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  1. Yesterday
  2. Never used them ... any good.
  3. Welcome Rob.
  4. Maybe Yonny and Deano need to get some tips from " Big Common " .
  5. Do you not use Super Specialist then Deano ? .
  6. Hi Rob Welcome to the Forum
  7. use my mustad chodda bbs hooks size 4 placed bait screw on ring, piece of cork from my single malt whisky, about size 18/20mm .taska tungsten sleave on new shape flexi swivels size 8 .fish goo pink in the pads drop off nash chod ejector. A nice 11LB common.
  8. I have a new tub of diawa 14lb brown fluorocarbon to place on my spare spools. Getting rid of my 12LB korda in green and brown. Bye bye Danny Boy.
  9. Ah, the 'how long is a piece of string?' question Last weekend I reckon I took 3kilos of boilies, and bought a kilo home. I also put in around 2kilos of particles. My usual is to put any leftover bait in as I leave, but with someone watching me, possibly for my baited spots I didn't. Also you may be going fishing into weekend syndrome, every piles it in when they arrive, then pack up not having had a take 2days later. It can be worth fishing a 48hour session over just stringers or minimal bait instead. If it is your campaign water, put all your bait in as you leave.
  10. Im off to france again!!!
  11. Welcome to
  12. I have like 20 stoves. All from wintercaping in the mountains to carp fishing. I have a couple og fire maple stoves and they are good stoves. But if you are going to use your fryingpan look at the BRS 53. This is a good value for money and great to make meals that isnt freesedried meals 😊
  13. Im back boys!!! Lovin it!!

  14. Been looking at this, looks alot like my fire maple. You guys seen the adapter you can buy? £4 and you can use the bottle type gas cannisters for camping. Shops sell em for £5 for 4
  15. Fire maple is the way forward, Had mine for ages. Came with a petrol bottle too so i can use both fuels
  16. Thats a point
  17. Ah, but how can you test without buying?😄
  18. Courses for horses i feel chaps. Put it this way, if you spend 12 quid a kilo and have a good sesh of course you're gonne buy more. Doesn't say you will catch the same again. Confidence chaps is key (not nash) use whatever floats your boat, be it particle or boilie but be confident. Yes bait is marked up heavily but even i do that with my business. Thats life. No point moaning about it. Btw Yes i pay £5 a kilo but thats for my loose feed which are boilies. My hookbaits are £18 a tub of 35. Since using these in conjunction with my boilies i have had very good sessions of late. Confidence
  19. It slway pays to shop about and test the stuff you buy
  20. The problem is when people put pics like this on the net it does the responsible fisherperson more harm than good because every body will coment on that they donot comment on the good photo and thr care most anglers take of the fish
  21. I last went out four weeks back, used about a kilo of bait over three rods for two days, had the one carp and a nice fish it was too, i'm super tight with my free offerings though, i visit Barston most weeks, that place can always take a lot of bait and pretty much responds well to it.
  22. I'm on the canal for a night Friday, I'll be putting out about half a 10 litre bucket of bird seed and maize to start with, get the bream, tench roach etc munching on it and hopefully it'll draw the carp in as well. If I catch I'll put a few more spombs out I'll be fishing for anything though not just carp lol
  23. I did 2 1 nighters last week and got through 5 kilo of boilies but the fish were proper gettin their heads down and bagged me sen 5 I just put 50 or 60 baits in at the start and top it up if I think fish are in the swim So It doesn't matter the time of year if their having it I give it um
  24. Cheers mate I know it's a bit of a how longs a piece of string question , just wondering how people are going to approach their waters really. One things for sure .... There won't be afew lol I'd sell my granny for 1 though
  25. I would be worried if a week goes by and NK doesn't threaten some one, i would say China and Russia have told the USA that they haven't gave them any of their ship killer missiles.
  26. Depends on the venue mate, some places always fish well with a lot of bait, others it can be a right put off for them, especially at this time of year, not much help, but i hope you have a few.
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