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  2. hi Andrew welcome to the forum one word of advice if I may if I was you when returning the fish to the water id use the weigh sling or landing net because carrying it up in the air in your hands if that fish becomes lively its going to end up on those rocks/pebbles and that will be one hurt fish please don't take offence by my comments just a little friendly advice my friend again welcome
  3. Yesterday
  4. Good luck mate, keep us informed how you get on. πŸŽ£πŸ™‚πŸ‘
  5. I've had a few liners but no nearly Xmas carp yet, πŸŽ…πŸŽ…πŸ˜πŸ˜ I put the front on tonight but I've just pegged it back as it was annoying me, got a hot water bottle in the scratcher though, rods are in the night club propped up on the bar like a 3 for 2 sambuca fiend 😁
  6. and you're dressed as Santa...………. Ian.
  7. No , only if caught either Christmas day or Boxing day.
  8. 3 hour session today, fish is very active here! 1 carp in the mat is enough! Fingers crossed πŸ˜€
  9. This video says it all. Where I live, Carp are underestimated game fish.Anyone that see how quickly they can peel drag would agree!Hope you enjoy, and please let me know what you think.Thankshttps://youtu.be/6ofbw6n2ZKc
  10. I have kissed a few fish over the years, Usually blank savers. I can remember a week at Taverham Mills where for some reason I wasn't catching on the static rods, while Bruce in the next swim round had at least one fish every day, between 10-18lb. We were freshening the spots every day, yet for some reason they were ignoring mine, and going straight round into his area. I had had a few smaller fish during the week stalked during the day, or on floaters, but absolutely nothing on the 'overnight' rods. On the day we were due to pack up the weather totally changed, from dry and bright to typical wet and rainy Bank Holiday weather, I was wet, the bivvie was now wet so I was in a 'couldn't care less' mood, I'd had enough, just wanted to get away, just because I hadn't caught on my bottom bait rods. About 2hours before we were due to pack up I decided on a 'last' recast, and within 30minutes I had a 15lb leather, 14lb mirror and another. The 15 did get kissed as a 'blank' saver from the bottom bait rods. I also have pucs of a 30 that forced me to kiss it. I was at Nazeing and hooked a fish from the right hand margins, about 2metres away from the rod tip. I played it away and netted it very quickly, so it can't have been totally tired out. On the bank it became a wrestling match to get pictures, as it tensed to flip, I pulled it towards me so I could 'drop' down onto the unhooking mat. The guy taking pics managed to get one as I was mouth to dorsal. πŸ˜±πŸ˜† Freudian slip typo left in placeπŸ˜‰
  11. Make sure you pack up before this big storm hits buddy. I wish I could get out. Hope to wet a line between Xmas and New year. Seems a long way off though πŸ˜’
  12. I am it's Christmas tree day, having a lovely time with the kids listening to Christmas songs, although bono just killed my speaker, he ran it out of battery with his ego (band aid) Bait is nicely prepped in dayglo glug and I am confident again, got the Conditions now i just have to get the location right and boom
  13. Be positive elmo, good luck geez!
  14. Does it count as a Christmas carp if we have put our tree up?🌲 😁
  15. Great story and great result well done, keep em coming, I've got a night out tonight and already feel like I will have similar issues getting there 😁
  16. Last week
  17. Always nice to introduce yourself... Welcome to Carp.com. You may find you got a better reaction if you had introduced yourself and given a brief explanation of your fishing experience. As Yonny pointed out, go back to basics. Look for the fish, do your thing, be your own angler. I would imagine you can fish two rods, on a new water one rod would be a hi-attract bait, probably the ever-present pineapple pop-up, but I would be changing bait regularly, casting around looking for fish. The other I would be fishing over a small amount of bait, maybe some really dry groundbait, with a couple of free whole or chopped boilies in a PVA bag. On a day session unless I knew the water responded ok, I would NOT be leading around. Too many casts may possibly spook the fish. Next thing, don't fire off at other users, you have a tendency to get ignored, or draw my attention, which could be worse... Yonny gave genuine advice. I simply would not turn up at a new water without knowing something about it. Yes, asking on the internet is great, but nothing beats going around it first and having a look, you can learn loads. The dreaded Facebook can be useful, look at the fishery if they have a FB page, look at the fishery website. Also, you could ask me (or any other anglers) about a water they are fishing, sorry, on one water in particular, I will not give anything away, my hard work is not for sharing until I know you are putting effort in yourself.
  18. very smooth single malt only drink at home though always like to be clear headed you never know if you might have to drive home unexpectedly plus ive seen a few drunk anglers in my time and sods law the drunk fella gets a bite middle of the night then does not even hear it while hes asleep have to go and wake him up cant leave the fish running all over the place in distress
  19. If you use egg powder than you can put more liquid attractor to your base mix and it would be not so sticky... And you can get harter baits on some water where you need to fight against other invasive fish(bullhead)...
  20. Try Strawberry and Cream Baileys if it is still available as a hookbait soak
  21. uh oh found this. Not as cheap as the Β£4 own brand originals in all supermarkets but probably much nicer to drink! https://www.aldi.co.uk/caramel-%26-hazelnut-cream-liqueur/p/021155325502900#product-reviews
  22. not just hookbaits, I defrost my freebies with a good dose of it!! Havent been this winter though in favour of other liquids, which have not worked as of yet so probably time to get down to aldi or lidl. I do wish they made a cheap flavoured baileys. Can't bring myself to spend Β£15 on the chocolate luxe baileys just to put on boilies!
  23. yonny

    Winter Drinks

    That's supposed to be for your hookbaits Vik🀣
  24. tea or coffee for the most part. bottle of baileys maybe in the van to add to coffee or neat. Brandy maybe if I'm feeling extra special.
  25. Cardhu Gold Reserve one of my favs at the moment 😜
  26. yonny

    Winter Drinks

    I'm a bit weird when it comes to whiskey in that I HATE speyside's but ABSOLUTELY LOVE Islay's.
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