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  2. John Baker has done loads of videos on YouTube abiut his products not sure if you have seen them, also some good podcasts, if he says it is good enough as it is I would believe him
  3. i thought the same but left it just got another email from jb (yeah I can be a pain) he sounded a bit shocked i told him of my plans for his fish meal base mix to add some haiths robin gold and cc moore minomino he say best used as is with the recommended use. his hook bait mixes look worth having a verity was going to get the super milk hook bait mix as it is the same price as all the others the base mix is nearly 20 quid a kilo not sure what's in that so didn't see much point until I think it might be worth it.
  4. Sounds a bit like something you might find in Ann summers a varimax thruster πŸ˜‚
  5. Finally got a motor so, I can be a lot more mobile on the reservoir.
  6. already seen it done at barston i was impressed, kept the steering and replaced everything else with a flat platform one of the guys in bcac matches.
  7. club/season tickets are good water parks that sort of thing or one i fancy and anyone can get is the stanwick season ticket think it's 250 for the year you get both mallard and swan on that plus the general angling lakes just a shame swan is so close to the 45 some really nice leather carp in there. fair few guys from up north travel down.
  8. Just caught this lovely common, excuse me for my half head it was my first attempt at a self take πŸ˜“
  9. Got the 12ft cork handle rods out, I’m yet to catch a fish on any of them πŸ˜‚ Just put out a kilo with the throwing stick, rip arm β˜ΉοΈπŸ˜‚
  10. I’ve done a bit of walking during the close season and walked a bit on the canal, seen lots of mullet and one carp on the river and nothing on the canal, it’s had thick weed since last year lol.
  11. That work is a nightmare pal πŸ˜‚ it’s my first night session in over a year might even be 2 now I think lol.
  12. Motability disability scooter loaded to the gunnels... Think I need that! Only problem you would need a van or trailer for itπŸ˜πŸ˜‚
  13. I'm going to start looking for fish along the river, but will definitely include some chub floater fishing. I didn't even walk the river this close season, I spent non working days on my syndicate fishing.
  14. I found meshing baits would keep rudd at bay. I used to prebait with 18mm baits and fish 15mm on the hair. The theory was that the prebaits would be harder for tench, rudd and bream to deal with, carp would happily take them and the 15mm boilie when actually fishing. This worked fine on most waters, but big (8lb plus) tench and bream would happily eat 18mm boilies on some. Fishing loads of groundbait and particle where bream are present will attract them if on their route; even tiger nuts and big boilies will be taken. I do tend to fish one size boilie now, wheth
  15. Good luck mate πŸ™‚πŸ‘. I'm chewing at the bit to get on the bank but I've got horrible thing called work in the way.πŸ˜‚
  16. I had one bream and that was it, lots of canoes out which didn’t help but I will try again soon πŸ‘ I’ve just got to a reservoir for a night or two, maybe three depending on how it goes πŸ˜‚
  17. go down there a few times mate, see if you can have a chat with someone fishing, they have an insta account as well, you could try that but i reckon they get a lot of enquiries and the guy will no doubt be fed up of answering them, my advice is go down there and loiter around for a while, see if you can catch him yourself, or one of the members, they might have a contact number, nothing works better than face to face one of my mates got in there first time of asking, he bumped into the owner and got a ticket straight away, it's not a difficult place to get a ticket for.
  18. It can be very difficult to access any information about the NW region in particular. If you are prepared to travel your options increase significantly but I’m guessing you already know that!
  19. That seems true unfortunately mate. Raby Mere seems to be a very close group, I've tried contacting them multiple times, on their Facebook page people ask all the time how to become a member or get on the waiting list but get no response.
  20. i'm wirral based mate, i'm not in any syndicates at the moment and i've only ever been in 2 my entire life, i got into both because current members knew me personally for a long time and put me forward, unless one of your mates reveals he's a member of one and gives you an 'in' you're unlikely to succeed. having said that there is the odd water around that's run on a more commercial basis, raby mere springs to mind
  21. it's very hard to get on a syndicate these days due to so many newish anglers coming into carp angling if you haven't already got a foot through the gate when asking to join there is very little chance of getting a ticket it's not just about fishing, syndicates are a very unique place from the outside some look clicky, they are not, just very closed knit until the other anglers can see why you are there. honestly when I first joined the one I am on I was a bit taken back by the guy that runs the place I very nearly walked away but then again I was being a bit forward asked about hot pegs
  22. Yes I agree, that is the only option I think. half the problem though is finding the syndicates, it's not like they advertise
  23. I come across some tins of musky octopus and was going to use it for perch would it be any good for carp
  24. I’ve made my own bait for yrs it’s a buzz when you catch cause it’s your own achievement
  25. Yesterday
  26. Like a sit on lawn mower? Haha Just set it up tonight, feels really solid and so easy to pack down for the car. Can fully remove the wheel and handles with 4 knobs! Then the rest folds flat. When you push it empty it feels like it weighs literally nothing... Not 16kg or whatever it is!
  27. Thanks that's a good idea I might try that thanks πŸ‘
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