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  2. Catching 63 carp in a 24 hour session does not prove the bait is good just sounds like a very overstocked water with a fish a chuck not my kind of water but each to his own in these kind of waters anybait will work ... tbh i think you are wasting money with the key £10-12 a kilo at most tackle shops. There are many small bait companys out there that produce bait just as good but half the price.
  3. Got my personal best for Pike as well this season. And the mirror, grass and other carp species are biting well now. Best way to reach me to make fishing plans is either via here or my TS3 server: "Look for Sarath"
  4. Fishing season is well upon us if anyone wishes to fish venues in the Bayern / Bavarian regions of germany pop me a line. I also go for a week each year to Northern Denmark to fish for off shore Cod. I usually do this in the June / July time frame due ot weather conditions, these trips require reservations for the ship, crew and lodging, so get with me ASAP for the 2018 season if interested. Took one over 95CM this year, average size is 50cm to 100cm.
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  6. Cheers mate Think the second from last was my personal favourite. You been out much ?
  7. Its not crazy mate, its the value of capture that i keep bangng on about, if a lake is rammed with fish, do you appreciate it or expect it, some of the lads catch a few fish a year from challenging places, everyones a trophy and rightly so, some are happy with easy hauling, neither is for me, i go somewhere in the middle, i respect deeply the true hunters and as for the opposite, i despair, me, i know my place, trouble is some people have illusions about their own abilities, that is why i admire the carp anglers of the past, some may be of their ilke but very few.
  8. I went fishing at a local club water after Carp, nothing doing. So I swapped over to freelined breadflake and thought I'd nab a few Tench. Water was gin clear and I could see some swimming around on the bottom of the lake over a sand bar. Plopped my flake on top of them and could see it fluttering all the way down to where they were, pulled in 9 one after the other. Nothing fantastic size wise (I guess the biggest was about 5lb). Hate to say it, I got bored after about 20 minutes and packed up and went home. There have been plenty of other mornings where I would have been happy to just catch one!! Crazy.
  9. Spot on Rob, its ruddy boring.
  10. Its not the weight Vik, i have had 55 carp in a day session from Canons Ashby, there was a bloke on the carpheadbangers vid, Erics angling championship caught 118 pound of carp in 15 minutes from Drayton, I have spoken with Stevie Ringer when fishing the same venue, he is a master with the bagging waggler at range, if you dont get a bite within 30 seconds, reel it in, you have to see this to beleive it. This is why i doubt some people when they tell me they are carp anglers, i have done that and the pits, neither were for me, the river and the estates, will do, it fits in with what i require from my fishing, sometimes i long for a campaign and others, i would occassionally love to hammer these silly venues, but i have found something that suits me and have noillusions about how good a carp angler i am, i aint.
  11. I'd have got bored keep hauling them in. And I'm blowed if I'd pay over £12.00 a kilo to get bored
  12. If you can find it in large quantities groundnut oil is good. Ian russel really rates sunflower oil and to cheap as chips too.
  13. I know. A bag of sweetcorn would do. Doesn't really justify £12 a kilo does it. Even if it's the weight of carp he has had it still proves nothing. Because we know nothing of the last 4 years he fished there. Maybe he caught better on breadflake. Who knows. I don't think you can say a boilie is good until you've applied it over a period and seen good catch returns. It helps if you fished the same venue regularly beforehand and the only thing to have changed was bait. I caught 4 fish from a club lake in 3 months, which isn't bad going anyway, one was and still is the lake record to my knowledge. I had a timing issue in autumn and swapped over to another bait supplier (solar) and proceeded to blank on their bait. It was shoddy just from looking at it. I had ordered in bulk though so had to use it. Not even the tench liked it. It easier to pick out a bad boilie than it is to find a good one. Luckily what I use now is really good quality as I'm back on responsive baits (what I used to catch those fish) and I've managed to pick fish up from tricky waters on it. Just crumbling a boilie up you can see it's packed full of proper ingredients. Crumb up some other baits, the well known ones, and it's just a basic mix with added sawdust.
  14. On some modern so called carp waters, this is highly possible, but why you would feel the need to buy such an expensive bait puzzles me, its clear that the fish will eat anything thrown in.
  15. Thanks Geezer. Sunflower oil it is....
  16. As I mentioned in another thread, my rods have gone away now until my French trip on July 1st. The year before last my trip coincided with a particularly hot spell, temperatures hit 38 degrees a day or two in. This saw the resident carp start on their 3rd spawning session and basically ruined the week for me. Last year the weather was a bit cooler so it didn't happen and the fishing was a lot more productive. I'm hoping it doesn't get too hot again this year.
  17. just about to start off on my migration to south France , should be fishing tomorrow , hate the journey though , 900 miles in one go , don't like stopping as I'm in my pick up with all my tools on the back ! lots of coffee along the way ! looking forward to some long stays on the river lot , Dordogne this year , ! Maybe that 70 lb er
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  19. You haven't found the right lake buddy. Once you do, catch results are less important. The venue itself will draw you there, and walking the banks and observing the fish will be as enjoyable as catching them. And in doing this, as CM mentioned, you will learn a lot that you can take to any venue. By hopping around, you are playing the lottery, with little knowledge of each lake you fish and it's inhabitants. My advice would be to try and stick it out on a lake you feel comfortable on. Avoid day ticket venues and find a club lake where there is less of a turn over of anglers. Take the time to walk around all of the clubs lakes before you decide and don't just go on the size of fish, go with your gut instinct after a walk about. If you stayed on a lake for one whole year, through all four seasons, you can start noticing the minutest of changes in behaviour, this will gain you a lot of water craft knowledge and will definitely improve your angling long term. If you hop around, you are always back to square 1. Just my tuppence worth.
  20. No mate that's the front lake.....I did six months on the back lake and struggled big time (one big blank) moved onto the front lake because it was a better option for the winter, I'll flit between the two now dependant on weather and where I see fish. Will also be doing nights on two other club lakes just to keep options open
  21. Is the back lake the on\e with the Bouy in some of your photos
  22. A mat won't stop the fish flapping around, but it helps to protect them a bit better when they do; there are also cradles available. There are treatments for treating wounds, I'm not sure what you would have available your way though?
  23. Yea i definitely need to get a landing mat so I can put them down on something that won't make them flap around and so I won't have to weigh them by the gills. I know now that you aren't supposed to gill a carp. Also, isn't there some sort of styptic pen or something that you can put on any wounds that you observe on the fish?
  24. As dave said mate.....fill ya boots! Nothing wrong with organising a social 😉
  25. So......I have had my first fish out of the back lake.....a roach of a few oz's BUT I have found a secret hiding spot for some of the big ones 😁😁 they come out of the snags for floaters after they have been in the water for 5 mins or so....I had one take on the floater gear unfortunately something went wrong and I lost it 😔 But my next visit I will only be taking floater gear and I have no doubts I will be either a) adding to may catch reports (if I get up there for a few hours tomorrow) b) starting/adding to the June catch reports thread over the next week or so the excitement for the back lake has returned 😁😁
  26. @Danjamesmartin @Leicester_Merc Hope it was get him out !

  27. 1st post? Maybe he was using spam. Yeah, maffs problem, a 63 carp in a 24 hour session and a 46 carp in a 24 session; should that read 63 carp in a 24 hour session and 46 carp in a 24 hour session: in either case it means nothing, I thought that the quay was only to be used as feed, not as a hook bait as it's too soft. Oh well, what do I know, I can't even read what someone means
  28. Stockton res by the blue liars pub? Yes you should get down hopsford mate if you have never gave it ago there, ran by lovely people and some nice fish in there too! Try in the week though as weekends seem to get very busy as not a big water really.... if you ever fancy going there for a session let me know and I'll pop down and have a crack with you..
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