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  2. Pike fishing

    Out again tomorrow try another spot along the river. Saw a few roach topping there last week!
  3. January catch reports

    The only fishing I've done in over 6 month's mate.... loved it Best of luck .... take a shovel
  4. January catch reports

    My Wife says " build his Igloo first , and don't forget to take his ice Drill "
  5. Today
  6. January catch reports

    Fair play mate. Look forward to the pics of a snow carp.
  7. January catch reports

    Dunno why that says chris Ian was meant to say “Crusian” as for “heavy snow” will take more than that to stop me mate 🤣😂 4x4 plus a 24hr pass from the missus = I’m going fishing
  8. January catch reports

    Was talking more about the heavy snow that's been forecast. I was supposed to be going Friday the 2nd but the lakes are already frozen so doubt it will get any better by then. Looks like I'm going the pub instead.
  9. Thought for the day.

    My car is off the road already, had the car loaded and was on my way to a lake for a 24 hour session and the gears packed up on me, wouldn't go into reverse, 1st or 4th. Managed to get it back home safely though. I've got someone checking it out tomorrow so I'll find out more then. Gutted, haven't had it long lol
  10. mine arrived at about 7.30, opened it to find this
  11. January catch reports

    Well as Cris Ian quite rightly pointed out I’m “nutty” enough to find out....if I get to the lake and it has a lid I’ll take the ten minute trip back home 😁 if it doesn’t I’ll pitch up and try my luck
  12. Yes the lining is removable 😉* * on the skee tex ultralights that I have.....not sure about the other options in range
  13. Pike fishing

    Bitterly cold day mate. Your a braver man than me
  14. January catch reports

    Judging by the weather forecast id be surprised if any lakes in Kent or Essex are fishable by Friday.
  15. January catch reports

    Well tight lines , and keep warm .
  16. Thanks very much fellas , but now you've given me choices ! . I'll have to get myself down to a tackle shop and try both on to get the sizing right in relation to thickness of socks . In theory I'm leaning towards the Skee-Tex , because I'm thinking I could take the linings out when / if the weather warms up ? .
  17. Hello Levigsp, and sorry for the PM but I was pointed in your direction by another member "Cyborx".

    I am looking for some writings on the subject of carp strains , stockings, carp evolution, movement etc, or anything along those lines. I'm sure it's a deep and complicated subject and would involve a number of references. I haven't searched extensively for these references, but have asked around without much joy, hence my contacting you... If you know of a couple of books worth getting hold of, as a starting point, then I'd be very grateful.

    Best regards,




    1. spr1985


      B.c .....just so you know mate this published as a status to the open forum timeline and didn’t go as a pm 😉

    2. levigsp


      Ask away and I will try and answer your questions.

      As to books on carp, I'm afraid unless you can read German, Polish, Israeli etc, your going to struggle. Although the history of carp fishing by by Kevin Clifford is not bad in some respects, though limited.

    3. B.C.


      Thanks, I'll look for that one.... Didn't think of the language barrier, it's the ignorant Englishman in me....

      Thanks for the reply.

  18. Angling Direct 10℅ off

    https://www.anglingdirect.co.uk/vass-r-boot have a look at these as well, best thermal boots I’ve owned by far
  19. January catch reports

    I spent the day moving and burning willow tree off cuts that Gary had been cutting down. I did gain some valuable info though and some likely areas that the carp seem to come from....confirmed most of what I already knew from speaking to others really. Ill be doing a 24hr soon as I finish work Friday so hopefully I will be able to update at some point Friday night/Saturday morning 😁
  20. Spot on mate, light weight come with a thermal liner (I wear wool socks when fishing too) and they keep my feet nice and warm, as for the hard wearing I can’t really comment as I haven’t had them long enough. But at £30ish I think we’ll worth the money (even better with a discount) and I see a lot of people wearing them on the bank in the winter......so I think that says they are good
  21. Wronguns

    Look some people don't seem to grasp my language so Ill try and change it. Its no good looking at a carp and saying, that's a common, or leather or mirror etc, its not that simple Scaled carp are what you call common. Scatter scale is what you call mirror. Line is what you call mirror[linier]Nude is what you call leather. Now if you mix any of them in any mix you will get Commons and eventually with out human intervention all the ponds residents will be commons. If you stock all commons, you will only have commons, stock only linier you get all four, stock only leather you get all four but most die. Stock Mirror[ not linier] you only get mirror. This is not superstition it is fact and regardless of what most authors have written over the years, Mirror carp were not bred by the monks to make it easy to prepare for the table, that was Leather and Linier carp, the first true genetic Mirror carp was not bred until the early 20th centaury followed a lot later in the 20th by others and all breed true 99.999999% reoccurring. The mistake made is that we got our carp names from the Germans, who only had three names in 1900, Spiegel[mirror] all partial scaled,Nackt[leather, Verbreitet skaliert, common, they never knew that the Mirror was an actual genetic form of its own. Whereas in Poland and Russia they had łuskowaty[common]lustrowi[mirror, liniowy[linier]nagi Skóra[leather]Oprawiony[frame], so the Poles were more advanced regardless of what the Germans thought and some authors since, the second world war wiped out years of valuable knowledge.
  22. January catch reports

    So did you get to go out in a boat and have a crafty prod of the lake bed , or did you you just fire 100's of questions at Gary Bayes ? . Hopefully the weather might have finally warmed up enough by March 14th for wimpy anglers like me to venture out .
  23. Rock lakes France

    Hi all I'm off to rock lakes in France in may has anyone been there any info would help .
  24. Hello Spr I can't find the post now , but you mentioned you wear a pair of Skee-Tex Ultralight , how do you find them please ( i.e. how warm , hardwearing ) ? , as you are nutty enough to go fishing when it's snowing - allegedly you're in for a treat this week ! . Sorry for the post hijack everyone , but with all these discounts flying around maybe someone will treat themselves to a new pair of wellies ? .
  25. Wronguns

    It's due to the fact that the mirror gene has been watered down & with the original strong mirror gene gone, it hasn't taken that long for all young fish to be commons . This is only a study of a small farm pond with its own parameters from the start , like I said the time scale will change massively water to water . In theory ,say you were starting a new lake (blank canvas) .... you would want to introduce a few different carp from the start , so the gene pool is bigger from the off , ie not just one supply of stock fish .
  26. Wronguns

    I dont see your line of reasoning, if there are still mirrors in there, it couldnt happen, you just said there is, for your scenario to occur, there shouldnt be any left.
  27. Wronguns

    I did not think their was such a fish as a Pure Mirror , i thought they were bred that way for easier preparation for cooking and such like ,so not having to de scale the fish
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