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Fishing Clothes, Fishing Clothing

Recently, fishing clothing has been designed better, using high-performance fabrics and being more fashion-consciously.

Because anglers shift lots of gear, clothing must be breathable and warm enough when static not to get cold. Therefore, the main brands have adopted a layered approach, allowing you to buy fishing T-shirts, sweatshirts, fleeces, hoodies and jackets, so no matter the weather, you can keep comfortable, warm and dry. has studied clothing in-depth; only the best items make it onto our website. Much thought has been given to price and function with our ranges. We want you to be happy on the bank, no matter what the weather is doing. We have our website's leading carp, match and coarse clothing brands. Fishing clothing from UK brands is now so good and comfortable; anglers don't just wear it on the bank but as everyday attire.

Essential Wear

Fishing clothing has evolved. Apart from good basic quality waterproof jackets and over-trousers that will see you through most types of weather, there are now layered systems. These allow you to build up from basic T-shirts to jumpers, hoodies and fleeces – all top gear designed for anglers. It doesn't matter if it's warm, raining, cold or windy; we have ranges of fishing clothing to meet all requirements. We also have products designed for European anglers and trendy items like beanies to keep your head warm or caps that protect you from glare and the sun. We have everything from waterproof trousers to shorts!

For anglers that need to wade in the water, we stock Vass and Fox waders and other fishing footwear from leading brands like Korda and Skee-Tex.


The number of people wearing jumpers on the bank has declined dramatically over recent years, with fishing hoodies becoming far more popular. Anglers like to support brands now, with carp, coarse and match fishing hoodies providing trendier designs. If you are into carp fishing, you might choose products from Nash, Wofte or Fox, while if you are a coarse or match angler, Guru and Preston are more likely to be the fishing brands you support and wear clothing-wise.

Anglers have adopted hoodies because they can buy them in their favourite colours, often green for carp or general coarse fishing, while blacks, blues and reds are more popular with match anglers. Hoodies also help provide a vital part of a layered approach, being easy to add or take off when combined with waterproof outer clothing.

Fishing clothing for men has become a lot more fashionable. This is because it’s more close-fitting, allowing you to add or subtract extra layers more easily.


Over the past few years, anglers have adapted their clothing styles, wearing many items at the bank and at home. Green fishing shirts have become popular because anglers blend in with the outside environment. In addition, some fishing brands have attractive graphics on their fishing shirts, although most anglers prefer simple designs.

The leading shirt brands in fishing are Wofte, Nash and Fox.


There are many high-performance waterproof fishing jackets on the market. One important feature is elasticated wristbands to stop water from running down your arms, which helps when playing fish and casting in the rain.

While in the market for a fishing jacket, you need to consider the fabric's breathability to prevent sweating up when on the move. Ideally, it needs to have a 10,000mm hydrostatic head rating, which means it will be fully waterproof.

It's not a good idea to wear a waterproof fishing jacket that's too hot and causes you to sweat up because this will quickly make you cold in the depths of winter. The best jackets need to keep you warm at the same time breath. Alternatively, you might need a lighter-weight fishing jacket for the summer months.

As already discussed, the best fishing jackets have adjustable cuffs to stop water from entering your wrists when playing fish or raising your arms to perform various tasks. Unfortunately, some jackets don't have this feature, making them less efficient. It can take up to half an hour to play big fish into a landing net, so if it's raining and the inside of your jacket gets completely soaked, it can spoil the rest of your day.

The chill factor of the wind is another important factor in selecting the right jacket. In the depths of winter, you will want a fleece-lined collar and a decent hood to keep your neck and head warm. Most hoods can be unzipped when the weather hots up. Another good feature is a scoped back, making the jacket longer to stop drafts from chilling your waist and lower spine area.

Trousers and Joggers

The most popular fishing trousers now are joggers. They generally come in olive green, allowing freedom of movement and good comfort on the bank.

Another advantage is joggers are highly breathable and ideal for sleeping in at night, particularly when tucked away in a sleeping bag. When looking at fishing clothing, you must consider being comfortable for extended periods.

While joggers are an ideal trouser option, finding some with zip pockets is a bonus, avoiding the chances of losing vital things like money and car keys. Carp fishing joggers by brands such as Fox and Nash are very popular. In addition, you can get thermal joggers for the winter and lightweight designs for the summer months.

Another popular type of attire anglers currently wear is cargo trousers. These have lots of pockets to keep all your important items safe and secure, especially crucial when near water. Cargo trousers are ideal in the summer months. The designs in our range are very hard-wearing, especially for anglers who often kneel on the ground when unhooking and holding up fish to be photographed.

Lightweight waterproof trousers are also very useful because they can be rolled up compactly and kept in your fishing luggage, ready for when needed. You can wear these over your normal clothes, ready to quickly slip on when it rains or when you need to handle fish. The better models have zipped bottoms, making it easy to get over bulky boots. The best over-trousers, like top jackets, offer breathability and a 10,000mm hydrostatic head rating to keep you dry in the worst weather.

Bib and Braces

A lot of anglers prefer bib and braces. These fishing trousers come higher up your chest and back, generally padded and waterproof. This popular product is worn over normal trousers or jeans and secured with braces, a better option than a belt, especially when sitting and bending down. The big advantage is bib and braces keep you warmer and drier. In addition, they are very protective when kneeling or holding fish close to your chest for photography, stopping your normal clothes from getting wet, dirty and smelly. Carp, specimen, coarse, and match anglers highly rate this type of product.

Bib and braces are normally adjustable, allowing for different body shapes and sizes, with elasticated waist and shoulder straps for better flexibility.

One-Piece Fishing Suits

One-piece fishing suits are often better for winter sessions, providing improved protection from the elements. Most one-piece fishing suits are thermal and waterproof, keeping you warm in the coldest and wettest conditions. In addition, buying a winter fishing suit is much cheaper than a separate jacket and trouser sets.

Fox and Nash produce one-piece winter fishing suits to keep you warm. It's well worth reading about them on our website.


There is a wide range of hats and caps available for fishing. What you wear on your head might fluctuate based on the time of year and what the weather is doing. Choices include beanies, bobble hats and baseball-style caps with peaks to protect your face and eyes from the sun. Additionally, a wide range of fashionable brand designs helps you look good wherever you go. Anglers often like to change their hats regularly, so it is worth looking out for all the different designs on our website.