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  2. I'm up, car loaded, 1st trip of the year, heard last night the lake has risen quite abit, but still fishable.
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  5. Got some belachan. So could use that with it
  6. We’ve got snow everywhere at the moment so hopefully be able to get the car there
  7. I’ll be up there about 4 o’clock in the morning I’m going to try hot ground bait see if putting a bit of hot stuff out I’ve enough vitalin to keep it going throughout the day and something different boiling hot particles
  8. Good luck mate, won’t catch them on your sofa! I’ve been thinking over today’s session, one thing that hit me was how much colder the pond and the surroundings were compared to the rest of the area. The pond is surrounded by woods all around and the sun never really got on the water, keeping temperatures low. In the sunlight it felt much warmer. picked the wrong venue I think, next time out I’ll try my other winter water.
  9. My advice is, stick the lot into a cement mixer to combine it all. Once the powders are mixed, add eggs, a flavour of your choice, an oil and liquid food. Jobs a goodun.
  10. Change that no night fishing off first thing in the morning
  11. First time posting on here so be gentle. I have aquired some basemix ingredients from a mate and wondered if anyone could help me with a good recipe. I have the following 1kg Lactalbumin 2kg Acid Casein 5kg Lt94 2kg CPSP90 5kg CLO 1kg kelp Any advice would be most welcome.
  12. I’ve managed to get a nighter with a butty leaving at 7 and it’s snowing 🤞🤞
  13. I’ve just spent a few (blank) hours on the local pond, I was using soft unvisited braid as hooklinks but after they came back tangled on two casts in a row, (I luckily reeled them straight back in as I wasn’t happy with the casts) I switched over to fluro hooklinks, fished combi rig style (using the soft braid hooklinks cut down and tied to the fluro) no bites, yet no tangles either. Checking them in the edge they looked good too, although it probably doesn’t really emulate what it was doing over in the actual spots!
  14. I got my windcast on my 13 footers bought the rods last January and haven’t even had them out yet lol
  15. Thanks mate .appreciate that I luv the penn reels as well so sounds good👍👍
  16. Only coated my sticky pineapple wafters in pineapple goo today and some DNA Pink perils in pink almond, I think that is enough for the time being 😳 I seem to have not even used any goo yet from the bottles it literally only takes a few drops, they did seem expensive but they will last an age unless I go crazy and use them in bags and stuff(I will do that 😁)
  17. The B175 hooks themselves aren't banned, it was the bending of, or using bent long shank or long curved hooks that got banned because of mouth damage.
  18. I didn't win another 20kg of bait, I've decided not to lose any more money on those I have deleted the app 🤑 ultimately you can give yourself a 6% chance of winning but that is the only edge you can gain, they are drawn using a random number generator, which means you can't rule out any possibility, at least with horses you could rule out some no hopers and leave yourself with 3 or 4 genuine contenders 🤔 It goes along with fruit machines,fixed odds betting terminals etc as games you shouldn't play as they will get you addicted and cost you money as they are geared towards making you lose
  19. So are those kamasan trout hooks banned in a lot of places? the shrink tube sounds a better option if it avoids causing damage to fish.Thanks for the heads up
  20. Time for a swim change... got plagued by pike striking all over the last swim. on the bright side i did tip off a man and his son down pike fishing so they’ve moved into that swim now.
  21. No just hookpull witch I’ve sorted now no separation from bait to hook
  22. I definitely think there is something with garlic. It is the base for one of my most successful pop-ups, Verselle Laga garlic oil bird food liquid. It does also get used in a bait soak with liquid yeast if I can get hold of the yeast. Rod Hutchinson KMG I do believe stands for Krill, Mackeral and Garlic, and I have had a load of fish on that.
  23. One of my favourite hook patterns, for pop-ups and bottom baits. I do use a piece of shrink tube to extend the shank length to create the effect of the now mostly banned bent hook rigs. (the fixed bent shank often caused mouth damage, the shrink tube flexes so doesn't)
  24. 10? She's a Husky, make it 20... I should convert my barrow!
  25. I have a pal that rates it big time and he certainly catches them.
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