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Method Feeder Rods, Feeder Rods, Feeder Rods for Carp

If you ask anglers what rods they currently use most for coarse angling, most would probably say feeder designs. This rod casts out different swim feeders to deposit freebies near your hook bait ends. This gives the angler a perfect presentation, where the baited hook is surrounded by free grub, a trick that fools fish almost every time.

Feeder rods allow anglers to use different quivertips, which basically bite indicators. Most feeder rods these days are supplied with at least three quivertips. The additional tips give choices of light, medium or heavy versions. These enable anglers to fish with various strength tackles and cover a good span of distances. For example, light and more sensitive quivertips detect bites from shy silverfish not too far out, while stiffer medium or heavy options are more geared for distance casting and bigger fish like carp.

Fishing with a feeder rod offers great versatility, whether on a Stillwater or a fast-flowing river. There are many designs to choose from, probably the most popular being medium lengths of 10ft to 11ft. These are often used with in-line feeders for bagging big weights of carp. Rods in the latter category are sometimes classed as method feeder models and have plenty of fish playing power. Longer 12ft and 13ft feeder rods are mostly geared up for distance casting or river fishing. The extra length improves casting potential, and the line picks up when casting a long way or dealing with flowing water.   

The leading suppliers of feeder rods are Matrix, Daiwa and Drennan. At Carp.com, we have information on all the popular feeder and quivertip rods to get you exactly what you need. Please scroll through all the product descriptions to find out more.