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  2. Sonik Xtractor are looking like they are taking over, also the recon rods (double pack down).
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  4. Thanks both. Harrison's are probably out of my range price-wise, sadly. I have been looking at the shorter rods. Funny because as a youngster that's what me and friends started carp fishing with, 9ft Leger Rods, almost gone full circle 😀 I'll do a bit more research on these shorter carp rods.
  5. I've used both (and neither). There's no difference other than the means of adjustment. You get used to what you're using at the time. You get what you pay for when it comes to reels mate so a budget would help. I know the Penn Affinity's are rated highly for the money and they would be a big upgrade over the Regal Z's.
  6. Willing to consider all options at the moment. I bide my time and buy a lot of tackle second hand to save a few quid. I just feel like I don't know where to begin with a reel upgrade. What's your opinion on quick drag Vs baitrunner?
  7. Small to medium waters, what about 10ft rods or even retractable 8,9, 10ft rods...
  8. That’s what the manufacturers tell us we want. you will probably need to get a set made Harrison do lower test curves https://www.harrisonrods.co.uk/carp_rod_selector.html https://www.harrisonrods.co.uk/rods and blanks/webblanklist.pdf
  9. Good morning all, Not wanting to regurgitate previous posts about 'Which Rods', etc ... But I'm having a great deal of trouble finding modern / new carp rods with what I see as a sensible test curve, i.e. say between 2lb and 2.5lb. I've not bought rods or looked into them for say 15 years but when did 3lb t/c become the norm. Back in the day the only people I knew who owned these heavier rods were regulars to fishing in France. Also what happened to 11ft? That was the norm untill 12ft kind of took over, now I see a raft of dwarf-style jungle sticks of between 6 and 9 ft. I onl
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  11. Well I’m allowed to go over the border to fish at last so Oxford here we come, we are booked on Oxlease at Linear for a 48 hr trip 23-25th of this month ... let’s hope it warms up a bit. 🙏
  12. Keeping well thanks Ian ... Trust you & family are too . Near Alvechurch mate 👍
  13. Hi Phil, I trust that you're well. You know where I live, where's this place, mate? Ian.
  14. Hope your all keeping well .... I still haven't been fishing!!! Started another lake project this week ... could be of interest to anyone in and around Birmingham in the future 😉
  15. For me and river carp the Shimano Oceana OC Baitrunner in 6000 or 8000 size is perfect. It does not have a "longcast" style spool but casts up to 100yds with a 3ozs weight smoothly. I use mine with 30lb braid and the drag and baitrunner have been faultless. As for the line-clip I am not sure, I only use mine to hold things in place when not fishing! The price is not bad either - about £110 if you shop around. My 8000 OC is at least several years old now, has done a lot of sea fishing and topped with several carp to over 40lb on the river Lot, France. This carp was caught on
  16. Hello, I'm looking to upgrade my current reels which are many years old and don't have spring loaded line clips and the other modern features of good reels. I have always used baitrunner reels so looking for a good upgrade with this feature... unless someone can convince me that quick drag big pits are the future haha My current reels are diawa regal Z Thanks Paul
  17. Looks nice. No shipping outside the UK at the moment though, pity.
  18. https://dnabaits.com/the-bug-to-launch-this-friday/news-stories/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=the-bug-to-launch-this-friday DNA Baits discontinued Nutta S, and replacing with "The Bug"
  19. Oh well... its a ride out I s'pose...😛🤣
  20. There’s still not a lot that’s any good in there lol
  21. At least it’s a plan elmo I’m struggling at the moment I think the otter has had an impact on the water even just trying to find them is hard work I think they’re in towards the middle section of the lake but the other members haven’t caught either other than 2 bream the weed is even worse this yr
  22. It seems the same everywhere elmo I couldn’t get a touch on a dog biscuit soaked in hemp oil they just wasn’t interested all different size and make but not a touch
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  24. Cambridge go outdoors has a fishing Republic too 👍
  25. May pop over for a look see... Harlow's not too far from me...
  26. The go outdoors in Harlow has a fishing republic inside it as does Milton Keynes the Harlow one actually has some fishing stock in it now lol
  27. Got a fishing republic opening near me in June, Go Out Doors are closing down and reopening with a FR in store, don't know if that's the same all over.
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