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  2. Gutted mate, hate that feeling, hope you get the chance to make up for it
  3. Woke up to my mates alarms going off at 1am, god there loud ! he’s a very slow getting up and out but it’s still on when he picks his rod up. White Heavy frost and a shiny moon looks lovely. Plays the fish for 5 mins is this the 30 at last ? ..... Um no it fell off. Gutter for him
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  5. Any source of open fire can give off carbon monoxide
  6. Hope you get one mate good luck, quite chilly today the cabin might be a nice luxury
  7. Same applies, it'll still be giving off Carbon Monoxide.
  8. I’ve got a old biscuit tin and use a hexi block in it absolutely fine tin gets a bit hot but it’s fine
  9. Yesterday
  10. Hi, do you still fish here. Been looking and I'm thinking of getting a permit next year. Do they aloow under 16s to fish with you? My daughter is well into it and I couldn't go without her!
  11. Geez talk about a communal cup, imagine getting home from that " Did you catch anything", Nah just Hep C and a nasty rash.
  12. Jammy sod, ever since seeing a halogen heater in a bivvy i have wanted a generator lovely warm orange glow filling the bivvy up it really would have to be a Honda or Yamaha so big money.
  13. Can you not turn Down the swear filter Nick? filtering **** is unnecessary as is stinky winky 🤬
  14. Well it’s defo not cricket but still fishing 😉and as for the great Mr Walker he won’t be turning in his grave because the ground is frozen !
  15. Fishing a cabin with an electric heater isn't cricket! Richard Walker will be turning in his grave.
  16. Well I’m fishing at last on a 24hr, the trip has been called off twice with Covid. Me an a mate booked a cabin nx to the lake il post some pics tomorrow.
  17. Cheers I’ll try that out, I’m a big fan of pva bags so the pellets will be useful for this as well! Thanks for this, great tip which I’ll definitely be using for my fishing.
  18. I’m using my bivvy heater at the mo
  19. I think it's the Mega in the 36mm x 22mm size 👍
  20. These seem ok, are they the maxi ones? The "mega" look a bit stumpier than your image and the other two sizes mini and micro look too slim.
  21. I got some Gardner Bugs in medium which are about the same size as the larger Korda Black and Whites. Inexpensive and do the job and after reading what Yonny says I'm glad I didn't fork out for the Korda ones.
  22. I don't know about generators, I take far too much stuff fishing as it is! Your body is a heat generator and the best bet is to harness that but using clothing that is appropriate. In the winter that means thermal underwater and layering. Bobble hats, scarves and gloves are also pretty essential to trap and retain the heat you generate. One tip that is worth mentioning is buying a thermal shirt that will tuck into the bottoms with plenty of room to keep it there. I've seen far too many "builders bums" in my time but aside from the unpleasant view, the heat you are releasing will cool you down
  23. It varies. I fish a local pond that is narrow at the stream end and fish 2 spots (2 rod limit), one under the trees on the far bank and one on the bottom of the steep drop off a rod length out. The close rod I use the big Spod (not keen on spombs as you have to hit the nose cap quite hard to open them) and underarm and drop the bait with barely a ripple. If I use the big spod on the far bank (only about 6 wraps), it does tend to make too much of a splash so revert to a midi as I can stop it instantly and lay it down almost silently. That said, I have had bites when using the large spod on the
  24. As an add i 'm not planning on using anything i have listed so far this one is too flammable in the event of a spillage. i have seen a few photos on FB of guys with the gas heater in the bivvy, i just hope they are also using a CO2 detector. which is my main reason for bumping this thread. The best option is still the electric generator route, but it would have to be a 2k watt Honda or Yamaha silent running, a 500 watt drain would barley take it out of tick-over making it very quiet running.
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