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  1. Yesterday
  2. A 6l pressure cooker for the princely sum of £15. Absolute bargain and cooked 10kg maize all ready for Tuesday 😎
  3. Dear Team What are sonik vader carp rods like?
  4. So was the biggest fish the 19lber and what weight won the match.🙂👍
  5. Only had 2 x 6lbers....
  6. Nice, did you catch anymore?
  7. Thinking Anglers scales pouch, Nutabaits Spicy Pop Ups.... Mate won a Fox Spod Rod
  8. I'm off today until Friday. I was supposed to be going to Redmire, but dog sitter let me down, (not necessarily a bad thing), and seeing how weedy Redmire is at the moment put me off, so it is over to the syndicate lake. Plenty of pellets, maize and boilies in the gear, along with the dog food and tackle. Really not sure how to approach the lake as sitting and waiting for the fish to come over bait has not really worked. Finding them in 40acres of very weedy water can be tough, swans, tufties and coots make life harder
  9. Ye can't believe 2 years have flown bye like that, we'll have to try and sort a day session when we are both free.😁👍
  10. Hopefully you win a couple then 😁
  11. £2 a ticket, think £50 worth was enough 😁
  12. Worth going big on the raffle then boy, sounds amazing hope you win
  13. Was a quiet night for me, but a lad side of mate, has had a 19lb 6oz, 7 fish. See he's on for, biggest fish, biggest weight and most fish.... The beat prizes are... 2x 3 sets of Nash Pursuit Rods, Sonik Xtractor 3 Rod setup, 96hr Session on Linear for 2, 48hr Cromwell for 1, 48hr on Brookside for 1, 48hr on Clearwatwr for, loads bait packages, terminal packages, luggage, bait vouchers tackle vouchers.... Toooons rafle prizes
  14. Might be worth not dropping the lead so easily tbh maybe that might be why they are getting snagged as they rise up in the water once the lead drops off, i would also allow a little clutch movement, tight but forgiving and just be quick on it
  15. Made a change too... Put the fluorocarbon Mainline back on.
  16. Yep, under the tree I am, I'm on a lead clip, moistened tail rubber slightly nicked on lead clip.
  17. Are you dropping the lead?
  18. Yah, soon as I see the take, I'm on the rod, pick up and steight to the right of my swim with side pull on keeping low, 2 I've played and pulled hook, 2 have gone straight in and ping, off..... Its been locked up, but very slack line and not to sensitive but just enough.
  19. Are they just heading straight for it from the take, something I Do now when fishing up to the pads, is walk straight back as soon as I pick up the rod then rather than keeping the rod up, get it low and use side strain to keep them out of the areas you don't want them in,
  20. Make that 4...2 hook pulls, 2 Full on snaps... All from the left hand tree about a rod length out.
  21. I've lost 3 fish now to the snag on left under tree...
  22. Last week
  23. 1 still has the biggest of Match... Other 2 are Blanking, a fair few small ens come out since earlier... Good seeing you earlier Keith 👍👍... Can't believe was 2yr since we were both on here for the day. Hopefully, I've got faith/confidence for the night... I've lost 2 now to under the left hand tree, took me in under the tree and spat the hooks.... Just finished watching the boxing (if can call it that)... What a dyer performance from AJ.
  24. Keep em coming Highy, hopefully there will be more
  25. I've no doubt there'll be more in the night, how's your mate getting on? 😁👍🎣
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