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  2. Dont worry i didn't miss the pun i just thort it was so poor that i couldn't bring myself to comment ahahah
  3. Thinking of getting one i have fished a few places and no matter how many times i run my lead over them spots i cannot tell whats down there ... and im not talking about gravel , weed or silt etc etc There was an old pond i use to fish and people would dump stuff in there i once pulled out a full deck chair. And on another lake there was a snag spot that would instantly lock your lead up when pulling the lead back feeling the bottom. Would be good just to get the camera out and finally see what exists down there i also think you would spot some potiential dangers and could inform the bailiff if you come across anything. Ok yea and i would like a cheeky look for a clear area lol.
  4. Same i would love to watch baitdrone fails on youtube.
  5. I'm surprised baitdrones haven't taken off...
  6. If you can't get hold of semolina, you can always make all-purpose flour semolina-like by adding gluten, which you can find in most US grocery stores on the top shelf above the all-purpose flour. I use gluten when making pizza to improve the texture of the crust, but in your case it will make your dough gummier and less likely to fall off the hook.
  7. the same email i received lol, i wonder how many other faces will appear from back then due to this email? would be good to speak to them all again that's for sure
  8. for anyone that may be interested this is a link to the original post in 2009 .... Ahhh it's good to be reading those old views again.
  9. Oh i'm not saying it doesn't work but can you remember the type of water he was fishing? the original post i made years ago was more based around an individuals hormones. Now, we've established that smoking etc may or may not have an effect, but what about the hormones from the angler? I know that some of the most successful names within the industry are all smokers (Laney, Hearn etc) and have all caught some massive fish, but could it be some anglers are more successful than others due to a pheromone in the natural oils in their skin or are some people just generally 'luckier' than others.
  10. Today
  11. Thanks for all your input guys
  12. they are banned on nearly all my waters too mate, I had one specifically for a syndicate that had power lines running across it, I bought it when I joined because it was the best and safest way to get to the fish, when I left I sold it. no point in having one if the rules say you can't use it
  14. That's a mental story fella, and one I cannot explain. It must have somehow promoted the growth of naturals in the silt, I'm pretty sure it wouldn't have been the creosote itself doing the attracting.
  15. I would not suggest putting in large amounts of tobacco or petrol in a bait, but the OP was really suggesting the smell of such. As we all know the carriers of flavours used in carp fishing flavours aint that good for fish or humans if used in large quantities. Just to give you an example, a particular lake in Kent that held lot's of carp many years ago, suffered a fish kill (mostly silver fish) from creosote that leaked from a tank that was used for dipping fence panels etc. The leak was small and seeped through the soil into the lake over a good few years. The controlling club left this lake undisturbed for a few years and stopped the fishing there, they had other lakes that were further downstream and were dreading the pollution would effect the other lakes. A group of anglers took control of the polluted lake and worked hard restoring the banks, we found quite a few original carp present and one of the best areas to find the feeding fish was where the original pollution happened. Often the surface was tainted by the creosote where the carp were digging deep in the effected silt. A plume of blue/oily slick formed on the surface of the water when putting bank sticks into the bank. The problem still exists to this day, the lake is now a syndicate that produces 30lb+ carp. All the carp there are always a very dark chestnut brown colour, that's not by chance either!
  16. Nicotine and petroleum are poisonous to all animals and fish. The reason we and other animals have sensory systems such as taste/smell is to prevent us from ingesting such poisons. Our senses are effectively our warning systems. The flavours you listed, all intended to replicate foodstuffs, aint poisonous. There are exceptions with humans who have worked out that ingesting poisons (i.e. drugs) in smaller qtys can have affects that some find enjoyable (I believe there are a couple of other examples throughout the animal kingdom). I would be amazed if either nicotine or petrol attracted any animal or fish, let alone promoted a feeding response.
  17. Remember an old article by Ivan Marks on smoking, someone suggested the smell puts fish of, he blew smoke all over his maggots and caught within seconds, also South African anglers have been using TCP as a bait flavouring, forget it mate, its what works on the day.
  18. I would if i didnt have dislexia mate.
  19. Funny you should say that, (reply to OP) I too had an email.... I was sure I posted a few times back then lol, it also seems weird being a new member since 2007 I'm sure I will take more of an active part now, it all looks good here and a nice layout too. Well done all Hi thecarpangler, We notice you haven’t visited since 12/04/07 prior to our recent Carp Fishing Forum upgrade. The upgrade has brought consistency across all devices, and the site is now fully mobile, tablet and desktop compatible and supports direct post image uploading. There is also an improved members gallery and a host of new improvements. If you need to login, you can login via your email address or via your registered member name: thecarpangler If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it via: We and our community hope to see you soon back on Please note, you are receiving this email as your email address was registered via on 12/04/07
  20. Do smells from smoking or petrol really put carp off, if so why? For many years we have added 'smell' to our baits which are alien to fish, I'm sure they would never encounter pineapple, coconut or plum and that's just some fruits, when you get to things like curry, scopex and salmon, well who knows why they like it. Perhaps 'old holborn' '98 octaine' 'Castrol gtx' are the flavours of the future?
  21. I quite like the look of that mate, look forward to hearing how it goes in use. Sorry to be that guy, but please for the love of ocd could you spell thought with a ugh instead of r?! Cheers mate!
  22. I consider it. I don't think the grime that builds up on your hands over the course of a session is anything to worry about, most of it is bait anyway. What is a problem is tobacco, I often give my hands a quick wash with a wet wipe, followed by a good old rub in the lake, prior to handling rigs/bait etc. Petrol would be a huge issue IMO. I usually give my jim dandys a quick sniff before I handle stuff anyway so would like to think it'll not be an issue for me.
  23. Now, we had a post very similar to this year's ago before many of you were even members of this forum so here we go for a second time. How many of you consider the scent on your hands or oils and other factors? As some of you will be aware of the olfactory senses a carp possess are very sensitive enabling them to identify amino acids and carbohydrates and considering this how many of you have ever noticed you're doubled up with a friend on a social and one anglers results are significantly different despite a lot of factors being the same? Similarly, have you ever noticed that sessions where you may have filled up at a petrol station en route start off slower than sessions where you filled up the day before?
  24. Confidence must be the biggest factor in catching fish. When you are confident finding them comes easily, and a series of blanks for whatever reason can destroy that even if you know its a case of so few fish in such a big water. I know I mentioned the Seafood Takeaway above, available in frozen and shelf life in 1 or 5 kilo multiples, so may be worth a look? Lingfield, I don't bother rehydrating baits, I use them as air dried. If I put them out by throwing stick they don't travel quite as far as fresh out of freezer, but go well in a Spomb and pellet or particle mix. Air dried baits take on water faster than baits out the freezer, so may actually give a washed out look and then break down faster than frozen. I really must compare the break down times of shelf life and frozen against each other, but sticking one of each in a glass of water does not work as it would if one of each in the lake.
  25. thanks for the reply I think I've gone off the idea now apparently there are a lot of pits you can't use them . Robson green I heard him claim to probably the most experienced fisherman in the world ..... yes not GB or Europe no he thinks he's the best in the WORLD
  26. Welcome get thoes rods out.
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