Fishing Rigs

Fishing Rigs

Top anglers from all different regimes design ready-to-use fishing rigs. You will find complete rigs for sea, predator, carp, coarse and match. Each discipline uses specific types of hooks, fishing lines and weights. has news on the latest terminal tackle that will suit your rig or end tackle requirements.

Some anglers like making their fishing rigs, while others haven't got the time and want to buy ready-made set-ups. This applies to the carp, coarse, sea and predator categories. So it's down to personal preferences, although you can be crafty and buy the odd rig to see how it's put together and then start to make your own.

Although time-consuming, coming up with different tackle formats is interesting and can often give you a big advantage. At, we have the information and tackle you need and are always here to help.

If you look at carp leads, they have been carefully designed to make rigs work better. Lead shapes have been created for long-range fishing, with hard-wearing coatings and finishes that blend in with bottom terrain, making them almost invisible to carp.

These weights can feature swivels or inline tubes for different types of presentation and fish safety aspects. Lead clips are important, too, so fish won't get tethered if tackle gets weeded or lost. Finally, rig leads slide up your line, and dumpy leads sit on the bottom and only move when carp take your bait. Our forum can help with all this important information, whether buying made-up rigs or putting them together yourself.