸ˜’
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  4. I am on the 3rd one now I got sad for a bit at the start πŸ˜€
  5. I dont think they will be able to corner the market these days the internet pricing will keep them in check,if they take advantage the customers will vote with there feet
  6. That shop been there for a while lads. I was seeing a girl in the early 90,s and she lived across the way from the shop. My only worry is what happens when AD own most tackle shops...... do prices go up and up as theve cornered the market πŸ€”πŸ€”
  7. There is still 1 or 2 who will help you out at the Wigan A.D...Tom young lad and a older woman (lady) who really does know her stuff...every time I've been in and with little en she always asks are we ok found what you need and she helped me out once or twice. πŸ‘
  8. When it was northwest angling centre it was a really good shop I shopped in there for years, very knowledgeable staff what ever type of fishing you were into. And they were very friendly you could just go for a wonder around and a chat.When it got took over by angling direct I went in once and it was just like being in a supermarket and the staff were just there to sell you stuff and nothing else, I was asking about alarms and they where trying to push me the more expensive ones when they found out I was on a lower budget they just didn't seem interested. Never been back since. I'll stick to my local couple of small shops near to where I live and what I can't get there I'll buy online. πŸ‘
  9. Yeh true...same happened with mine...think it was family run at 1st (North West Angling Centre) was an old church turned into a decent size shop. Good staff back then, but now 1 or 2 have been kept on and every time I've been it's kids running the shop.
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  11. Highy, I think you'll find that nobody "merges" with Angling Direct. They just get bought. Fosters of Birmingham were amongst AD's recent purchases. The place used to be well stocked and staffed by keen, knowledgeable people. Now the place is like a supermarket, staffed by people that don't even know where the keys to the display cabinets are kept. Two words come to mind. "Minimum" and "Wage". I wouldn't trust any one of them to even wash my car properly...……. Ian.
  12. I have noticed when the ghostie in vermuyden is around there are usually a good few other fish present and actually maybe even being followed when I think about it, it disappeared on my spot fairly recently after circling round it with a couple of mates for a while,I thought for a moment I was going to catch it but not that time the ghostie must've spooked Get it ghostie , spooked 😳 Felt like a right kick in the ghoulies that day 😁
  13. David, Alan tells me that Kites and Buzzards follow different feeding regimes so, theoretically, should flourish in equal, but different, measure. Ian.
  14. Anyone else noticed that any ornamentals or ghosties tend to be leaders of a decent size shoal? Where they go others follow .
  15. Only time on the lake watching will tell you the answer to that. You could catch the bigger fish on the same spots and same methods as the smaller fish or you might have to leave the smaller fish and look elsewhere. If you manage to see the fish enough you start knowing which ones hang around together, what routes do they take, maybe learn where were they caught from previously - you want to end up feeling like you know where they will be in different conditions and then it comes together, you spot one of the big uns in an area and know that his mates will be there too and its game on - pay back time for the work you've put in. There really is no substitute for observation- the effort of watching and listening. You could find that different rigs catch the bigger fish, or that a particular one only ever gets caught on zigs for instance - just food for thought, you could just do a pub chuck like me πŸ‘πŸ˜‚
  16. Arnt the Red Kites now starting to impact on our Buzzard population πŸ˜ͺ , Counted 26 in Wallingford ,Oxford in a couple of mins ,just different coloured sea gulls 😁
  17. So am I being overly simplistic / a leap to far , if I was to be catching say singles and doubles and I wanted 20s' do I change location as the bigger fish were swimming around elsewhere ? . πŸ€”
  18. Just seen that Eric's Angling have merged with Angling Direct... Also trying to source Isotopes for a friend for his Rod Butts ...but can only see that Nash really do them.
  19. psychodiagnostik I agree with you about training these wild Carp to feed here in the USA on the Rivers. It has taken me some time to learn this and be successful. I buy a 40lb bag of chicken feed that sinks, at Rual King for nine bucks. Mix it with a can of corn with the juice and then add a bottle of Red soda.The mix is just sticky enough to pack it to get it out and it breaks down quickly, I also use Old fashion Oats not cooked at different locations with the chicken feed and red soda. This has been working very well to draw them in. I use a pop up rig 80 percent of the time, Kev Horton’s Pop-up Rig and adjust the weight accordingly to the current. I figured out a quick change method using Bullet Weights EGSA Egg Shot and can easily reuse them with no damage to the line or weight, very much like the Fox version for a lot less. size 4 and 5 work the best. When my wife gets bored, she will paint them for me. I only use Nash Instance action pop ups, mostly 15mm, flavor does vary, but had the best of luck with pineapple crush. My favorite spot has a lot of grass carp and they are awesome to catch, don't weigh them due to the bank structure being so difficult, but use a nice Matt that I extend out in the water to land them on and release with out harm. I would estimate that some I have caught have been in the 30's. Fishing for wild Carp in the River is a challenge! But the rewards are all worth it at the end of the day. I sure wish at times I could have a nice chair to sit in and a burner to make some fresh coffee like those good old boys do in UK, but that's okay, I grew up on the river and I am use to the harsh conditions, those big cotton mouths though I have not. fell a sleep the other day with my feet at the edge of the water to wake up and see one close to six feet in length just in front of me cruising down looking for a meal.
  20. I was hoping you would say that,😁 I still think conditions are good for it, hopefully I will have the place to myself no one is booked on at present so things are looking good for it
  21. Don’t let the date on a calendar change the way to fish. To my mind these last 3/4wks have been near to perfect fishing conditions and in turn the fish WILL feed to the conditions,not what time of the year it is. I’ve been putting a lot of time on my local,as you can see by the catch reports doing around 4 day sessions a wk. At the end of every session at least 4k of boilie/pellet/particle was getting spodded onto the spots,given the weather was spot on for a big feed. If we’d had clear,cold,high pressure days/nights I’d of put far less in but still keep it going in. Good luck on your session Elmo. 😬😎🎣
  22. Is it still the time of year to go for it baitwise ? Particles yes or no ? I have 5kg I want to use up and quite a lot of bait in my freezer,I have Sunday night ,booked on vermuyden, weather looks quite mild I feel like spodding for a big hit match carp style good idea or suicide ?
  23. It looks like not much traffic in this part of the forum, however just in case has anyone explored Lake Hartwell? My father & I went there to catch striped bass, it's beautiful water. It reminds me of the videos of Dale Hollow. Like a lot of large North American impoundments, it's large at 45 miles long deep, max depth ~ 185 feet. Fishing for stripers from a boat we were regularly fishing 80 feet of water and the water's quite clear. Margins are straight and deep and where we were on the SC side there were few coves and bays. I know there's carp, we saw one dead common of ~ 10 pounds floating middle of the lake. It's a man made impoundment with huge expenses of water 100 feet deep over entire decades- old forests of flooded timber. I had been thinking about how the larger, northern lakes with predators yield the biggest carp in USA, and this lake has a massive, massive amount of stripers due to a stocking program where huge amounts of stripers along with herring to feed them are stocked each year. ever since it was discovered that both do well in the large, deep lake. We nearly caught our limit of large stripers in the 20 lb range in just a few hours, on live herring. The lake apparently holds large walleye & trout populations. So it's huge lake, intriguing from a carp angling perspective, but no knowledge that I' ve found on how to approach for carp
  24. Last week
  25. I've got a bucket of chicken corn and hemp soaking ready for boiling tomorrow, once thats done I'll sling a kilo of KMG boilies in it, and since I've swapped shifts on Saturday from late to early, I can go prebait and walk the dog round the reservoir for fishing Sunday until Tuesday. As I said it has been taking the carp two days to settle onto bait. The 28 was excreting chicken corn and hemp shells all over me last week, so maybe prebaiting a day early will give me first night results... Thats a hope, I'll probably blank now. Not been the nicest weather for camping or catching my last three trips, wet and windy. I've had rain blowing under the brolly, so this week the overwrap came out of storage. Needed it as well, Monday night was weird. 10pm it was blowing heavily with absolute monsoon rain from south east, and I caught. By 11 it was calm and clear, could see the moon, then at 2am, windy as heck again with showers and I caught again. In fact, I haven't caught unless it has been persisting it down with a decent blow on the reservoir. I've found a decent wind with rain some of the best autumn to winter conditions for years.
  26. Mufty, got to agree that kites are lovely to behold. Earlier this year I was fishing the tiny River Alne near Alcester and had the joy of watching two adult kites encouraging a youngster to do what they did.. The calling was fascinating. Ian.
  27. I've always travelled up and down the m4 for work and 20 years ago i would start to see the kites once i got close to oxford. Now as soon as you join at the m25 you see them. Lovely looking creatures.
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