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Fishing Bedchair and Fishing Chairs

Since the bedchair was first introduced into fishing by Fox in 1982, chairs and bedchairs, have become a must-have item. They allow anglers to spend extended time on the bank, keeping them comfortable and in good spirits.

Moving on from the early days, Nash bedchairs and day chairs have become very popular. The Nash Moon Chair is one of the newest concepts. Due to its shape and size being moon-shaped, anglers love the idea.


All the leading brands produce seating of different proportions to appeal to anglers based on their weight and size in the quest for maximum comfort. Investing in a Wide Boy, Bedchair might be advisable if you love night fishing and want a good night's sleep. These are broader than standard chairs and more heavily padded. Another consideration with bedchairs is they need to be compatible with your shelter or bivvy. There is no point in buying seating or a bed that sticks out. Another consideration is you will probably need a barrow to carry larger bedchairs. Standard bedchairs are lighter if you don't want to take that route, being better for stalking and roaming purposes. A Wide Boy Bedchair will be the answer if you are a long-stay angler and enjoy space and comfort. Bigger bedchairs like this will fit comfortably into 2 man bivvy designs.


Metal components usually comprise aluminium frames. These are much lighter than steel, making lifting a bedchair or chair difficult. Aluminium is light and easy to carry, so it has become the number one choice for most bedchair manufacturers. This material has been used extensively in the aerospace industry due to its mechanical properties. It can be welded to create a sturdy frame, which can be folded into a compact form for better storage and transportation.

Another consideration in creating a bedchair is how it deals with a load of a person, especially when getting on and off quickly when fish turn up. As with all products, you get what you pay for concerning the frame's robustness and the mattress's quality of comfort.

Adjustable Legs

Fox produced the first self adjust bedchair leg in 1982. It featured a plunger mechanism, allowing individual legs to move up and down. Things have moved on since then, with more advanced versions available. Most bedchairs today have six legs to give them maximum stability. Each of the leg heights can be adjusted independently. The attached frames have been created to spread weight equally to allow body size and shape. Some bedchairs have been designed with eight legs, making them even more like a proper bed and extra stable. The big issue with these Broad Boy type bedchairs is that you will need a big barrow to shift them and all your other tackle to your swim.


The more material used in production, be it fabric or metal, the more expensive the item will be. 

Most mattresses are padded, although less so with cheaper seating. For premium comfort, buying a more expensive chair or bedchair is best. Brands use better foam, and spending a lot of time on the bank is worth spending a little extra for a more comfortable experience.

The best chairs use memory foam, designed to last longer and be more comfortable. When you scroll through the chairs and bedchairs on our website, you will notice the outer edges of many chair products are heavily padded. This is to stop you from coming into contact with the hard aluminium frames, giving an extra layer of padding in these crucial areas.

Over the last few years, fabrics have been improved on many chairs and bedchairs, featuring a peach skin soft-touch feel. This material is a lot nicer than canvas while being equally hard-wearing.

The other advantage of these new fabrics is their thermal properties. Once you place your sleeping bag on top of your bedchair, they become their own, acting as a barrier against cold and dampness.

Another thing to note when looking at bedchairs is some models have waterproof nylon fabric at their base ends. This allows anglers to wear fishing boots while reclining on the product, ready to jump up and get to their rods quickly. In addition, the waterproof section can be wiped clean if it gets muddy.

Quilts and Pillows

There has been a recent trend for bedchair and chair manufacturers to build pillows into the mattress part of their products. This saves anglers from having to take separate fishing pillows with them on trips.

Another trend is that some anglers prefer to sleep under a quilt rather than a fishing sleeping bag, especially during the summer. With better quality bedchairs and chairs having isolated mattresses, a cover is often enough to keep an angler warm and comfortable. As a result, these sleep systems have gained popularity in recent years. However, a sleeping bag is advisable, even if you leave it in your car, just in case it gets extremely cold.

The main issue with mattresses is their thickness and weight, so it's a good idea to check the bulkiness of products before you purchase them. All relevant specifications can be found on our website.

With the big increase in fishing, tackle anglers take to the bank. It's now common to use barrows to move gear about. These have been designed to carry bedchairs, barrow bags and rod holdalls, so if you invest in a barrow, there is no reason why you cannot take as much gear as you want when you go fishing. Electric fishing barrows from companies like Carp Porter take a lot of stress from pushing, pulling or carrying heavy loads. You can then buy whatever bedchair you want without worrying about the weight of all the fishing tackle you take to the water.

Advantages of Reclining Bedchairs & Chairs

With the introduction of the Fox Flatliner Bedchair a few years ago, there has been a trend by other manufacturers to make their bedchairs flat and to use advanced memory foam padded mattresses.

When Fox introduced bedchairs, they were the first to have a reclining back so you could adjust your position. This gave you the total versatility that bedchair brands still provide today. It allowed them to be set flat in bed mode or used with the back upright to perform like a chair.

With anglers wanting flat bedchairs for sleeping, a new standard was set. This heralded the start of bedchair sleeping systems, which all leading fishing brands incorporate in their seating ranges today.

Over the last few years, a trend has emerged for additional bedchair accessories to complement the main products. This includes extra pillows, guest fishing chairs and carp bivvies designed to accommodate everything.