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  2. Thank you 😊:) 👍
  3. Yesterday
  4. Nice kev. Good skills matey
  5. I had the same problem getting used to mine. Grab the top section boss by the spokes and push the lock up onto it. If you hold the lock against your chest it should push and lock. Then I think most have a screw that fits in place holding the brolly erect.
  6. Welcome to
  7. Hi Mate

    Should be sorted.


    You may need to empty your inbox

  8. Nice fish!
  9. I have a cyprinus magnetix system brolly , and having only ever put it up once had a right fight with it , the boss at the to is very short and I was struggling to get the second part to connect , looking at some of the product videos on youtube , the fox system comes with a longer central pole that unscrews once up , so my question is what are theses poles called and are they available as a spare part ? ive had a search around on the interweb but nothing is turning up . cheers for any help Dave .
  10. Thank you for the comment
  11. Same as Kev, welcome mate. I live to far away.
  12. Hi thanks for replying to my post and I am sure I will find someone lol,
  13. I'll check it out properly before I buy anything. If I just get the brolly, then I'll have a good six months to find something. You could be right tho Chill, might not need the wrap. Didn't need it til Jan this winter. Although I did use one on the pram hood biv, not sure I really needed to until Jan.
  14. Looking at the dimensions it just looks the wrong shape bigger in some dimensions but smaller in others. D: 60 " - 98 " W: 90" - 74 " H: 60" - 51 "
  15. Welcome to the forum bud - cant help with the fishing buddy though as I'm midlands Good luck
  16. Nicely done Kev
  17. Hi I am looking for a carp fishing buddy, since I have moved to wales I haven't been for a long time,the last time I went, was with my dad and I haven't been since I moved from one address and into a new area.
  18. Can't see it fitting the jrc is bigger .
  19. Good result there Kev.
  20. Had these two on a mid week overnighter - being tired at work is alright when you've had a bit of action 😌
  21. Cheers I used to fish it years ago, it's still there, all over grow and never any cars there, just wondered if anyone had been near it for a fish...
  22. Cheers C9, looks ideal, good price too, nice one.
  23. Welcome to I split your post away from the Withy Pool thread as the last post was 7years ago! I have googled Withy Pool and can't find any new information.
  24. I think that the magnetix is a copy of the JRC, the overwrap is £55 dave
  25. The fox flatlighter is a fantastic bed. Used and abused mine since they came out. Not quite as comfy than an indulgence but far far lighter and not too much of a difference in comfort levels.
  26. Well, I will update you on my situation, the company was after my blood, tried to sack me December 12th 2016, I am still here, 3 percent pay rise and a grovelling personal apology from a general manager, they have been told by the legal department of a giant company, don't go near this individual, you can beat them if you know what you are doing, I could have gone for compensation but the paperwork from this little fracas is gold dust,, protected species from now on.
  27. Whatever the outcome Smufter it must be soo gratifying that your old Boss has seen his sales figures and realised what a plonker he has been . Roll on next Tuesday . p.s. My Wife agrees completely with Steve ! .
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