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  2. Thought for the day.

    couldn't agree more mate said exactly the same a couple of pages previous . But like I said to you when you messaged me last night . If someone was calling you out shouting there mouth off & begging for an apology, plus the fact he clearly still doesn't grasp the concept that he's so desperate to try & prove your wrong over . then yes he will get a response if I hadn't he would of only carried on . Your right it's very Boring ! I will listen to your words & try to ignore the prat . as for the areator comments ,like you say complete wind up post .
  3. The Cheating Thread

    totally agree with you there. i'll be honest and say that i had it in my mind to go back there in 4-5yrs time. and yes the fish that i know of are absolutely worth catching now. god only knows what the stock will be in 4 or 5 yrs, especially with some of the growth rates that have been going on in there.
  4. The Cheating Thread

    Black Swan will be my final big task in the UK, in about five year or so. I am going to be death and dafter by then and all the hustle will go over my head and I don't think I will be capable of long sessions much after that. Some of the fish I KNOW exist in there are well worth catching now, in 5-6 years they will be something else.
  5. Hello, I'm from the US. I've been looking over this forum for quite awhile, and got alot of great information, and decided to join. I,ve been fishing for carp for a few years, but still consider myself a novice. I look forward to being here and enjoying the conversations we'll have. Thanks.
  6. If you can get away with banksticks, I'd go down that rout. I've got a stainless pod/goalpost/cross bar set up. And although it's indestructible and has lots of options, they do tend to be quite heavy. It was the best I could afford at the time (12 yrs ago ).... If I was buying today, the Fox Black label pod and sticks would be my preferred choice, just because it's light and compact and descreet. And suits the smaller lakes that I tend to fish. But you also have to take into account that you may want to use it on more than one water which might involve carrying a few different options , regarding front sticks, so price and weight, will come into play when you want to make additions to your set up. This is where the higher end stainless will cost a few bob and weigh a bit more with extras. My first choice is sticks, followed by sticks with stage stands (if the swim will accommodate), then if I can't use either, then the cross bars come out and the sticks with snag bars are converted into a pod, which I try to avoid as it can be a little fiddly if you are OCD with getting it all plumb..... Stainless will last you a life time and looks and feels brand new with a clean up, even after 12 years of abuse. ( Matrix Super Slinky, was my choice a good while back ).... One thing I'll add is, don't be taken in by cheaper stainless options, you'll find the screws, threads and overall build quality is far more inferior compared to a higher end set up which will be more solid and "tighter", if you know what I mean.
  7. Today
  8. As above mute get fox compact pod or solar p1 or bank sticks any opinions
  9. The Cheating Thread

    I certainly saw one of the big girls. It was alongside a common which had been out only a few weeks previous at 41lb and this mirror dwarfed it. Once again I'd say at least 10lb bigger. The unit is a fish that could well keep growing. I had it at 38lb. And yes the linears are a sight to behold. Must admit talking about the lake certainly makes me wish I still held a ticket but one walk around it on a weekend would soon put me off again haha. Certainly unfinished business for me on that lake. I will return one day. You fishing right through the winter on there?
  10. The Cheating Thread

    I’ve spoken to a number of the regulars who have all seen a couple of very large fish at close quarters. One recounted seeing the ‘Unit’ caught last year at 45 which he later saw that day sulking in a snag with a huge mirror that bullied it out of the way-he reckoned it was a clear 10lb bigger. So many unnamed, growing fish of all shapes and sizes-when the buzzer goes you never know what’s on the end, it’s magic! And those big Lins are out of this world! Not for the faint hearted though......
  11. Using Leadcore leaders the correct and safely

    Nick I have been using Tiger line for a few years now, I haven't once needed to shorten the line through abrasion by the swivel etc.
  12. A lovely video to pass the time....

    Watched it last night. Incredible stuff. I then went and found the original video he mentions and watched that too. What a mirror too. Just shows there is those hidden gems still out there in the world.
  13. A lovely video to pass the time....

    Weren't those Mirrors special? And he's right.... my pb is a 37lb Common but I'd happily give that up for one of those scaley old beauts. And I thought he was going to shed a tear with that re-capture. Love it.
  14. Net/mat dips.

    There's a product called steri7 I believe that is meant to be very good. Virkon S is what is used in the aquaculture industry. Both of those I think are okay to dispose of but best to seek the advice of the company about how to dispose of them properly. Rod Hutchinson (brand) has just bought out some stuff that is claimed to kill everything. However I couldn't find any scientfic backup to support the claim. Not even on their website. So would be a bit wary of it unless you can validate its effectiveness.
  15. Net/mat dips.

    Anyone know the "best" stuff to use for an effective net/mat dip......? I know a lot of these get left to stagnate, but it will be changed/ topped up at least once a month, or sooner if it gets low.... It's not really something I've looked for before..... Also, does anyone know if the old dip is harmful in anyway if being emptied on nearby land? Any comments welcome and appreciated, thanks.
  16. Thought for the day.

    Looks abit like Two Tone,( linear) same shape... Two tone only made 36lb though.
  17. Yesterday
  18. The Cheating Thread

    I first saw it near chub alley, then the brewery about a year later, then last year heading towards Billing..It had some mates by then and had grown alot...Maybe Cogenhoe next.
  19. Plans for 2018 🎣🎣

    Go for it ! Just don't expect everything to go exactly as you expect. I retired 3 years ago and am actually fishing LESS now than when I was working, thanks to "Her Indoors's" habit of finding "stuff" for me to do, (always immediately of course), and then she grumbles that I don't go fishing! BOF
  20. Plans for 2018 🎣🎣

    Ashmead looks insane! Mega Enjoy that one bud! Redmire doesn't really do anything for me- tin hat ready ! but I wouldn't turn it down either Happy days
  21. Plans for 2018 🎣🎣

    I'm just going to be fishing my local club water, some very nice and stunning looking carp but quite a hard water so I can see a lot of blanks but that doesn't bother me at all. There's always that chance of a good un, that will keep me going. If I get desperate to catch I can always have a day on a commercial.
  22. What is your newest purchase

    No, its full, a lovely place to fish, no giants, does me.
  23. What is your newest purchase

    Good for you, enjoy what you can, when you can.... glass half full
  24. What is your newest purchase

    Yeah not bad mate, I’m catching on it so no complaints so far.
  25. What is your newest purchase

    When i was your age and considerably older, it wouldnt have been my first choice, i loved Ecton, Ditchford, Sywell, Cransley and the river too much, but now i am restricted by other things and love the short sessions, the estates are perfect for this, if you prebait them correctly, a short session will produce, this one has many faults but i love it.
  26. Right so I went fishing today and I manually close the bail arm, made a mental note to see just what I do LOL , then I dug out my old reels and a Mitchell match is a 440a and the 300 can't be closed by hand ......
  27. What is your newest purchase

    Nice one Vic 😋
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