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  2. Is the bait bucket bag to fit on a barrow? I would need a holdall 😳 last time I had 5 buckets with me 1 for wetting any fish I may catch, 1 for spod mix mixing 1 for particles 1 for pellets 1 for boilies whole and crushed 😳 I think I need to find a better way 😁
  3. Army Andy custom bait bucket bag 🀫 total camo carp custom rod bag 🀫 Andy was the only one who would make the bag or could that be only one who could make the bag lol and I tried them all. Andy wasn’t even phased when I showed him pics and measurements and only a couple of days turn around rather than 14 days for a rod sleeve lol
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  5. I think you need to pop to the local fishing tackle shop, sounds like you have earnt it, My rods are only a year old, barely even worn in, don't need anymore yet 😳
  6. I do use braid on my marker float rod, but to an Amnesia shock leader, and on my pike rods. For shock leader to Amnesia it is an overhand knot in the Amnesia, and a uni knot through and up something like here: https://magazine.anglingactive.co.uk/the-best-shockleader-knot-sea-fishing/ I do lighter blob the knots to stop slippage. Braid to braid is a pig, they can cut through each other, but again pike fishing my braid is tied to a swivel, which unless you tie straight through on your rods (spod) you can't do on fishing rods.
  7. I still keep on thinking about plastics, but my syndicate bans all fake baits, including cork balls and foam, quite possibly because of the bird life.
  8. I think that goes without saying, you can't have new reels on your old rods, come on Elmo you no it makes sense.πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£
  9. Cheers. Seems like 30's are everywhere these days but I'm also aware that mention of them drives up ticket sales
  10. Welcome to the forum mate and good luck with that 30!
  11. Owdo. Been fishing since I found a soaking wet Β£5 note in the grass in 1974, caught my first perch a couple of days later. Started carp fishing in 1977 when cat food and ground bait were rolled to about the size of golf balls and lamping was a means of floating crust at night, with a car head light on a tripod aimed at the crust. A couple of Sabbaticals over the years and now find myself spoiled for choice for bait and pools filled with carp. Based in the middle of the midlands now and mostly fish in and around the Warwickshire area. Still using my 30 year old Malc Rooker rods and Shimano
  12. I know the feeling mate! Last purchases for me were masonry paint, render and bitumen paint!! Went through the sleepers/raised beds/turf/ new fence last month, now trying to get a new boiler after mine went pop the other night. 😭
  13. No buzz bars required The mud is becoming a raised bed soon, sleepers are on order then I may be allowed to use the reels πŸ˜‚
  14. All ready to rip the last one seemed to get a lot more line, either Gardner gave me too much or I miscalculated or lost count somewhere πŸ˜‚
  15. All backed up with 186 turns of lovely yellow line 😍 Just 268.5 turns of hydrotuff to go 😳
  16. best get shopping then mate! Lol! It’s only right that you have shiny new buzz bars to go with the reels, be a shame to have them all cluttered together...
  17. HI, ive recently put some carp spirit 30lb braid on my spod reel. Ive gone to attach the shock leader 50lb Nash Braid and i lost a marker float - It flew off with the knot failing. Ive tried back to back grinners and mahin knot and same result now losing 3 marker floats! Ive just re tied at home the Mahin 3 times and pulled the line really hard and thought i had a secure knot. i carried on pulling and after a few seconds the carp spirit 30lb braid just pulled through the knot. Its really waxy braid. Im sure it cant be my knot tying ability. i have no issues with other knots? I th
  18. Depends on how far you're casting. For up to 60 you'll be fine without, for 100+ you'll likely need one. For mega long you will 100% require a very heavy shock leader.
  19. I love em, I'm only slightly concerned I will need some wider buzz bars this morning 😳😁
  20. I use 12lb mainline and pva bags without a shockleader with no problems, I tend not to fish pva bags at range anyway as they can reduce my accuracy. When beachcasting, I would often use leads in the 4-6oz range and the casting style would demand a shockleader as the forces imposed on the mainline by the rods t/c, the actual casting style, (half pendulum, full pendulum, OTC, etc) and the added weight of a baited 2-3 hook trace, or a mackerel fillet or peeler crab etc, the initial air resistance of the baited end tackle, not forgetting the hostile nature of the sea to begin with, all these facto
  21. Good point, although I use predominantly 4oz leads and use 15lb line straight through. If you're concerned there is a tapered mainline on the market so no knot.
  22. I like them elmo niceπŸ˜„πŸ˜„
  23. Shock leader, do the same sort of guides apply as they do in sea fishing, 10lb be for each oz of weight. Concerned over knot size going through the eyes of the rod? If fishing a 12lb mainline with either a method or pva bag, would a shock leader be necessary?
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  25. Even the reels are celebrating πŸ˜‚
  26. Not sure about those handles they look a bit window winderey, but they look pretty nice otherwise, join the okuma darkside πŸ˜‰
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