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  2. I may get the opportunity to take someone's place on a trip to France fishing jurassica2 now I've never been fishing in France so have no idea on what to expect any pointers on basic stuff that I will need and any info on the lake would be most grateful as I will be going with a few older boys and don't want to get left with a dry net
  3. Keep seeing new members created with goobledy goop names around a day old, Are we under attack from outer Great Britian Space ?
  4. Now 3/4 empty Might be a sign ! Nothing specific about the hooks Yonny, but with a brand i'm not familiar with the Hooks are something i'd rather not have fail on me, Just curious as i hadn't noticed them before. If you or your mate want Korda pop into Dodson & Horell in Ringstead they have NO gaps in their display lol
  5. Ho ho ho
  6. Funny you should say that, I was in there a few weeks ago getting some maggots and my mate asked me to pick up a few Korda bits for him - they had none of it. In fact most of the displays were half empty. Not tried any Kodex stuff I'm afraid. Is there something specific about their hooks that you're interested bud?
  7. Today
  8. Didn't realise you were a scouser Phil & Jamie I whole heartedly agree
  9. Is it me ? As i'v just noticed Kodex appearing in my local Tackle outlets.. Popped into Dodson & Horell Country Store and there's a rake of the stuff in there now and it looks cunningly like Korda's colour scheme, In fact i thought i'd misread the rather large sign above the display Thought about having a word in Rushden Angling as there a stockist apparently but went in there the other day and even the Korda display was 3/4 empty and i didn't spy any Kodex so made an exit without parting with any dosh which wasn't good as that almost never happens ! Anyone had any dealings with them apart from Alarms which i see has had some posting here in the past. Hooks specifically..
  10. Calm that down right away bud
  11. You get prats in every sport and this is one big PRAT!!!!
  12. The golden rule on any water. Problem is when you're limited to a couple of 48s and the odd overnighter it's very easy to feel like you're wasting time without rods in the water but you're 100% right - the real waste is sitting there not knowing if there's a fish anywhere near you. With such a low stock all you need to see is a single carp to tell you where you need to be but I know only too well that finding that one carp can be easier said than done on the limited time available. In all honesty I am yet to find a bait that will draw carp into the swim on these really high pressure waters which makes it even more critical to ensure you're on the fish. Every one of those members will be using a great bait so the carp get to pick and choose wherever the go. If you can present worm/maggot without pushing the carp out of the swim though..... it's game on.
  13. Cheers for the help I'll definitely have a good look. Draco
  14. I get to do one once in a blue moon so have to try and make the most of them. I'm lucky with the new lake that I can pop by on the way home every day, trickle some bait in to prime a few spots.
  15. Hi mate, Fished it a few times. You need to be a member of CAPS, Do 4 work parties or pay an extra £130. No 40's but plenty of 30's in there. Absolutly tons of fish in there, 10 - 18lb would be the average stamp i would say. Cast long for bites, cast short for bigger fish in my experience, they like bait and are not afraid of the spomb (had loads of runs whilst i have been spombing). The fish are always showing. Set up on them if u can.
  16. Thing is, tiger nuts, even peanuts are addictive, and don't do the fish any good. The only nutrients digested are those on the surface, or if crushed in the pharyngeal teeth, the surface of the broken piece. CM while right about some fish dying from excessive fat, it is often down to being fed high fat diets of pellets, halibut, trout or salmon pellets for carp, or in the 1990's excessive salmon oil in boilies. Most boilies now are a food source rather than a ball of fat, or carbohydrate (attractor boilies, some shelf lifes being an exception), and are safe for the carp to eat. Tiger nuts are self perpetuating, each time they get eaten, and broken down a bit more they spread as the fish excretes them. Then eaten, crunched and spread more. Nuts take ages to break down, I have seen waters totally switch off from excessive use of peanuts, for a few months at a time, and others have written about the same happening with tigers; Ken Townley wrote about that happening on College Reservoir. He thought eventually that it was swans who cleared them up when the water level dropped, not necessarily the carp. The other thing is preparation, soaking for 24hour minimum, then boiling for 25ish minutes. I must admit to liking using tiger nuts, and peanuts, but they can't be used in excessive amounts. The hookbait, with at most, a catty pouch full of freebies around them. Problem is, if that produces fish, and somebody sees me doing that, then a bucket may be used as freebies, by angler 'b', angler 'C' then sees it, and puts in a sack at a time. Result is the carp are only eating one food item.
  17. I wish, overnighters not an option at mo, new puppy etc. Won't be long til he's coming with me though
  18. I felt the same about 2 weeks ago but an overnighter on Friday and a ticket for a bit of a mysterious lake 10 mins away from my house has reignited the interest.
  19. Got me a fatty boom boom chair! Jrc extreme chair. Got some pockets on side for mobile n Vape plus baccy! Well made bit of kit
  20. Two from the weekend. Unfortunately I really ballsed the night time self takes up. My own fault for not having a decent camera! 17lber that gave one hell of a scrap & 21lb that was stunning apart from the mouth. Gutted I messed the pics up and it had real sandpaper like skin.
  21. After about 6 months deliberating over the Tempest Brolly and the Lo Pro, this morning I finally ordered the ESP.
  22. I'm probably not getting my teeth in and persevering enough
  23. That's what I do lol..... it's easy to forget just what you're fishing for when you go long periods between bites, I love to admire a couple of pics and acknowledge the fact that fish is in front of me somewhere - can't fail to get the old juices flowing.
  24. perfect. basically good to go
  25. Like this?
  26. give yourself a new challenge? rivers? canals? being a ninja and fishing somewhere you're not meant to? Something to wet your appetite and get the carp brain going.
  27. Trouble is I've fished most places near me, 30mins drive. There are more places but I'm a member of 2 clubs and they're either full of numpties or the ponds with larger carp are full of carp anglers!
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