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  2. My extendable Nash storm poles regularly double up as supports on my better sunflowers 🌻 and are rock solid and much better than bamboo canes ğŸ˜¬ğŸ˜ŽğŸŒ»ğŸŒ»
  3. The ebay heading reads 10ft. 6" , it's just the description that says it's 9ft.
  4. Well I was going to have this, but the so and so has changed it to an auction rather than buy it now....☹
  5. Today
  6. They are well loved the only items of tackle that stays indoors.
  7. Its purely a float rod... (meant as a first proper rod for lads) lines of about 3 or 4lbs and its up For £50 on "buy it now" plus postage... I think Wal's work would be about £100 to refurb rewhip and straighten it (if needed) gotta say though, I think the ad is a tad wrong... a Lucky Strike is normally 10'6 and this rod is advertised as 9'.... it could be that the seller has guesstimated the rods length rather than actually measuring it...
  8. So what would a Lucky Strike be used for , Blue , float fishing with lines of ? . Assuming the rod is straight how much , very roughly , would Wal. charge for new eyes and a rewhip ? . I think you are pushing SWMBO to breaking point , you may find a little discomfort in your back passage as SWMBO uses one of your beloved cane rods for a purpose for which it was never designed . 😁
  9. I'm having to resist the call of ebay and amazon at the mo... my young apprentice is buying up supplies like they are going out of fashion and is complaining he's skint.... and SWMBO has banned me from buying any more split cane despite a lovely Allcocks Lucky Strike going for £50 plus postage on the bay of e😭
  10. Proper job pop ups x3 devil's dung and cheese, scopex combo dbs, and BP plus in Camo brown all sound like stinky fish catchers 😍 100 bait screws, as I've decided fannying around with bait floss and micro hook swivels is time too consuming 😳 I'm really trying not to buy stuff atm but I needed a fix
  11. I find most softer baits break up past 70 odd yards. Wet the tip of the stick or, better still, pour a little bit of water onto your baits. It'll stop them from splitting in flight. I am not aware of any base mix changes buddy.
  12. yonny have you found their baits break up easier when using the throwing stick at distances over 70 yards. in 2018 I had no problems reaching a certain swim at 70ish yards but last year the majority of baits broke up mid flight which is the main reason I went over to rolling my own. I was using the liver specials and wondered if they made a base mix change during that time.
  13. gonna use my 6 foot landing net pole to whack anyone who comes within swinging range (good way to enforce social distancing)
  14. No dirty , just well loved . 😃
  15. Hope everyone in UK is safe. Stick to the guidelines it could be worse. MANILA (Reuters) - Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has warned violators of coronavirus lockdown measures they could be shot for causing trouble and said abuse of medical workers was a serious crime that would not be tolerated.
  16. Yesterday
  17. Nah. Tried that one, ended up with an earache.
  18. When we were kids we had a sort of competition going with the nx estate in the summer hols. Kite flying we would make our own kites and the best 2 would go against our arch enemies. They would win only because they had lots of line then I had the light bulb moment .... borrow dads boat reel a multiplayer with 450 yds of line. You should have seen there faces when we turned up over the park with the kite 6ft rod and reel. We won easily. Happy days.
  19. Well that " action shot " is a bit different from some of those moody 'photos . 😁
  20. crusian


    Not Vodka and a Sauna like the President of Belarus recommends ? . 😁
  21. Well I'm on the beer tonight so I'll see how I feel in the morning.
  22. crusian


    I hope whatever you have / had is passing / passed . I'll give Asda a miss then , not that there are any Asdas' near me . Hope your antibiotics start to kick in soon , Mufty . 😃
  23. I had the same last Thursday. Woke up at 3am and my throat was on fire. Immediately went into panic mode. Took some paracetamol and went back to sleep, when I woke a few hours later the sore throat was gone but had a proper headache and earache. Been on antibiotics since last Friday but still got the headache and earache.
  24. All that is fine just had a really dry throat occasional coughing feels like i have wood chips lining my mouth and throat temps are fine, if you vape? it' feels like a dry vape pull, late last night into this morning was the worst getting up in the night to drink water. ASDA are being slack called into one of their big stores to get everything in one go, no ques so i thought it would be emptyish inside, nope just everyone milling about as they please. i was gloved and masked up.
  25. And in perfect working order. The browning one was my 1st bait runner type reel bought 2nd hand for £20 i think probably mid 90,s maybe ğŸ¤”ğŸ˜¬ğŸ˜ŽğŸŽ£
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