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  2. Snugpak are the dogs danglies in my opinion. I use their sleeping bags and have the softie shirt and sasquatch. Amazingly warm. I wouldn't use anything else.
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  4. It's funny I spent a little time being a team member last year and it did funny things to my brain, I wanted to use a different pop up and then felt I couldn't and I wanted to use alternate hookbaits etc but then felt handicapped or that I would have to lie if I caught anything worth catching, quite happy to be free of all that again tbh, this year I can do what I want when I want with whatever I want, other than fishery rules obvs 😉
  5. I've got a lot of time for Carl and Alex they seem like genuine guys and they seem to be in it for a genuine Love of the Sport and also to help the kids learn, and from a slightly different perspective, they have also set up another channel which has instructional videos to teach newcomers how to do things,
  6. How do the Snugpaks come up size wise Yonny?? I usually buy extra large as I'm about a 43" chest. That's at the maximum for their large. I don't want it too tight but I'm worried that their XL will be too big
  7. welcome mate enjoy some very clever fishermen here to get advice from and very friendly group of guys
  8. I think glycerine in the soak/glug acts as a preservative, and as a hookbait hardener. The glugged baits in the area were often left until there was no other baits left. May be possible that the soak made them different, so as they weren't the prebaited ones, which the carp were searching for and eating, the carp didn't touch them until there was no 'regular' food left. Yet they were ripping the bottom up to eat my normal bait. It is also possible that the carp were leaving any bait, that hadn't been in the water for a minimum of 24hours. On this particular water, at times, you had to leave a cast bait in place for up to 2 days without moving it. I had tried mixing glugged baits in with my normal baits, so there was a mix. It put me off using soaked glugged baits on here, knowing that the normal bait would work anyway. On other waters, glugged baits could be taken before unsoaked baits, as maybe the glug did act as an attractor. This I found best with single baits, using just the glugged baits on the hook, when I had put in no freebies, but possibly over baits other anglers had put in before leaving.
  9. As Yonny says - https://www.snugpak.com/outdoor/sale?p=2 or the Keela Beelay jacket , I don't find fleece keeps it thermal properties once it looses its body if you know what i mean.
  10. Thanks @elmoputney I mainly used 15mm pineapple boilies on the the bottom. Never tried pop ups on there will deffo give them a try. Again thanks so much. Took a walk round colwick this morning to try see some showing but no joy. Going to keep taking trips and talking to the Angler’s on there 🤞🤞
  11. Don't get me wrong, amongst the "known" anglers he's still very much at or near the top.
  12. Imo lots of guys think they're doing something different when they're not. It's a fact that on most waters you have guys spombing, guys using sticks, and guys using cattys etc etc, every single day of the week. To be truly different you need to get funky, do something that genuinely isn't being done by anyone else. If you're lucky enough to figure something out and it works you need to keep it VERY quiet i.e. tell no-one. And certainly not post about it on an open forum lol. Exactly mate. Every man and his dog is using glugs and liquids, it's no edge. Imo there is almost nothing you can buy from a bait firm that can give you a genuine edge over most other anglers. You need to look past the bait firms, past the angling firms altogether - because there are things out there that will give you that edge. He's still my hero lol.
  13. That is always happening. I've seen numerous "sponsored " anglers catch fish on a certain bait only to put in the mags' it was caught on his sponsored bait. I kind of expect it from some of them but one of them I couldn't believe had done it as I held him in high regard and thought everything he said was always accurate. In fact this one particular angler also represents a tackle manufacturer (esp,ecially end tackle, you might guess who from this) but his hooks were from a totally different company stating that they were much sharper than the ones he was sponsored by. I stopped buying magazines from then on.
  14. Yeah I recall that. Doing things differently is always good, no doubt, but doing it well is more important imo. An angler doing something very simple really well will out-fish an angler doing something very funky badly. If you keep an eye on the top rod on your water I can almost guarantee they're not doing anything ground breaking. Rather they're just doing what they do really well. If I'm fishing a pressured water i.e. a proper circuit water I do have a couple of tricks up my sleeve to keep things different but nine times out of 10 if you can get on the fish the simplest tactics will do the job imo.
  15. I don't watch many youtube vids , most are sponsored in one way or another so need to use the latest spomb, glug , bucket etc etc.You also never know how many unsuccessful footage they are binning . I know a few sponsored anglers one of them had two big commons off the top on chum within 45 mins of turning up one session this was on a well known water . Roll on several months when he does an article for a magazine the two fish came out on his sponsored bait using rig bits from another of his sponsors ,like he told me how could he write a lengthy article and please his sponsors if he told the truth . I did watch that Karl & Alex one you mentioned , not a bad watch . When they mentioned do something different they had already hooked two of the big lumps tried bullying them to much IMO which is why they lost them ,still it sounds good when they say these things . Nice to see the enthusiasm from them and to see the younger generation coming through which we defo need more of .
  16. Very interesting Nick , so are you saying the carp left the glugged baits alone but ate the unglugged ones in the same area ? Whats your thinking behind adding glycerine to the natural liquids was it to preserve the baits . Its odd how your experience is that all glugged baits are having a negative effective , I find this surprising with the natural ones .
  17. I think doing things your way and being different are almost the same thing really and most will be using there own ideas, for me it comes down to trends if you see a lot of people spombing then use a different method if everyone is using a throwing stick then a Spomb may be the answer,just the simple things really, I watch a lot of YouTube vids and most of the time they are all using heavily glugged spod mixes and I've no doubt this works because you also see the proof, but is the method diluted by everyone else doing similar things? This is why I raised the question really, For me this year SHOULD be better I am going back to a lake I fished before for a season and caught quite well from so I know a few swims already, I have rigs I am confident in, I actually think I am a more advanced angler than when I fished it before and can hopefully do OK, naturally it will have changed but hopefully I can coax a few whackers out and pick up from where I left off, I caught my biggest fish from there a 27lb common, it was my target then to get a 30+ and that's still the target but also to be more consistent and go in with a plan and see it through
  18. I think North Face are overpriced. I had some of their lined trousers, they were decent but cost a fortune, more than $100 from the States (and this was several years ago when it was still cheap to buy in the US). I replaced them last year with some Craghopper Kiwi's which cost 25 quid and they're actually better imo. Smufter, the SJ3 will do everything you want and more. I see the Sleeka Elite is on sale at the moment if you want to save a few £££E£.
  19. I'd have to say the best jacket I own is a North face one, with a fleece liner. Not cheap but very good quality and effective in all weather's! Had it about 10 years, still in good condition 😉
  20. Looking for suggestions for a nice warm jacket. Don't need anything too heavy, as I don't venture out during the depths of winter. Just want something to slip on at 1st light on those "nippier" Spring and Autumn mornings, or when the Sun is beginning to dip below the horizon. Something that's going to offer a little more warmth and protection than a hoodie (don't like hoodies lol!). Any suggestions??? Thanks
  21. I don't glug baits if I am prebaiting. I want the bait to stand on its own. I found glugged baits, when prebaiting, even in natural liquids like liquid liver, molasses, or liquid yeast were sometimes left over the 'natural' bait. I'm not sure 'find the bait' is quite right, especially after fishing large reservoirs where it can take the carp a couple of days to move into the area. All of my fish have come to baits out of the bag. Same with prebaiting on Earith, even though I knew about glugged baits, every fish came on a plain straight ordinary boilie, and I did try both high attract pop-ups and glugged baits. However I do think a glugged bait can create a feeding trigger or inquisitive take if the carp find one 'on its own'. My largest or personal best river carp of 28lb did take a bait soaked in Nutrabaits Bait Soak Complex, which was I think a mix of Multimino, Nutramino. The session was only 2 1/2hours long. I was using a soaked bait over pellets to try to get a feeding or pick up reaction. From that bait soak I did start playing with natural liquids, occasional natural flavours and glycerine. Liquid Yeast and Liver with glycerine worked best, but even with glycerine as a preservative had a shelf life.
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  23. Hi anyone know of any good spots in inner Leicester for a decent days pleasure fishing silvers. cheers
  24. Depends what the others are doing , again I don't always get the idea you need to do something different to everyone else . You are right though stick to YOUR approach not someone elses , decent bait , rigs your confident in , maybe tweak or change if your the only one not getting results but this all depends on the water your fishing .
  25. I sometimes put some hydro in when pre baiting , not much just to give that extra little attraction .
  26. As for the new lake you learn most from better anglers so don't be scared to try even if you are out of your depth 👍
  27. Welcome I just had a look at the lakes website, sounds like it's very heavily stocked so this may stop them reaching a big weight, I think the only way is to keep working through the smaller ones and hope the bigger ones decide to make an appearance tbh, What size baits are you using? I would fish a pop up too, smaller fish seem less keen to take them I think
  28. Wecome aboured fella. Sorry i cant help with your venue questions. Gaz
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