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Fishing Cookware, Fishing Stoves, Fishing Kettles

If making a simple cup of tea or coffee while fishing has changed. There has been a cooking revolution in angling, with people wanting to eat and prepare better quality food on the bank. It’s good to see healthier eating is on angler's minds too.

If you look at modern YouTube videos, specimen and carp anglers demonstrate how to cook gourmet meals now instead of just eating fast food. A proper breakfast, prepared with your fishing cookware, is much better than fast food from a local garage. Having a cuppa while chatting with your pals is another bonus.

When a mate comes to see you, it gives a good excuse to make a brew. It doesn’t matter if you rely on a gas stove or Coleman petrol cooking device. You can put the world to rights and might even decide to cook and eat dinner together. With fishing cool boxes, you can keep your food supplies fresh with ice packs, giving no excuses for not cooking a special treat like a Spaghetti Bolognese on the bank. There’s no longer a need to exist on tinned food or sandwiches. Healthier options are much easier to prepare now, thanks to better cooking equipment designed for anglers.

Even if time is short or you want to concentrate more on angling, making a quick toastie isn’t a problem, thanks to Ridge Monkey cooking gear. Heating soup in a saucepan can now be completed in minutes too. Welcome to the new world of fishing, where eating and drinking hot stuff on the bank is normal.

Investing in cooking equipment and related luggage, particularly if you go fishing for long sessions, is standard practice these days. The Fox Camolite 2-Man Cooler Bag has everything you need for a fishing trip, including plates, cups, knives and forks.

On, we want you to be happy with your choice of cooking equipment. We have cookware from all the leading brands, at all price points and budgets, covering beginners to experienced carp anglers. We supply all the best items from leading companies like Fox, Trakker and Ridge Monkey.

Fishing Kettles

A kettle is obviously the first thing anglers need to make a brew. You can be sitting outside in the hazy days of summer enjoying your fishing in the warm or enduring freezing conditions in the winter. Putting water on the stove for a drink can be a lifesaver. Fishing kettles are available from all the leading tackle brands and come in different sizes and shapes. The popular Ridge Monkey design is square but very stable. Shape and size are down to individual preference, but it doesn’t hurt to buy a giant kettle to make drinks for yourself and your friends. As a ballpark figure, fishing kettles range from £15 to £20, although many anglers are now buying fishing cookware sets instead of individual items.

Fishing Pots and Pans

Once you have the basics like a cooker and kettle, the next step is pans and saucepans.

You might want a simple meal like a basic fried breakfast. Sausages and bacon go down well after a long night’s fishing, but if you want to add fried eggs and mushrooms, you will need more substantial cooking equipment. Whether to boil up some soup or make more complicated meals, we have the cooking utensils for you when out on the bank.

On, we want to sell you all the cookware you need for your fishing trips, especially if you want healthy eating. If you dream of cooking a nice breakfast or tasty steak for your evening meal, it makes camping out in your bivvy a much nicer experience.

With all the leading fishing brands getting in on the act, many cookware bundles have developed to allow anglers to prove they are not just great cooks at home. In addition, cooking bags take up a relatively small space, making it easy to get organised and create great food outdoors.

Ridge Monkey are leaders with its cookware ranges. Videos from Jay and the boys at this company using the equipment have become legendary. It all started from a simple toaster, which changed the face of cookware in fishing.

Whatever pans you buy, it’s best to opt for non-stick fishing cookware; otherwise, cleaning up on the bank takes a lot more time, and you don’t want to take dirty pots and pans home with you. Also, when spending your hard-earned money on quality pots and pans, it’s a good idea to consider investing in proper utensils that won’t damage them. After spending all that money, you will be cursing why you didn’t get the best items if everything gets scratched up on your first fishing trip.

Fishing Stoves

Cooking on the bank has become the new thing to do while relaxing and chilling out while fishing. This can involve making tea and coffee or preparing a hearty breakfast. First, of course, you will need a stove or fishing cooker.

There are two types of stoves used by anglers: gas-powered and petrol, which are both cheap to run. Both types of fishing stoves will provide adequate heat. The choice is yours to meet your needs.

Most tackle shops sell gas canisters, so you can take fuel with you on fishing trips, while garages are almost everywhere for petrol.

You will need a stove with high enough power output to boil water and cook for extended periods without running out of fuel. Trying to cook dinner and running out of gas or petrol is annoying. It’s advisable to buy a reliable stove brand from recognised companies like Fox, Ridge Monkey or Coleman, all experts in cookers for anglers. If you currently have to wait a long time for your kettle to boil for a brew, it might be time to get a new stove.

Other considerations are the head size of your fishing stove, as this will affect what fishing kettles or pans you can use with it, plus it needs to be stable. Many anglers only invest in fishing cookware from one brand, so they don’t have to think about what products they buy, knowing they will be compatible. Trakker, Fox and Ridge Monkey products are all favourites, combining well together. Another option is to ask friends what they use or to enquire on the forum on our website. It’s not unknown for session anglers to invest in dual burners, which allow them to cook with two pans simultaneously.

If you are a roving or static angler, stoves can be bought in different sizes, allowing for everyone's needs to be different. The important thing is to look after yourself and eat as healthily as you can on the bank.

If you fish on your own, a small stove will do for most of your cooking needs, providing you take enough fuel to cover your time on the bank. However, if you fish long sessions in the UK or over on the continent in countries like France, you will probably want to invest in a big and stable stove that can deal with extra cooking needs and uneven surfaces.

The good thing with gas fishing stoves is most have ignition systems that make them a lot safer than petrol, where you need to be a lot more careful when using highly flammable liquid fuel. A safety note here is to make sure stoves are not positioned too near bivvies, no matter what the weather is doing. Fishing stove costs vary between £25 and £80. Scrolling through our products, you will find a perfect cooker for your angling.

Fishing Cutlery Sets and Plates

A cooking bag designed for fishing trips makes good sense in an ideal world. It keeps cutlery items like knives, forks, spoons and plates together and organised. The choice is yours, but most top anglers take this route.

When buying your cookware, a decent fishing cup is an essential item. If it's a quality mug, it will hold the heat longer with hot drinks.

We stock a wide range of fishing mugs from the leading fishing brands. Like football teams, most anglers support their favourite tackle brands and want to drink from mugs carrying their logos.  Thermal fishing flasks are another item you might want to take on trips to store hot and cold drinks.