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  2. Have you ever tired to get decent self takes at night with a mobile buddy? It's not possible. The sensors are so small that the processor is forced to increases ISO so much so that you end up with a horrible, grainy, washed out image. That is if you manage to get the phone to recognise/focus on the subject in the first place. If you're not that bothered about genuine image quality then a phone can do a decent job in the day time, but technology has not moved far enough for them to perform at night - yet.
  3. if you use a mobile you can get a mobile phone clamp and a mini tripod from the pound shop and then set you phone's camera to "voice command" and do your self takes that way
  4. Remember you can get an intervalomater for a tenner that removes all need for messing about with the remote buddy.
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  6. Spot on. When (or IF) the weed dies down they'll have a period when they go mental on that naturals that are revealed (bloodworm etc). Sometimes only naturals can compete with this - maggots, worms etc. Once they've passed this period boilies can indeed be the one, but not always. In that case do exactly what caught your fish but increase the baiting levels significantly.
  7. That's good enough for me you can see all the detail clearly enough nice one think I will get myself one thanks
  8. Guys do any of your have any tips on getting the most out of autumn as I joined a syndicate earlier in the year and was struggling for ages and have finally started to catch some but winter's nearly here so want to make the most of now before they slow down. also I've been reading bits online and all I keep seeing is that the naturals are started to die out and now's the time they get on the boilies but how true is this and how do you know when it is as my lake still has lots of weed in it still up to the surface in some areas so I can only imagine they are still on the naturalist as the lake was has been fishing pretty slow the last few weeks. Now I know that the so called autumn harvest be delayed due to what kind of summer we have and so on so its not a case of it being a set date so what signs do u look for that tell you that autumn is here as I gather every lake is different.
  9. I'm just making the most of limited time mate: Twice a week in the evening when the mrs puts the little'n to bed I'm driving like a madman to the lake, baiting up like a lunatic, and scooting back home before she's finished. I'm fishing Friday mornings. I only work half days on Fridays anyway so I can get the day off for a half day holiday. Getting there at first light, few hours fishing, job doneπŸ‹
  10. You seem to be back on the bank quite regularly, so I guess it's safe to say that the little fella and mum are doing well?? I wish my missus was half as understanding!! 🀣Saying that I hope to get an overnighter in this weekend 🀞
  11. This is the kind of lighting you can expect with the rhino beam plus built in flash buddy. Not perfect, but very good for the low price.
  12. @commonly it's a club water mate. I've had a fair few mirrors too but not posted all of them.
  13. Lovely colour's of the fish you're having yonny. All commons too!! Is it a syndi or dayticket?? I seem to only have mirrors!! I'd be very interested in getting a ticket on a water with more commons than mirrors
  14. Brilliant thanks that's the confirmation I needed as I thought that may help still got to catch one but when I do will be nice to get some decent shots of it
  15. You must have a 2 man bivvy to fit that in...
  16. Lovely little common this week but lost one of the bigguns which really hurt after so much hard work baiting etc. I'm still feeling it now, absolutely gutted.
  17. Imo it's essential to light the scene for self takes. The flash on modern DSLR's are good - good enough to produce well lit pics imo. The problem is focus. With no light source (between shots) the camera will struggle to focus. Therefore the shots my be bright enough with just the flash but they will be of poor quality. The floodlight type lights (Rhino Beam etc) are a very cheap way of achieving great self-take pics at night. I would recommend them highly.
  18. It has been a very healthy year weather wise. No mental heat waves has meant the carp have continued to feed throughout the entire summer and this is reflected in fish weights. All over the country fish are coming out at top weights, MASSIVE weights. It's also done the environment the world of good. The grass is green and the water is clear, unlike last year when the grass was brown and the water was pea green!
  19. Just in time for those long winter nights. Arrives tomorrow......πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰ https://www.whathifi.com/reviews/lg-oled65c9pla
  20. Yesterday
  21. Anybody looking for new alarms should type skills digid into eBay. I've been told on good authoritie that these alarms are basically nash s5r at a fraction of the price.
  22. Much deserved mate. Still time for a couple more.
  23. I've been using the aminos basemixes for longer than I can care to remember, I used to buy robin red separately and add it myself, then Tony pointed out that I could just buy aminos RR with the red already added... Hmmmm... Felt a bit silly at that point! Spending more money to make a base they already sold! Just knocked up another load of bait this afternoon, aminos RR, with their awesome salmon oil and cream stimulant additive, plus a few extra bits and bobs, betaine, shellfish sense appeals, smoked ham flavour, egg albumin, and salt. With a dash of red dye to really make the bait a nice bold red. I use the same bait all year round and it keeps catching wherever I take it, what more could you ask? I do sometimes think I should update it, but then again, why? It's been going into my venues for years, the catches haven't dropped off and when I feed them, they will demolish it, so why fix what isn't broken?
  24. Thought of the day? I didn't seem to notice a summer this year...
  25. Excellent angling skills chill well done mate.πŸ˜πŸ‘
  26. As soon as I got my spomb I starting baiting several pounds of Mainline Grange boilies I rolled myself each morning, plus boiled feed corn each morning. Today I fished the first time after a couple of days baiting. I caught two small carp in four hours, one maybe three pounds on the same boilies I'm using to bait and other little one of about one pound on feed corn. These are the first carp I've caught at this spot after about three blanks, and these fish are typical for carp in this river system, carp are common but rarely do you hear of one over 10 lbs. I'm hoping that I'll get some bigger ones to hold in the area with continued baiting.
  27. Hi myself and 3 mates turned up on Marios lake at 6:30 Saturday morning. we had no problems getting a swim each, the lake looked lovely and we couldn't wait to get set up, we all fished 2 rods but unfortunately none of us had so much as a nudge all day. we also fished Sunday until 7pm with the same result not a damn bleep,,, all 8 alarms were silent !! from my swim I could see around 6 other swims and no one had any action at all over the two days, obviously I'm not totally condemning this lake as I know to little about it and I'm sure there as been some great days on it BUT I was told on the Friday it was fishing really well and we would all be landing decent fish so like some of the other guys on here we were all very excited to get there, we had a 2 hour drive, very disappointed and will not go there again,
  28. Carp goods are shining down on you then mate and rightly so , well deserved.
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