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Fishing Lures

The trick when picking a lure design is to try and imagine what a predator is most likely to snap at when the imitation bait is retrieved in front of it. The team at knows a lot about fishing lures, particularly those suited to the UK and Europe.

The Predator Team have carefully selected a great range of lures, which we believe will catch fish in diverse light levels and water conditions. We are sure we have the finest fishing lures for pike, bass, zander, perch and other predators. Our stock comprises the most respected, tried and tested lures from Silmo, Fox Rage and Tsunami. 

You can scroll through our product descriptions to find more information on our predator terminal tackle. In addition, we have a brilliant A to Z to help every angler who likes to spin or use drop shot tactics. Many lures have been created in plastic as two-piece mouldings, with weights added as the two sides have been welded together. The crucial positioning of the weights helps make the lures closely emulate how fish swim and behave in water.

We also have the perfect products for anglers who prefer fishing with spinners. Unfortunately for predators, they look so attractive they almost provoke being attacked. The finish on hard fishing lures is now so photorealistic, in many cases identical to how real fish look. From eyes to skin tone, it’s quite uncanny.

Soft fishing lures are also immensely popular, having a rubberised finish, which looks lifelike as they are retrieved through the water. These are probably the best lures to look like injured fish as they are pulled, twitched or cranked in. Some soft rubber lures even have attractants added to them to help attract predators into feeding.

The art of this type of angling is all about slowly reeling in the fishing lure, making it swim through the water at various depths, also causing it to behave erratically to attract interest. The angler partly dictates this but also relies on how the designer has made the lure to imitate how prey fish behave. has sourced fishing lures that offer a wide range of ways of attracting predators. These include lures that vibrate and make noises. Also, flashing surfaces, fishy colours and rotating blades that predators love to attack.

Lure Choice

Lure selections are vast, but that creates half the fun in selecting what you will try. Lures have been designed to suit various species found worldwide. Although at, we have focused on fishing lures, we feel confident it will work for you.

Lures come in various categories, which include spinners, spoons, jig heads, slow sinkers, and soft rubber and drop-shotting models. has a popular forum where you can get advice on anything you need to know about lures. This is a perfect place to ask for help and advice from our members, who can point you in the right direction to select the best lures and any other things you need to know about predator fishing. With our products updated throughout the year, you will find the perfect lure to help you catch your next personal best predator.