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  2. Thanks that's handy to know if I ever need it, especially as most diawa reels seem to have it these days
  3. According to daiwa the windcast s wasn’t quick drag and the cap will fit straight on 4 spools and 3 caps just over 100£ with delivery direct from daiwa
  4. I've stuck with the Gardner Point Doctor 2.... The wife has Tons of these.... I know there Nail files....Any good for hooks.??
  5. Can you buy the spool caps off the shelf?
  6. Let me know how you get on with the pet file if it works I might look into one, does your collie have beaked point claws or straight point 😁
  7. 3 spool caps to get rid of the QD on the windcasts and 4 spare spools one of which to be filled up with braid just need to find another reel now from somewhere
  8. Expensive! We got my collie that pet file. Will give it a go as it freaks him out
  9. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F274038550671 I saw these on my hook sharpening travels, haven't got one so don't know what it's like but might be worth a look and maybe where Nash got the idea 😉
  10. Yeah got one of those and an eye glass and some other files but wanted the jag file as I think it will cut the metal quicker and better
  11. I bought the jag set might be a bit expensive but worth every penny really good quality baits attract the fish but its the hook that nails them never sharpened hooks before I got it and reading posts on here will it catch me more fish I hope so but il let you all know at the end of this year I know one thing they go in my finger a lot easier lol never used so many plasters lol
  12. Thinking about getting a pet nail file. It's electric, very fine stone. Thoughts?. Inspiration from the Nash one.....
  13. Mid November 2018 I was Lake, Dog, Cat and house sitting at Rushes Lake, Vire en Champagne, Sarthe. There are boar and deer in the immediately adjacent woods. Before the owner departed he asked me to be sure that the dog was indoors at all times on the Sunday. When I asked why the reply was "Because the locals hunt the in the woods most Sundays and they shoot at everything that moves and this includes each other ". I was sorely disappointed when they didn't show up. Ian.
  14. It is not that dangerous. The hunters are required by law to wear orange caps and jackets (to prevent them shooting each other). Also they are required to put up signs on the nearest public roads. I have been put in much more serious danger by cyclists.
  15. Have you got a vice elmo? IMO just as important as the file, the magnifying glass is useful too!!
  16. Whoops I just got ebay trigger finger and lashed out on a bivvy and wrap combo 😬 Cyprinus bunker brand new and was going cheap got it for £82+p and p I was on hold to the council tax people and it came up with a minute left and I lashed out, I think it may be too small for me as its only 120cm tall 😁 will set it up and see what I think but I should be able to flog it if it doesn't suit me 😂 I also bought a jag file
  17. Strewth Carpepecheur , for goodness sake be careful ! 😱. I think this is one occasion you don't want to be dressed head to toe in Realtree ! . 😃
  18. Turns out you were nearer the mark than you think Crusian. The lake is in thick woods on the side of a long valley. In the bottom of the valley is a narrow strip of pasture land. The other side of that is a track and open unfenced woodland. The French hunters spread out in a line along the track while their dogs flush out game from the woods behind onto the open pasture land where they can be shot. I am not talking shotguns for pheasants etc. They are using proper rifles for wild boar and deer. I can't call out and let them know I am directly behind their target because I am not supposed to be there.
  19. First part of my review.......... the cardboard box it arrived in is lovely....😁 I too find spreading the brolly open "with ease" difficult. I guess there is a knack to it, but thus far I haven't figured out what it is lol! And I'd love a £ for every time I've pinched my the palm of my hand pushing the front rib in. Ouchie!
  20. Hi Jules...i am definitely interested in canal/soar/biam spots in inner Leicester. thanks in advance !
  21. Hi mate..whereabouts was this in Abbey Park exactly??
  22. Whetstone Gorse Spring Grange Shearsby valley Holly Farm Peatling pool and a bit further afield would be Makins Also your gear is massively overkill mate
  23. Last week
  24. I am completely new to carp fishing. I am not an avid fisherman, but more than a novice after 50 years. I do a lot of channel cat fishing in the Hudson. Can someone give me the basics of carp fishing as far as rigs, baits, etc. Also, there are some flats that hold big carp in the Mid-Hudson River in the summer. Would they still hold up there in the colder weather?
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