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  2. Salfordcarl

    korda to open new uk lakes

    https://www.embryoangling.org/ they have done a few but mostly they are syndicated lakes.
  3. Today
  4. Well...a group of 5 of us...has now wittled down to just ME. They would prefer to be on the bank instead in the morning...i may go after the show.
  5. Thanks nick I think the 16mm nozzle will be perfect for 20mm boilies i will try a 12mm nozzle next time I think they look and smell pretty good this morning though the ready to be relocated in a carps belly
  6. salokcinnodrog

    Unfenced lakes

    I can't remember if I have said it on this thread, but foxes will take otter kills after otters are finished with it. Foxes tend to drag and cache the kill. They tend not to eat in 'public'.
  7. salokcinnodrog

    Hello again all it's been a while

    A lot of mixes expand after coming out of the bait gun, so smaller nozzles size I reckon for you. If they are a bit sticky, give the rolling table a light dusting with base mix. You are probably doing it already, but make your sausages, finish the batch before you roll them in order of production. The first sausages should have stiffened and dried up enough to roll comfortably, but as said, may need a dusting, which actually helps preventing them from sticking together when boiling.
  8. elmoputney

    So what's changed then since I've been gone ?

    I've noticed everyone at the lake I am on seems to be fishing with a slack line these days, I thought that used to be an edge, now it seems common practice
  9. Mixed up another batch of the base mix last night, I had 8 eggs and I think I should've used 7 added a little more basemix though as they were too sticky , I think I may be adding too much yeast into the mix as they seem to be proving quite a bit when in sausage form either that or make a thinner sausage to compensate added 10 more drops of squid though they flipping stink, still a work in progress but learning a little more each time ,
  10. elmoputney

    Caulking gun Vs boilie gun

    New gun worked well, cleaned up ok and didn't really struggle to make a sausage,I could almost fit a 500g mix in the tube I didn't take any pics though as I was a little pushed for time, but it saved me about £30 on Gardner's pricing , the model I bought is a newborn 620al on eBay for £10.95 plus postage at present, so I hope as it represents value it's ok to mention it,
  11. finchey

    What is your newest purchase

    A permit for my local club waters. 👍
  12. finchey

    Tell me about bobbins and bite indication...

    I've got to agree with the esp's I've been using mine for over 12 month now they cover every situation. Can't see me swapping mine for anything else for a good while. 👍
  13. smufter

    Tell me about bobbins and bite indication...

    For the vast majority of my fishing I used Wychwood Slugs but have some JAG safeliners for when I'm slack lining as they weigh next to nothing.
  14. Yesterday
  15. Dannygooner

    Tell me about bobbins and bite indication...

    Esp barrel bobbins. They come with everything you need for any situation. Short chain, long chain, isotope slot, 3 weight choice on the barrel, takes seconds to change, and aesthetically very pleasing.
  16. Highy

    Thought of the Day pt.2

    🤔🤔🤔 i wonder...
  17. chillfactor

    Unfenced lakes

    If there's fish there give it a go while there still present, I think the otter numbers makes the real difference & while there still visiting various waters. What I think is happening around me now , is fish are getting thin in numbers so the kills per visit escalated massively this winter because of it . Tight lines
  18. I'm just hoping this mild weather doesn't bring them all out again and I can get on one of my spots , stay home it's gonna snow tomorrow if you are going where I am going
  19. elmoputney

    Caulking gun Vs boilie gun

    Nasty coffee and a 16mm nozzle anyone ? I even got the verniers out 16mm +/- 0.1mm inside diameter and linished for a smooth finish, were sausaging all over the world
  20. Good luck buddy, all quiet here, trying a zig on one rod
  21. Looks a nice place to be old school, even if the gods arent smiling, good luck I've done 2 pre baits this week hopefully they found them and maybe even fed on some, I'm starting to feel like sooner or later I'll get my chance, would be nice if it came tomorrow though
  22. Back on the blank I mean bank
  23. elmoputney

    Tell me about bobbins and bite indication...

    Just coat some digestives in clear resin cure them and hey presto biscuit bobs are born
  24. Mrs Putney is going out with the kids tomorrow already arranged before I asked lovely jubbly, late night bait making a go go
  25. OMG....cookie monster...this is awsome...my nickname at work is Biscuit...never without a brew n a biscuit in my hand on a break...if i could get these for my bobbins to slide on to.
  26. elmoputney

    Tell me about bobbins and bite indication...

    I just use these for everything cos they are cool 😎
  27. I use the JRC Slim Indidcator system...£30 cant go wrong...Extra weights to add/take off for use of slack/tight lines...5 sets of 3 colours...3 chains..3arms...awsome i think.
  28. salokcinnodrog

    Tell me about bobbins and bite indication...

    I use Solar Short arm Titaniums. I can set them up mega tight as spring arm indicators for tight line fishing, as plain swingers for short to medium range, or as slack line indicators, at maximum drop for slack line fishing. Apparently Long arm indicators are better, but personally I found no problems with the shorts. I do also use them for roach fishing with buzzers on the reservoir.
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