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  2. Been there, done that... I'm terrified that when I pop me clogs she'll sell it for what I told her I paid for itπŸ˜‚
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  4. Now I’m no expert but you could tell your good lady it’s an investment πŸ€”
  5. My Mrs told me to behave once. I think I lasted an hour... πŸ˜–πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‰
  6. Sweetcorn Kid... He does do a bit of Sea dangling... a very busy lad... met him 12years ago on Le Quis... nice bloke, I see him occasionally down Fareham way, like myself, into Traditional tackle
  7. You might find that some of the single bleeps are actually fish bumping into the line before it is along the bottom, where it 'pings' as they catch up with it on their fins. Tench, bream, carp even pike can give liners. The other possibility is that at the longer range, it could be a proper take. I have had my Delkims give only a couple of bleeps at 100metres, yet the fish had moved a fair distance. Nylon monofilament at long range could well be stretched, under tension; you have tried to tighten to the lead, the line is slightly elastic. You will remove the bow, and stretch the line. The 'semi-tight' affect in my mind is you giving enough slack to allow the line to go back to the non-stretched state. At any long distance you want the line as tight as possible, and even with that, I think that at around 60metres, the line above the lead will be running on the lake bed (did someone mention catenary effect). Possibly, dependant on rules, you might find at distance, braid is a better bet, there is minimal stretch (around 1-2%). Undertow itself does not necessarily go directly against the wind, bars, islands and plateau's can change its direction, but it can definitely mess up your baiting and line lay. It can be bringing lumps of weed against the line, 'bleep', or moving the line and lead if it is strong enough.
  8. Another Abu444a to make a 3rd Sharpes/Abu combo... This lark's costing me a fortune and the wife has raised an oh so delicately trimmed and shaped eyebrow at my latest shenannigans... Think I'll have to behave meself for a bit..πŸ€ͺ😘
  9. Hi Mate, Welcome to Carp.com. Thanks for the Pm, hope to see you soon. Have fun
  10. Google army andy does alsorts of bivvy repairs and bits he makes himself, not cheap though but good quality work
  11. Home... Blank Bruno... Too hot.
  12. How's it going mate?πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸŸ
  13. Been a while since ive been on here. 2 3oz leads for the minnow trap Anti tangle sleeves bank tackle ofc 18lb line to attach to the minnow trap
  14. Oops... can a Mod move this to July's catches please... taπŸ‘
  15. 12lb 10oz Mirror... sorry for the Rubbish pic... Good scrap and a double bootee slipping it back... ho hum
  16. anyone know where i can get a door panel for a avid hq 2man bivvy as ive ripped mine. ive tried avid with no luck. :(
  17. Nowt yet... couldn't reach the spots by the pads on the Mordex Merlin pins, so swapped over to the old Abu444a's...
  18. Good luck to the both of you .... almost doesn’t matter if you don’t catch a fish on a gorgeous morning like that.
  19. Bit of a late start for me this morning...
  20. 350 club members and I'm the only one on the water... go figure
  21. That ure Sonik Vader Spod reel elmo??
  22. Yesterday
  23. nice gold finch working the plum tree for insects, always said twitching was just easy angling bill odie just likes to dress up in waterproof clothing, had a wild jackdaw over today he studied how the wood pigeons use the feeders before getting his fill.
  24. I use an old 2:75lb Shimano carp rod as my marker rod , works fine
  25. Nice one I think maybe I just need to use that one for the large airbomb, I'm starting to get better at casting distances with the rods but I couldnt quite get the distance with my other spod rod I think my other rod is probably about 4lb tc because it casts a 4oz gripper nicely so probably better with a midi spomb, I guess with a balanced set up it should make it easier πŸ‘ Must get a finger stall, I have got a kevlar glove though which I keep meaning to use but if I don't start soon I will probably regret it 😭
  26. Was hoping to give the islands a visit this year been on my radar for a while
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