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  2. You know that feeling, when you’re loading the car first thing in the morning, knowing that you are sure of the carps winter spots, the confidence that you might just catch something? Dropping the wife at work, wheel-spinning out of the car park... the impatient finger tap on the steering wheel as you’re stuck in temporary traffic lights that weren’t there yesterday... flying down the bypass at 60mph knowing the lake is only moments away and soon you’ll have two hookbaits nestled against the dying reedstems that have been knocking as winter carp huddle against them... seeing the car park “it’s
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  4. I had a old friend like that ancient gear an he would allways pull out some awesome fish while others blanked he used to make me laugh we wouldn’t call it fishing I’d say to him coming to p**s some people off and he would just shrug an mumble something under his breath your making the tea he’d say as he was getting in the car we would turn up he’d be gone I’d find him tucked away somewhere with his canvas bag seat an he could catch em the old git
  5. Sometimes you do have to feel sorry for sponsored anglers you can see they are lying their rump off i've been watching a few Simon Crow vids now that's how you video fishing sessions for social media it's all about where he is fishing and non of that you need this and that nonsense to catch fish. Old fishing buddy of mine only fishes canals or any pools he can get on for free always with just a cheap argos float road and reel, Tench are his main target, i once talked him into buying a day ticket for pine pool turned up with his float road sat on the end of main causeway we all fish off an
  6. One word all modern content providers seem to use is ARMOURY, "you need this rig in your armoury as it might get you a an extra bite or two" Terms and conditions this may or may not be true, but the angler has an armoury at his disposal so he can always change to another method that may or may not work if this method proves unsuccessful 😂
  7. Yes really good clip I enjoy listening to him
  8. The indecisive guide to angling 😁 By Ifs and Butts publications Could be a hit
  9. Well I’ve got to say John baker opened my eyes about pop up mix I’ll not be using one anymore cork ball or dust from now on 100%defo
  10. You've been fishing long enough to know that using the words shall and will is not the one in carp angling lol
  11. All the way mate. Although if I do see them feeding on thursday I might put a little bait out to fish over with one rod on the friday 👍
  12. It was listening to the likes of rod an John an Gary bairnes gave me the knowledge to create my own base mix cheers guys
  13. John Bakers would be my choice every time. His bio-shellfish is the one.
  14. Yesterday
  15. Prologic rods have always been solid like at of of their tackle seems to be one of those companies that get overlooked the new range of bivvys the inspire range look one of the best buys out there for a 20.000 mm bivvy.
  16. So my fishing fund jar is filled up and it’s time to splash the cash. I have been trying out rods over the park that belong to friends and friends of friends from Fox X3 , was hoping to try the X4, ESP Onyx and Free Spirt, hopefully got a Prologic to try out mid week. All nice rods but still looking. .... and if one more dog walker asked me if I caught any fish yet 🙄 After a 12ft fast taper ish £160 ish per rod
  17. Awwww so that’s what a carp looks like ... it’s been so long since iv seen one ... well done Blue 👍
  18. Mate has his Deeper out at weekend, (not where we was fishing) showing me a video today, was all over the lake with it around 5/6 unison all over, the odd 1 or 2 fish millowing about around 4ft Mark, but found a 8 foot hole and about 50 fish all bunched together, from about 4ft to the bottom 8ft.
  19. Get on them mate 👊🎣 Zigs?
  20. I mite buy some john bakers base mix but also looking at patshull park mix by quality baits
  21. Anyone else notice that most of these writers use the worlds should and may a lot lol
  22. Barston has a live web cam on the lake nuthin' showing though
  23. Positive mental attitude! lol!
  24. I've just booked Thursday off so not only can I blank, I can do it whilst losing money 😊
  25. A lot of my local fisheries are not open due to lockdown, just not bothering as it is not worth being open, must be bad if Barston is staying closed. the free bit of river Blyth would be my only local option at the mo.
  26. Yeah I’ve been keeping an eye on the weather, Thursday is the only day I’m working this week! 😫 I might be able to wet a line tomorrow, not ideal conditions, but there’s a rain front coming in about mid morning and it’s supposed to be a few degrees warmer so I’ll give it a go and see what happens.
  27. In this case, I think it was down more to the cast itself, it required a low, hard punch to get it tight under the overhanging shrubbery and then stopping it dead so it didn’t drill into the clay bank that rose up immediately above the desired spot, if that makes any sense! The other rod fished to a more open spot where I could feather the cast went out sweet, the first spot was so tight it required maximum accuracy, a PVA bag wasn’t the one, as I couldn’t get the mark, with the long low trajectory needed, the PVA bag splashed down too soon, a PVA nugget would have been useful, but the bag was
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