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  2. There is probably a mad cat lady feeding it somewhere, there's always one πŸ™€
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  4. I can get reasonable night pictures on my phone, but definitely prefer the camera flash. The mirror was taken on the camera, good flash, no extra lighting, the common on my phone. I don't think the common picture is as good, you have a 'merge' between my t-shirt and the background, whereas with the mirror, same colour hoodie (and they are even now) you can see the difference. I can definitely see the benefit of video lights, heck my dad used them years ago when filming television programmes at night (he was a vision mixer, cameraman and studio designer for London Weekend Television, and used them on outside broadcasts), but I do find I already take so much gear that extra lighting is too, too much. My current camera is a Canon Eos, no bells or whistles, just flash and self timer, which to be honest I have gotten used to. I was on Fuji Finepix, but water killed two, so picked up the Eos for Β£5 on the bay.
  5. My Spomb is hit the marker distance, clipped up and then sorted. I do prefer mono on the Spod/Spomb rod.πŸ˜‰
  6. Can be a very good idea. Google a place can throw up some very interesting maps or satellite images. Does anyone remember this one?
  7. There is a 'but' in that: all animals require nutrition, be it vitamins and minerals, protein, fats and carbohydrates. Bread is a ball of carbohydrate, pretty much instant energy; the first nutritional requirement to be fulfilled is energy. Carp will eat most things, or try them. Forget the word bait for a minute, change it for food. There you have the nutritional requirement, protein, fats, carbohydrates. If you can provide a food that the carp can eat long term, you are supplying (as an example) every week, then they may actively search it out. In fact, you can prove this with farm fish, throwing pellets in, they are ready and waiting, and will eat them every time. No fishing pressure, but a food. Now swap it back in as bait. A fair few years ago at Taverham I baited up a fishmeal bait every day in a particular spot and time. (The joys of running the place). There were fish that were there almost every day, and feeding as soon as the boilies went in. I could drop boilies in on top of them, and they ripped the bottom up. Another area I baited regularly, the carp would feed heavily in the area, not just my bait, but tearing up the bottom for bloodworm as well. I could fish this bait in pretty much every swim, and know the carp would take it readily if they found it. Now we come to why carp may stop taking a particular boilie. You simply aren't feeding enough to get them to eat comfortably. They have become wary. They know the food is good, but if every time they eat it a big predator hooks them, stresses them out and lifts them out of the water, may start to leave it. Prebaiting again regularly may be enough to get them feeding and taking the bait as food again, or in many anglers cases it is the reason to change baits. I have tried using baits made from liquidised maggots, casters and worms. The real thing produces more fish than boilies, but small fish can be a nuisance.
  8. Big Bass


    Butler came good and he needed to after a poor show behind the stumps. But what a player...Can’t wait for Thursday πŸ‘
  9. I love carp fishing. It's the most underrated angling in the US. The pursuit of finding carp triggers is an endless journey.
  10. Ooo they did... On running rigs too. 2nd best session on there... NO. 1 session was landed 27 from 22runs in a day session, that before got night ticket.
  11. Long , lean Carp , Highy , I would guess that they went like rockets ? . πŸ˜ƒ
  12. That not bad idea, I know they are there I've felt them before but never fished on/off em. Something to look into πŸ‘
  13. Maybe along way off holding it until the fella loses the lease hopefully, I Ed asked around the area and a whisper tells me he may do 🀞🀞
  14. If you check that place using google earth you may find different pictures where you see gravel bars etc just check different views for it at least that’s the theory to it lol
  15. Look forward to the pic of you holding it mate πŸ‘
  16. It is, picture don't do it justice, its tail can be bright orange at right time of year, think it has some Koi in it... Its actual named "Half Lin" but I'd name it "Half Koi Lin". Looks amazing in real life.
  17. That’s a funky colour looking carp looks blue grey from here ??
  18. Too small a lake for that and it gets a good amount of bait going in most days this time of year, it's more of a fishing on the patrol routes they take and trying to get one or two to have a quick belly full swim.
  19. Would it be possible to sneakily bait it for a little while? and still fish a favoured peg for a bit, might just help tip the balance right in your favour when the time came to have a go on it πŸ‘ I'm not going to fish my baited spots for a while just keep them topped up with freebies, so they can always find something there then wait till the time is right (hopefully)
  20. Preconceived ideas are hard to ignore once you have one rattling around, i have one brewing after looking around an empty peg the other day gives access to a margin spot between two islands, i reckon i might give a go for the next few sessions, just means walking past the more favoured pegs if they are empty.
  21. I think it's almost time to start with a cunning plan for Sept , find a spot or two this week start baiting them regularly for when I am off in sept, smash it, how's that for confidence 😁
  22. Speaking of Confidence and target fish. This is on my list, I have shown it on here before, but while the person is in charge up there I won't be going, but this is a fish I will/would love to catch. I know the place inside out, we're the sunken features are, not gravel spots but old cobble path on the bottom and bowls (not holes).
  23. I have an abundance of mono but no spod braid at the moment for my other spod rod, was thinking of using 12lb or 15lb hydrotuff with a shock leader, just to try it 😲 Do you have to allow for the stretch in mono? I am assuming not unless you are really hitting the clip hard as it shouldn't stretch that much should it?
  24. Could be looking for a fish shop
  25. Same as me il be lost without my phone, I had a pic of the big Common in Oxlease for years would always have a look at her till I had her out. For the last 10 years or so every swim Iv fished the distances to hard spots, gavel weed beds and the fish Iv had also weather conditions bait i us and what other anglers around me were doing Iv recorded. I fish day ticket waters the linear complex a favourite. The carp Society’s horseshoe lake beat me up a bit tho πŸ™„ .... but one thing I never do is give up. The trip is not over till you pull the last rod in, and then you can still ask other anglers how they got on. When I fish with the lads and they ask what my tactics are I say to catch a fish Lol.
  26. I've seen one dead on the main Leicester Road in Rugby. What a great day that was πŸ™‚
  27. This was a dusk shot, This was an early morning shot, used the video light on both, just to brighten the scene up
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