Bait Buckets & Riddles For Fishing

Fishing Bait Buckets, Maggot Riddles, Bait Sieves

Fishing buckets now offer lots of choices. Transporting your bait from home to the water is so important. Larger lidded buckets prevent messy spillages on the bank or in your car.

Using a riddle and matching bait bucket is essential for properly managing your bait. Groundbait can be riddled properly to eliminate unwanted lumps, while maggots can be run through to remove debris and shake off excess sawdust. Match anglers use bait systems like this to produce casters when their maggots are turning into chrysalis form.

After researching all the buckets, riddles and bait carryalls on the market, we would use everything we sell at Anglers must keep their baits fresh and in prime condition, which is the best way to get the fish feeding.

The leading brands for fishing bait buckets are Fox, Trakker and Avid, with most companies producing matching lids that fit their products. Some models incorporate riddles, but these useful items can also be purchased separately, not requiring staying with one brand. Bucket sizes vary from 2.5 litres to over 18 litres. No matter the size or make of the fishing bucket, we can provide the right riddle to use with it. This allows you to prepare your live bait at home or on the bank and get groundbaits mixed and riddled correctly.