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  3. cuttle mill is in sutton coldfield area of birmingham, very nice area, will cost you a min of 20 quid a night to fish it, very posh carp fishery, great old carp in there as well stocked from france, great tranquil lake, peaceful secure, it's a fishery so has all the requirements ect, there is a lake at the back of the ramada hotel in walmley, you'll see it on google maps don't know what the lakes called, i've heard of some great fish in there but that goes years back, i'm not sure who owns it, i just think its a scenery piece for the hotel so most likely run by ramada, although i have heard fosters have got something to do with it langley mill lake, back of falcon lodge walmley, that's a membership lake, only something like 30 quid to join, great course fishing, huge stock of bream, tench, some monster carp in there but its not a carp lake theres no carp anglers on it they don't really like the carp lads on there although i know personally there is carp in there upto 30ib, they've come from the lake behind there lindridge lake, which is a carp syndicate, both are syndicate membership lakes, earlswood is not far from brum located by solihull, canal river trust run, costs something like 5-6 quid a day, its stated as no night fishing but the bayliff is lax about this, if done nights a few times on there, a lot of noddy anglers on the water, heavily pressured with your idiots fishing it bad fish care/health, himley hall in dudley, half hour from brum is a great venue to fish, you can day fish it for under 10 quid, but to do nights you have to be on the syndicate for a few hundred quid a year, its worth that all day long to be a member there, great lake, great scenery ect, very secure, great fish in the lake alot of grass carp upto and i think over 30ib, there's a video of matt hayes fishing it years ago, deffinately worth fishing on a day ticket one of the best day ticket lakes, very very touristy though hundreds of people walking around the lake daily sheepwash nature reserve i've never fished have never found info on the lake i assume theres got to be some carp in there but if anything significant is in there it would have been caught, abit rough area as well wouldn't really do nights on there buckpool fens nature reserve in dudley has some big carp in there but is quite rough, you'll be hearing scramblers all day long riding around the area, i would actually do nights on there but with a few lads, ive sure big carp crusing around at the top lake called middle pool, definitely worth fishing if your with someone else i can guarantee there's some great fish in there, its not really fished as well except for the odd local lads but they look inexperienced anglers anyway no disrespect to the lads but i doubt they've hauled any of the big carp in there out, dont know the depths never chucked a marker out only walked round the lakes, netherton reservoir is good course and carp fishing, id say no carp over 30ib in there though, big lake, very choppy and windy as its a wide expanse water, you cant actually fish it now as the council have banned fishing because of the local riff raff causing trouble down there, wouldn't do nights on there myself
  4. salford carl, i dont suppose you fish salford do you ??
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  6. Another good tip. The fold up camping chairs, they slide into a quiver holdal no problem. I Got a military surplus one off eBay for 12.99. It's actually more comfy than any other fishing chair I've had. You just need a very even surface. On slopes they are no good. Frees up a hand to carry something else if needed.
  7. Hopefully this is the rig that's gonna nail me a carp tomorrow
  8. My day kit comprises of a Korum compact ruckie, Korum speed mat and chub chair, (or my Avid Transit super- Lo) bait bag, quiver with 2 carp rods/reels, net, shelter and sling... Everything that I need goes into or onto the ruckie and quiver... I even get a flask and a sarnie in my bait bag as well as me bait... gotta say if I'm doing a night or longer I'll use a barrow, as I only have one bedchair and a Nash wideboy ain't fer carrying if you are the wrong side of 60😎
  9. Thats ok mate. Fining down has been a long process for me. It's still ongoing. Hence I pay much attention to this thread. Lugging loads of gear can turn an anticipated day of fun into a bit of a nightmare. So I do go really minimal. Maybe too much so. In regards to the bed wychwood do a 6.5kg one. Close it up with your sleeping blanket on. Jumper for a pillow lol. Also add a shoulder strap to the bed. Ngt 4.99 on eBay, Sorted
  10. Hi bluelabel My chair is fine and can be carried, it's my bedchair that needs some work/replacing tbh it's an old slightly knackered jrc cocoon and 4 season sleeping bag (heavy) a rucksack may be a good idea for carrying this or another bedchair when I get some spare funds Dannygooner The pop up cradle weighs 1.65kg and tbh I would rather have it for the safety of the fish, I agree the retainer may be a luxury item that's only needed occasionally but if I can would rather have it with me just incase I need it I was using an extra rod as a marker rod but felt it wasn't needed most of the time I can use a catapult or throw bait out and if I can't I can clip up and tie a spod on fairly quickly, it's not a big lake I will be fishing, but low stock so being able to move easily will help, and I guess over time i can leave the unnecessary items at home But thanks for the input
  11. Another Blank Bruno...only 2 fish have come out since Friday...and that being 2 of the Illusive Mirror Carp...12 people on the lake...the wind was ridiculous...blowin straight at us and we were the only 4 on the lake with the wind in out faces...everyone else either wind on there back on on corner pegs....
  12. That sounds light and mobile on paper but there's lots of unnecessary stuff in there if you are truly wanting to chase the fish and do some miles hunting them. All my angling now is mobile and that list there would make it impossible. You'll constantly be catching bushes and fences and slipping on mud if where I fish is anything to go by. Probably be ok on a small water but I'll walk miles to find fish somedays. Is a cradle and safety retainer needed if you are going to Slip it straight back? Also I'd rather have a 4 rod quiver with spod and marker rod in. The whole point of being mobile is you want to be on the move quickly. Have all your necessary tools to catch the fish to hand. Fishing like this has increased my results drastically , in all my fishing, not just carping. Blue labels recommendation is a gooden but I was shocked to see that it doesn't have a cross body strap on the handles. Awful design.
  13. salford park/aston reservoir, great course and carp lake, id say less than 20 carp in the lake, some run upto 30ib now, you will struggle to catch them, the lake is very pressured with fishing, can be a bit dodgy fishing the lake, alot of idiots on there alot of the time but still a great lake if you like he urban scenery, plantsbrook nature reserve, great pike fishing, think there might be some carp lurking in there too, hardly fished, very quiet, is pitch black on the night times, and quite eerie, ive chucked a marker out and got depths of 22ft on the big lake, used to be run on a membership years ago but doesnt exist now, council run, sutton park, blackroot had some big carp in but has been pressured for the last 10 years now, plus i think they have all but died in blackroot some will still be lurking but nothing over 20ib, great lake, great scenery, no hassle or trouble on the nights, waters run by the sutton park rangers but never come round, you wont have to pay, although i think its a few quit, very silty, rather shallow due to extreme silt dead leaf/trees ect, ive never found over 7ft on the whole lake. longmoor lake has no fish in, its got a depth of around 4ft max, bracebridge is a good course lake never heard of any carp took from there don't know depths of that lake, the lake by the wyndley leisure centre you cant fish it, but ive heard that its a stock lake for a handfull of fisheries around brum. powells pool is good pike course lake, quite deep, ive chucked a marker at 200yards and got around 14-17ft, ive heard off a few lads theres a 40 in there. sutton parks probs best for security and piece of mind, st margaret's estate great barr, the two lakes, amazing pike fishing there, very very overgrown you will have to chop your own peg out, very deep but lake is extremely weedy, top lake is covered more of the time in summer, bottom lake doesnt go over 6ft in depth, top lake if found 12.14 on the marker, ive seen big pike roll on the dam walkover aswell, very eerie lake to fish especially if you read its history shard end lake, and the kingsford lake have good carp in there, rough lakes though i wouldnt fish them on the nights, frankley reservoir, good course fishing, nothing special in carp terms in there, upper bittle got drained everything took out lower bittle is good course, not so good carp fishing, brookvale lakes witton, had fish disease around 10 years ago, theres fish in there now but nothing of size due to the fish deaths, upper witton lakes, iver never fished it i wouldn't recommend fishing it at all, proper rough area perry park alexander stadium, i found news article a few years back of some foreigners pouching the carp there, doubt there is anything in there now, forge mill lake, again was poached alot years back, no big carp in there now, sandwell swan lake got poached again nothing in there im certain, plus wouldn't recommend night fishing it avoid small heath park lake, cannon hill lake, edgebaston pool, edgebaston reservoir, handsworth golf lake, pype hays lake, babbsmill, shard end, lakes, there all rough, i wouldnt fish them, great pike fishing around the canals in brum, especially around the tyburn road, back of fosters in great barr, and all the way along the canal to brum, dont fish the river teme, its got nothing in, highly polluted, very shallow, id class it more as a brook than a river, you will get ebola fishing it id reccomend best places to fish would be sutton park, blackroot, bracebridge, and powells
  14. I've got 2 . The 1949 IDP that covers Spain , Ireland , Malta or Cyprus and lasts for 1 year . and The 1968 IDP that covers all other E.U. states ( i.e. France ) and lasts 3 years . πŸ˜ƒ
  15. Mitchell 400's and yes they are the Sharpe's
  16. Just for Crusian...
  17. Nice chop on the water . Tight lines Highy . πŸ˜ƒ
  18. What Mitchells are they Blue ? , and your usual Sharpes ? . πŸ˜ƒ
  19. Have a look at the Korum compact rucksacks... some chairs clip onto the ruckie.... the chub does and so does their Korum square leg chair and their ultra lite Aeronium (I have a square leg chair it's not too light as it's got loads of preston attachments on it but on its own it's okay... (Just found that the JRC X-Lite chair also clips onto the Korum Ruckies)
  20. 10 years ? . πŸ˜ƒ
  21. Tonkin cane... about 14' long made by Milwards with a Dr Cane modified top section to enable the use of elastic
  22. How long a pole , Blue ? ; and will it be hollow cane ? . 'photos gratefully viewed . πŸ˜ƒ
  23. Fan Lodge....blowin a Hoooley. Took little en to his Quater Final Footie this morning before coming....they now into Semis...Excellent morning...
  24. Orrell? Owt doin mate? πŸ‘ Good luck for the rest of the day mate. πŸ‘
  25. Are you trialling Sonik vader x time machine??
  26. Are you fishing in the future again Highy?? πŸ˜‚
  27. Out until dark o'clock...
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