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Angling luggage is essential in protecting and organising all your major fishing equipment. If an angler is properly kitted out, it puts them in the correct mindset to be in top form. Padded and comfortable luggage helps get everything smoothly and safely to a swim and quickly assembled. That’s why thoughtful consideration regarding your requirements for rod holdalls, carryalls, rucksacks and other fishing bags is so important. Many jumbo fishing backpacks, rod holdalls and carryalls are designed to be transported on a barrow, which is now a very popular product in fishing.

Performance, function and hard-wearing fabrics are key terms for fishing luggage nowadays, which also needs to look stylish. If you are a carp fisherman, the colour is typically olive green. But if you're a match angler, it’s more likely to be black or blue. At, we have researched all the leading fishing luggage manufacturers, evaluating their rod holdalls, carryalls, rucksacks and bait bags, allowing you to scroll through our website and see what they are all about.

We honestly believe when you look at the fishing luggage, we have researched, it will help you select the right kit for your needs. It’s not unusual for anglers to want to buy rod holdalls, carryalls and various other fishing bags from the same luggage manufacturer. Having the same brand colours makes your gear look good, and in some cases, the luggage will also be modular, so everything fits together better. 

Rod Quivers

A fishing quiver bag allows you to attach rods on the outside and a landing net and umbrella, often stored inside. Typical quivers hold 2 to 4 made-up rods. If you are a stalking angler, combined with a fishing chair and bag, it’s the perfect setup. You have all you need to go fishing.

Rod Sleeves

Rod Sleeves have been created to hold a complete rod and reel combo in a zipped bag. Rod sleeves allow anglers to pre-tackle their reels, line and rigs, ready to fish immediately. Fishing sleeves enable anglers to go light and not carry much tackle while keeping their most important equipment fully protected. It’s worth noting that rod sleeves come in two versions, padded and non-padded. You will also need to check if bigger reels fit. Please refer to our product descriptions to discover what you need.

Rod Holdalls

Rod holdalls are often fully padded, holding multiple fishing rods for storage and transporting to your swim. Some designs allow rods to be entirely made up with reels and end tackle attached, ready for immediate use. You can usually store a minimum of 2, 4, or 6 tackled-up rods, based on the size of the bag. Most can house a choice of 12ft or 13ft blank lengths. Most Anglers typically take 3 or 4 rods fishing. If you take any more, the rod holdalls become too heavy and can only be carried on a fishing barrow. Some rod holdalls for match and coarse fishing only allow packed-down rods and poles to be stored inside, along with an umbrella, landing net handle and various metalware like banks sticks and quiver arms. Typical sizes carry 4 to 8-rod tubes.

Most rod holdalls and ready-style rod bags have padded shoulder straps, allowing the angler to carry them comfortably. There is usually space for a landing net and umbrella, too, so you have all your critical tackle items at your disposal. In addition, holdalls are designed to fit easily in your car and allow gear to be safely stored at home.

Backpacks and Rucksacks

Anglers like fishing rucksacks or backpacks and keep their hands free to carry other equipment when walking to swims. Fishing luggage like this is particularly suited for people who want to fish overnight, as it allows them to transport lots of important bits and pieces alongside a rod holdall, shelter and chair. 

Backpacks and rucksacks take a wide number of items, like alarms, cookware, spare clothing, food and extra bait. If you are a long-session angler, you will probably use a barrow to shift a big backpack and all your other fishing gear.

Stalking and roving anglers love rucksacks as they take most of their gear in one go, allowing them to remain mobile and work from the bag, utilising all its compartments and pockets. In addition, switching swims can be undertaken quickly if events dictate a move is required.

Fishing Carryalls and Bags

Carryalls typically come in three sizes: small, medium and large, all with shoulder straps and carry handles. Each compartment has a particular purpose. With carp and specialist anglers, the main storage area can take a large tackle box and other bulky items like scales and spare bait, while smaller external pockets are used for compact items like rig storage and tackle pouches. Coarse and match anglers use larger carryalls, with lots of bait tubs in the main compartment and smaller stuff like catapults, angling tools and groundbait going in outer pockets. In both cases, carryalls allow anglers to be organised so that everything can be located fast.

Other options are various smaller bags, also with shoulder straps, that are used to transport different types of fishing gear. This might be bait, feeders, nets, pole rollers, or metalware. Extra luggage like this is often tied in with the same brand as major items like rod holdalls and carryalls, making up a set with the same cosmetics and colours.

Cool and Bait Bags

Cool bags can be used for two purposes: food or bait storage. Bait storage is important because many anglers use frozen or live fishing bait, so an insulated bag keeps this fresh for long periods. The same applies to food if staying on the bank for extended sessions. You might even have separate insulated food and bait bags. Cool bags rely on freezer or ice packs to keep their contents cold.

We will point out the fundamental cool bag types when using our website. For example, with some bait bags, you will find extra pockets for potted glugs, pop-ups and hook baits. This allows you to prepare all your bait before going fishing. In addition, some bags have segregated storage areas so that bait can go in one compartment and food in another.

Accessory Cases and Rig Wallets

Rig cases and wallets can be made from plastic, EVA, or fabric. These compact items are designed for storing terminal tackle items and ready-made rigs. For example, they might hold tackles could be floats, rigs, leads, hooks, swivels and shots. Fishing wallets or rig safes allow you to be organised on the bank and get to your rig components fast. It makes sense to access essential end tackle quickly and to change setups that aren’t working. Being organised like this helps to put more fish in your landing net.