Fishing Leaders

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Fishing Leaders

A leader gives increased abrasion resistance when fishing in snaggy swims and can also be camouflaged to help the rig blend in with its surroundings. However, Mainline is not as robust as a strong leader, which is also heavier and sinks to the bottom better as it settles, making end rigs less conspicuous.

Leader Advantages

1)     Improves the way rigs are presented underwater

2)     Videos have shown leaders can be used anywhere

3)     Fishing with leaders results in fewer lost fish

4)     Available in fluorocarbon and coated versions

Fishing videos have highlighted how leaders work underwater. For example, fish like to inhabit snaggy areas, such as where there are underwater tree stumps, roots, and branches. If your main line comes into contact with such obstacles, you risk losing your rig, but not necessarily the case with a much stronger leader.

Reel line endures lots of abuse, being used time and time again. Most anglers expect mono reel lines to last up to a year. Using a leader helps to increase a main line’s lifespan and makes your terminal tackle perform in a superior way.

Dealing with Predators

If you love to go pike or predator fishing, these fish have razor-sharp teeth that can bite through normal mono mainline instantly. Therefore, using a leader is crucial because most types of this strong material won’t get damaged by sharp teeth. In addition, a leader allows you to use a lower diameter line behind it, increasing your casting distances.

Leader Making Components

1)               Mono or braid

2)               Fishing swivels

3)               Specialist leader material

4)               Hooks

5)               Carp leads

6)               Scissors

Some leader materials feature a tungsten outer that reduces tangling. Many are virtually indestructible. Fluorocarbon is another popular leader material, being almost invisible in water and heavy, so it sinks well and is extremely robust. Thicker mono can also perform reasonably well as a leader, being the cheapest option for this type of usage.

Mono Leaders


·    Excellent abrasion-resistance and knot strength

·    Inexpensive when kitting out up to 3 carp rods

·    Up to 25% stretch factor helps absorb big fish lunges


·        Mono floats and is affected by UVA and UVB rays, requiring it to be changed more regularly

·        Due to its stretch factor, compared to braid, it takes longer to register in a less pronounced manner

Fluorocarbon Leaders


·    Fluorocarbon leaders don’t absorb water

·    Minimal stretch increases sensitivity

·    Excellent abrasion-resistance

·    Knot strength is good with selective knots

·    Virtually invisible in water


·    Fluorocarbon hook length materials are expensive

·    It sinks like a stone

Average Lengths of Fishing Leaders

In the United Kingdom and Europe, the average length carp anglers use for leaders is one metre. However, this is a personal choice, and some anglers will vary. Feeder anglers also use shock leaders, having them at least the rod length, with several extra turns on the reel. They simply use heavier duty mono to withstand the continuous shock of long-range casting.