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  2. possible light at the end of a very long tunnel. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9177685/Recycling-worker-wins-unfair-dismissal-case-sacked-failing-drugs-test.html
  3. got the urge to get out myself which is unusual for me this early, might get it all ready to go for the next warmer spell we have. still not sure where to fish, fancy something like bluebells or stanwicks. also put a application in for a syndi but as i listed welly as a previous my chances are slim due to the big capital letters zero smokers policy lol, such a backward country we live in. welly lakes is a classic example of the British attitude in general, it is tolerated up until you cross a line then it's not tolerated. Not that i would but i could look into a discrimination case, a guy just got paid out for losing his job due to being a legal smoker, imagine banning a legal opioid user from your lakes, never happen, think i have even mentioned on here before about having to get paracetamol while out as i don't normally take the pills i'm prescribed as they are very strong, i hate the things, even had the Dr lolling, asked if they had some that don't block you up. so annoyed still, i don't even smoke what non smokers call skunk i avoid it due to it being too intense for long term use.
  4. Today
  5. I know it doesn't get light until about 7.30/8 am, but I'll be there for about 6am... Pop Ups will either be Sticky White/Yellow Manilla, Pink Krill in Krill Supreme, Yellow Pineapple in Pineapple Supreme + Isotonic, Sticky Mulbz in Korda Isotonic Goo. ALL my Zig baits are soaking in Hinders Golden Betalin.
  6. Only fishing 2 rods, deffo 1 on a pop up... Just can't wait be out
  7. Bang in the middle @ 4ft with one on a a bright pop up and the others on zigs @ 2 and 3 ft. Near the sunken jettys. Eyes peeled as they'll almost certainly be shoaled up somewhere. If you spot one get all the rods in that area. Good luck buddy.
  8. Right, going to the local park lake Saturday Morning until about 3pm (ish) With this cold weather where would you guys start?... Yellow line is Fishing side only, you do get the odd 1/2 trying luck on other side, not really supposed to fish more than half way, but we do to the tree line, Blue line. Red circle is about 2-3ft in depth, Green circle is about 4ft in depth, Pink circle is 5ft but I know 1 part of it right at back drops to 6ft deep to a 6ft channel gully. ALL the lake is covered in silt all the way across (about 1 1/2ft) I've actually walked across the middle of the lake in my waders. The orange lines are old sunken Jettys that used to be there. They still feed the ducks here EVERYDAY. Anywhere on this lake is decent but the fish do really love the sun when it's out and the depths/snags at night. Heard only about 5/6 fish have been out in last few weeks.... So based on this week's weather, would would you guys start.
  9. That dog need to learn to relax....... Ian.
  10. Ive taken mine since a pup. This was his 1st outing with me. Practically comes on every session, Loves coming with me.
  11. Hi and welcome dave,Sorry can't help with you're pup I've got a Springer spaniel mad as a hatter so he stays at home.🤣🤣
  12. Hi Dave, welcome aboard. Ian.
  13. Yesterday
  14. Hi, I’m new to the forum & I’d like to say hi to everyone out there. I live in the West Midlands & I’ve fished for many yrs for all U.K. species, mainly Carp & Pike though. looking forwards to the banter with all on the for, I’m in the process of training my new pup to be a regular fishing partner ( hopefully lol), any advice on this would be very welcome! Dave.👍🎣
  15. Our plumber Dee Why are all qualified and have undergone adequate training to become accredited with the Plumbers Registration Board. All of our plumbers undergo regular professional development programs and comply with rigorous quality standards. They provide reliable service and are skilled, experienced, reliable and efficient. Although you can find lots of information on plumbing online, a lot of this is unreliable or outdated, can cause more damage and cost you more money in the long run.
  16. Nice one now that's service for ya.🙂👍
  17. Only paid for it Friday, was in post Saturday, through door this morning. Can't fault the speed of it.
  18. Nice one, I also got mine a a round a week ago. 🙂👍
  19. 12 Month Membership Book arrived 😁😁
  20. i'm thinking of getting a cheap one for mid water fishing would use a deeper for that as well, when it comes to margin fishing i just love the cast or walking it out. i wouldn't get away with using a boat for snag fishing lake owners alway give me a shifty look for casting to snags as it is. you would think having my rods clamped into the ground on singles and the wet waders from checking what my line is on would let them know i sort of have half a clue.
  21. I'll never use a bait boat... just my (traditional) approach... my young apprentice asked me why I don't use one and I said a matter of three things... Cost, Carrying the things, and all the above reasons... I really cannot be bothered with them... my apprentice asked "if you want to fish a far bank spot accurately what would you do"? I said go and fish from the other bank...😜🤣
  22. Good angling mate there's some crackers there topped off with the stunning 23 well in mate. I love pike probably my favourite fish.🙂👍🎣
  23. Carpbell_ll

    Dogs and fishing

    oh well no reg, can't blame them he was suited for a family so bound to get first dibs on a friendly pup, there is a Harrier that looks nice soft and friendly but they want him to go to a home that has a friendly dog to show him it's ok to toilet off the lead, had that before with dogs. he also don't like most other dogs so that's going to be a struggle. do like the look of him though, looks fast.
  24. Look at the gut on that…the pike I mean 😉 great fish 👍
  25. Iv fished many day ticket waters and seen angler’s trying to cast there rig under a overhanging tree only to leave it in the tree, and vice versa seen a guy using a bait boat actually touch the island and drop his rig under a overhanging tree only to lose a fish in a snag ….I had a chat to a guy who was using a bait boat in the nx swim down and he ask me if I wanted to use his boat to get under a tree that was a hot spot in my swim I declined saying it looked a bit snagging no was his reply Iv fished that spot and dropped a marker rod all over out there and it’s clear, I thought that was a good idea. I for one would never use one… but each to their own
  26. Last week
  27. The main reason I actually wanted one or a baiting pole was a little extra stealth tbh, there are a few spots I want to get working on this year that just aren't easy to cast to,and If I don't need to thrash the water to a foam then I won't hopefully ruin my session before it's started, I'm not going to stick it in dangerous spots, But ultimately the main reason I bought it was it was a 3rd of the price of the sections of baiting pole I needed to do the job I wanted, so I thought I would give it a go
  28. This, unfortunately, does happen mate I’m afraid. I’ve seen a fish tethered as a result of an “angler” driving it around a snag to drop his bait tight to the margin behind the snag. I’m not against bait boats, but like all things, so long as they are used responsibly. (As I’m sure the majority do)
  29. That's all I'm doing, 2 waters I fish have overhanging trees/branches, casting to them is a nightmare, but I will use the boat to go to just the edge of them, not all way under, but also even in open water to keep down disturbance.
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