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  2. Congratulations on the pb mate, lovely fish 👍
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  4. They look like a good idea, so I tried them, lost my only take at the rest I've been on, so in the bin now 😔
  5. No problem, course I can try. Brolly extension, groundsheet extension, another of the lock in semi circle poles, 2 extension bars to push the front pole forward. I can't remember if you get additional pegs, I bought mine complete as Hybrid and extension. Now the good bit: Remove bivvy front and door, zip the extension to the brolly, and put the cover over the brolly front bar, put the front pole through the sleeve and extension bars through the slots in the cover, and extend them to get spacing, they should lock onto front pole just above the join. Then zip bivvy front onto extension, it should fit exactlyas it does on brolly. You will probably need to peg the extension flap by the zip into the ground or it can come undone in a bit of a wind. I think that it will all fit in bivvy bag, complete with the extension and door still on it, when tightly wrapped in groundsheets. I think I gave you a spare front pole when I dropped my old one off if one is missing.
  6. All the contents were loose in the box . Luckily it seems to be ok . Nick , when you get time can you remember what is supposed to be in the box as I want to make sure I have all the correct bits before I have another moan up . If it’s all there I’ll be happy but I’m not happy with TFT for this whole pigs ear situation and they won’t be getting decent feedback OR my custom again . Ramshackle company . This is definitely a return somebody else didn’t want but you know what ? I just can’t be arsed to complain again , this has gone on long enough . Grumpy of Grays.
  7. Latest in the saga of the missing brolly extension. Two months and 3 days after purchase it was delivered today at the second attempt by Parcelforce who had ALSO delivered it to the wrong address initially. After a lot of faffing about by Total Fishing Tackle and Yodel interviewing drivers , carrying out investigations , filling out claim forms both physically and actual paper forms , they seem to think everyone has the ability to download and print off digital forms , and trying to offer me a refund when I still actually wanted the damned thing , I actually have it in front of me . It looks as if it’s been in the post for 2 months ffs ….
  8. It's a lot smaller than it used to be, around half the size grains. I won't fish for barbel without it, and am switching back to using carp fishing as well. The Wensum is a fairly small river, and my barbel fishing tends to be under the tip. I just can't gauge the current so use the dropper to get a bed down, along with a handful or two to try to draw the fish up. Sat on the bank right now, but haven't cast in yet, waiting until dusk and the end of the canoeists.
  9. Did anyone actually do a review on here about these ?...
  10. I've just splashed out on Jag Prolite 2 Plus 1 buzz bars, 6 bank sticks and stabilisers, plus if I don't want to use those set-ups I also got the compact pod base which works with all the other stuff. Basically this covers all situations I'm likely to face: singles, 2 rod bars, 3 rod bars or pod all in one compact case which fits in my rucksack. Very pricey but I'm worth it lol
  11. Bait droppers are ok but the bopper will probably come into its own when needing to cast that bit further on the larger rivers Yes I remember hemp being dirt cheap when I started to buy in bulk it’s still very rare I don’t cast out a line without having some with me
  12. Yep! I remember when a 25kilo bag was £15. Just boiled the first load up for a trip up to Norfolk today and tonight. I'm a bait dropper kind of person, lower it in to empty it. Going to be a mix of hemp and pellets under the rod tip
  13. Lovely fish mate. Good angling. Congratulations 🎣👏
  14. Ukraine is currently at war and thousands of innocent people are dying, who simply lived in their own country and did their usual things. Russia has declared war on Ukraine and is killing civilians. To read true information or help Ukraine go to the site.
  15. Thanks still buzzing from that one, well happy to have made its acquaintance
  16. Love the Cork 👍🏻 Actual Actual Grass . What I wouldn’t give for a patch of Grass 🤣
  17. Wonderful looking fish Elmo , remarkably similar to Kev’s capture last month . congrats matey 👍🏻
  18. I did actually consider some Carpy green sticks by Taska (£10 a pop) but in the end decided to buy twice instead of 3 times 🙄
  19. Our Adelaide EV chargers have a record-breaking 99% efficiency rating and high reliability. The system also comes with advanced safety measures like integrated arc fault protection. You will also enjoy a flexible selection of cable types and lengths. So, you can charge your vehicle in any position you deem best. EV Chargers Adelaide
  20. Oh and I’ve just taken receipt of some of those New Direction magnetic butt rests . They may turn out to be utter cack but they have me intrigued and were very reasonably priced imo . Very small very very magnetic . Whether I’ll get used to having half of it permanently clamped round my Cork handles remains to be seen.
  21. Going back further than most I’d say but when I was a kid it was always a dream of mine to own a Mitchell reel . They was always considered to be the pinnacle . First weeks wages after leaving school ? Mitchell 300 closely followed by a Mitchell match if memory serves . Not sure if either helped me catch more fish than my trusty Intrepid Black Prince though 😂
  22. Thoughts on the New Direction brand? Some of their stuff looks really neat but I've never heard of them before lol.
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  24. So much bait, it baited me as well actually.
  25. Thanks for that, I might just bite the bullet and try the wolf spod next they seem to look good just a little pricey if you like sticking things up trees 😂
  26. Had my 1st go with the bopper Saturday and tbh I wasn’t overly impressed. Don’t get me wrong it did everything it said on the tin but obviously it’s built more robust than a spomb and feels HEAVY when casting out even when taking some of the nose weights out. It definitely serves a purpose for rivers and short range but after a dozen or so casts I changed to my spomb as my river swim wasn’t overly deep and just cast upstream with it. In deeper faster swims it will definitely get more use then . It could be because it was new to me and I was casting like a girl 🙄 but I didn’t get into any rhythm with it but could see it’s uses in the carp game when wanting to bait tight in deep margin swims
  27. Bag of hemp £38, ouch! A few barbel trips coming in Norfolk. Heard a woomer.. What's left will be used for carp.
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