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per page had witnessed various trends in electric bite indicators for over 20 years and noted there had not been many major changes until 2021 when Wolf launched their revolutionary new alarms.

Bite alarms are essential for fishing and signalling when you get a take. A bite alarm with a receiver is a must-have item stopping you having too watch your rods every second.

Most Bite Alarms come in sets from brands such as Fox, Delkim and Wolf. Other makes such as Prologic and Gardner market alarms will not break the bank.

If you want to use the latest leading-edge products, why not try one of the Wolf Bite Alarms and match receivers launched in 2021? Wolf Icon Bite Alarms have every feature an angler could ever want, along with Wolf IQ Alarms and Receivers. stocks all the leading bite alarms, from Fox RX, Fox Mx and Sets to Delkim Txid and Delkim Txi designs, which cover most of your fishing requirements.

Quick A to Z of Bite Indicators

The A to Z of fishing bite alarms is a quick guide to the technical stuff that makes alarms operate. Each leading brand uses different technology to make them run, all with advantages and disadvantages. Every bite alarm set has a receiver, with various options in most cases.

The indicator lets you know if you have a liner or a full-blown take. Most alarms work without sound on the alarm head; instead, anglers can rely on just the alarm receiver to give an audio sound, with lights from an LED. They can be set in silent mode or just vibrate.

Fox bite alarms use Roller Wheel Technologies, as opposed to Delkim Alarms, that use a Violin type sensor, a principle where a line passing over a wire creates sound.

The Wolf Qi Alarms use magnetics in combination with a roller wheel, so you can choose to use the wheel and magnetics through the amplified case, allowing you to alter the sensitivity.

Many anglers use bobbins or hangers in front of their alarms that connect to the mainline and give a visual representation as well as the audible alarm, helping to show what fish are doing when they take your bait.

The Wolf receiver is a two-way alarm that, like your sky remote, can send commands back to a receiver. This offers a global mute of all the alarms should you wish to make any adjustments to your rods.

Nearly all the other receivers on the market are one-way in how they operate, only receiving data in a limited manner. Many receivers have built-in vibration modules so the alarm can be completely silent.  

Wolf bite alarms allow the angler to fully program them via a receiver from the comfort of your shelter. Anglers can change the tone, volume, sensitivity, or even head colours without leaving their bivvy. Wolf receivers include colour change as standard. In addition, a receiver can tell you the time forward or backwards takes using the LCD built into it.