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  2. I was similar, I used to love my tench fishing in the 90's as a kid. Then started carp fishing last year. I suppose the main difference would be the balance of the tackle. You will need a good landing net at least 36" or 42" will do, also an unhooking mat. What tackle did you buy ? I can help you abit more know what you've got & not got, as I dont want to overwhelm you with a long list of items etc.
  3. No that was it. As soon as the sun was out it went dead. Few bits of fizzing and liners but nothing proper.
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  5. Any more Vik.
  6. Lost a fish yesterday evening that stripped line off the spool through a very tight clutch. Flat rodded me as soon as I tried to lift the rod into it. No idea what was going on as it seemed to plough head first in to the far margin. All went solid and whilst slowly walking backwards to try and unsnag it from the lilies my hooklink parted. Was very very gutted. I still am. This fish felt extremely good. It would definitely have been one of the big fish in here. Maybe even topped the 30 mark (lake has never done a 30 yet). Potentially a once in a year take that.
  7. They couldn't have been more wrong Ian, just glad that we kept the booking as we were initially tempted to cancel and go elsewhere if I'm honest. She really was a lovely lady, a pleasure to sit and chat with. Lyn (the new owner) admitted that she knew absolutely nothing about carp fishing when buying the business. She looked on it more as a beautiful place to live in France and her Son (who is a keen fisherman himself) was going to help her with the running of the fishery side. It's been a steep learning curve for her, and she has a couple of things planned for later on in the year such as a netting of the lake and is going to carry out a "de-silting", two things that the lake really needs (especially the netting). The only real problem we encountered was the number of smaller fish that we caught, they really became a pain in the butt. It was so frustrating casting out and within 2 or 3 minutes watching your bobbin going up and down, up and down accompanied by the bleep, bleep bleep of your alarm. You immediately knew you had another "tiddler" on the hook! The competition for food in the lake must be immense so it's got to be stunting the growth of the bigger fish too. I mentioned above how my corkball popups were coming back in with just the corkball left on the hair, all of the coating had been whittled away by the smaller stuff. There are no crayfish in the lake at all, so we knew that they weren't the problem. There was a bit of debris and silt in the water, but nothing we couldn't cope with if I'm honest, but a de-silting never hurt anyone, did it? We are definitely returning next year.
  8. It's chucked it down all night which meant the 3am bream was much appreciated
  9. Yesterday
  10. Surprised pooter perfect if your into slack line running lead setups , have heard they take some getting used to though .... getting them set just right with just the weight of the line .
  11. 10kg of bait picked up today. 3kg straight in the bucket for the session. Rest in the freezer. Next on the purchase list. New sunglasses and some right bits.
  12. Rattler a are bizarre,I could never get on with them and now they are lost in the depths of the cupboard.
  13. Not worth you buying one at the minute Kev, you missed a good spring on your old ticket, this year, too many, if you want a midweeker its there mate, weekends are out and i suspect they will shut it whilst they remove the trees, if they do, got my doubts, any way, good luck mate, you are missed, good fun.
  14. Tbh Steve i probably won't get a ticket anytime soon on the Managerie, Got so you couldn't get a decent spot more often than not that's why i holed up in the Lilly swim as i knew most wouldn't go there lol It did teach me some new tricks (your advice helped mate) tho so not a waste in the end and i caught a coule of nice fish, Now trees are falling in and even more ticket holders plus nasty parking and a nice trek across wet muddy fields put paid to my interest, But thanks for the invite as it might be worth a trip once in a while just to show Vik how to blank proper
  15. Are you about to rejoin us, or day ticket blitz, if you want a guesty, you will have to wait a few weeks, tree and population probs at the moment, but off work in August from the 13th for a week, and if its a midweeker, shouldnt be a problem.
  16. As i'm to busy to get out and dangle thine maggott i thought it only proper to purchase more trinkets Barra and pod sold to another angler which made way for the new Camo Triporter Big Boy Barra and Fox Ranger Mk 2 pod, Having got the bug i went onto purchase myself a Bivvy i can actually stand up in, the Fox Royale XXL and of course i had to have the wrap cause it'd be rude not to !! Oh and replaced the Avid cradle as it was far to shallow for my liking as i kept getting Mr Carp thinking he could leap over the sides at any given so i hope the Nash Monster cradle will do for my tiddlers plus it retains water.. Got my eye on them MCF Rattlers now............Ummm
  17. At least that turned out to be utter fabrication. This time next year smuft, you'll be singing 10 weeks to go followed by x monster carp, coming to my swim
  18. Welcome to the forum Jaimie.
  19. Jaimie, if you need to ask, you probably answered your own question, lack of knowledge.
  20. Because if they're not correctly prepared they're dangerous (not good for the carp).
  21. Why are tigers band on most lakes???
  22. My dedicated bait freezer doesn't hold much more than that at the mo tbf..... the last few months have seen the Mrs sneaking food and all sort in there..... bang out of order, at some point she'll get back from work to find it all defrosting on the floor after I've put in a huge bait order......
  23. Brilliant, thanks for that.
  24. Spot on, used this to great effect last winter on a local pit, I used to pop up a bunch of maggots slightly on the hook, all bites came within an hour of casting
  25. Each to their own surely. Like many others I have to fit my fishing round the family, if that means having to choose somewhere abroad to keep everyone happy then so be it, I don't think I'd be let back in the house if I jollied off for a week on a lake over here on my own.
  26. yeah, I get that, i've done it before. I only have freezer space for 10kg at the minute and i'm getting through 2-3kg per session the little and often baiting way that seems to bring bites. Leftovers are spread around the lake in obvious spots. I'm always happy that as long as some is going in weekly it will work. it's busy at the minute, never know whats being put in and where. Once it quietens off i'm going to go for it with heavier baiting.
  27. Thanks GH I think carp fishing and the funny thing is all those years ago it was just fishing as a kid. Is there a great deal of difference between types of fishing. I,m obviously aware of fly fishing but that as always seemed like hard work to me.
  28. For sure bud, but if you put a kilo on one spot every couple of days you'd soon have them recognising it.
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