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  3. I did the same year's ago but had to buy my dogue a pony jacket as all dog ones too small. He was six feet stretch out and ten stone.
  4. Not sure if it goes back to the days of Relum, but Hutchy gear has had the reputation of being good gear. I have had various RH bits of tackle, bivvies, rods and reels and it is good stuff. I would say though, compared to modern unhooking mats that one does look a bit thin, with no sides. Mind you, the bubble foam balls in beanie mats get compressed and become useless. That one I think is sponge foam inner
  5. Purchase for the Dog, when he comes, bit nippy now. Shame, no Sonik ones.
  6. I'm still waiting, i'm checking twice daily and the developer said it will be done....
  7. Size 6 for the 12ml, sizes 4 or 6 for the 14ml πŸ‘
  8. I got large fingers and I’m coping ok just a bit of patience is all admin are awaiting a new format to address the problems
  9. I moved away from my previous supplier as I love 10miller and he won’t make them
  10. These are Β£8 and sounds n looks like exact same stuff to the Sonik ones, but no seller has the Pink/Purple in stilock... Sticking with the Fox Bobbins though, after some Fox Dinky heads in Purple, but you have to buy the full Bobbin set for them.
  11. Probably Come straight out the same sweatshop tbh mate
  12. Hi- maybe in wrong section but after some info if possible. I picked up this Hutchy mat for a tenner at a local boot sale recently .Can't find anything on web etc so thought about here. Any ideas? Is it a Relum product? Approx 4x2 ft CheersNick.
  13. So what size hooks would you be using with these boilie sizes please , Kev. ? πŸ˜ƒ
  14. C'mon chaps... bout time this was fixed... can't open notifications if using a mobile unless you have conductive needles for fingers...???
  15. Found these, Exact same but no logo.
  16. Any particular flavours paxo I’d be on the thoughts of the plain one
  17. Last week
  18. I’d like to see them try that one in court the judge may just throw the book at them for even trying it
  19. My bedchair came today it is quite nice, very pleased so far firm and should be good for a decent night's kip, 99.99 well spent I think
  20. Wouldn't worry about it if the worse did happen the company would soon find out a worker can't sign away their H&S rights in fact that would help prove liability.
  21. My 1st set alarms n swingers were from TMC, the swingers were very bright, but was a pain, on off on off.
  22. The Fox illuminated, but pricy. Just found these?? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/203049958097
  23. I don't think I would go for the gizmos they look a bit weird, I do like the features though probably a good alarm to use, I am on the lookout for some decent bright at night Bobbins though , sick of not being able to see them in the dark from the bivvy, even with isotopes 😭
  24. Like the purple at moment, honest opinion, don't like the gizmos... Stick with the SKS Purple for as long as, then maybe (if needed) Fox Micron MR+. The SKX alarms look abit bulky to me also, if the Gizmos come down in price then maybe.
  25. Will match your line 😎 Will you get matching gizmo alarms?
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