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Over the last twenty years, some anglers have moved away from making their baits at home because shop-bought choices are far more convenient. However, we are sure that many seasoned carp anglers will remember their fathers making boilies on a Friday night, ready to go fishing over the weekend. This involved assembling all the bait ingredients, favours and rolling kit in the kitchen. The final step was to boil for under a minute to get the consistency right.

There are still some anglers who prefer making bait at home. Knowing 100% what’s in a mix can tailor baits to match the time of year and what you want them to do. A fish-based combination can work wonders in summer, while protein-based alternatives are more effective in winter. Some anglers want the satisfaction of knowing they have caught fish using their concoctions, not forgetting that making bait can be all part of the fun of fishing.

Playing with different bait recipes and mixes can stand your bait apart from others. Being different can often bring you better results, especially when big fish have wised up to the most popular and heavily used bait colours and flavours. has a complete range of bait-making accessories that allow you to be different by making your bait at home. Items include sausage rolling tables to form your boilies into balls, along with flavours and base mixes, enabling you to make those perfect carp baits.

The leading manufacturers of bait-making equipment are Nash and Gardner. Once you have found your perfect bait ingredients and flavours, we can supply the right bait rolling table to complete the job.

After seeing the results of making their bait, many anglers discover it is cheaper than buying ready-made. On, we have all the products to prepare fantastic and exclusive bait; if you need any help or advice, our Carp Forum on this website is the best place to look.