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Fishing Rods

The team at have spent years evaluating hundreds of fishing rods from all the top manufacturing brands. We realise anglers are diverse in what they require from every rod they buy, which needs to suit their style of angling. The guys here know your investment in a fishing rod is a crucial purchasing decision.

Performance in terms of action, test curve, balance and length are all essential elements to consider when picking any fishing rod. In angling, rods have various actions, and we can help you find the right one by scrolling through these pages.

Deciding to pick a 12ft or 13ft rod for carp is a hard enough decision, let alone looking at currently popular 6ft, 9ft and 10ft models. Short telescopic rods from Nash and other manufacturers have pioneered new trends used by kids and adults.

Over the last thirty years across the United Kingdom and Europe, there has been a massive shift to carp fishing. We have carp rods from Fox and Nash, two of the biggest brands, not to forget Daiwa and many other leading tackle companies

Whatever length carp rod you are looking for, you are in the right place. Anglers often ask about best value carp rods for under £100. We have products that will meet this price point in all popular lengths.

Carbon Blank Differences

Fishing rods that use 1K high modulus carbon are more expensive. However, this makes the blank more responsive, lighter, and much nicer to fish with. Cheaper composites are typically used in inexpensive fishing rods; however, they slow down the action and performance. With 1K carbon, superior performance and greater casting distances are what you pay for. Each manufacturer creates various actions that perform differently under compression. 

Cork or EVA Handles

Top-end fishing rods are traditionally kitted out with cork handles. EVA is a rubberised material and has tended to be used on cheaper end fishing rods, but thanks to its durability, it has now become loved by millions of anglers at all price levels. A big advantage is you can get EVA in black, which is a colour many anglers favours, plus, it’s very hard-wearing and easy to clean. In addition, this robust material outlasts cork and is not affected by UVA or UVB rays.

You will find a choice of handle types on rods in most price categories. The only issue with cut-price cork handle rods is the grade used is often lower and wears quickly. Higher grade cork lasts much longer but is pricy. In addition, it will still discolour after extended usage and eventually show signs of wear.


Certain expensive rods have line clips ready installed, while most have hook keeper rings, which help prevent tangling while moving them about when tackled. Some carp and barbel rods also have isotope slots.


Ring size is another big consideration for carp rods. The trend today is to have 50mm butt rings, tapering down to 14mm tip guides. However, most standard carp rods still have 40mm butt rings, which are ideal for what most anglers want. Larger ring or line guide sizes are favoured for long-range casting. Ring quality varies, with Fuji designs most highly regarded but tend to be more expensive.

Reel Seats

Most rods use DPS style fixed reel seats, which screw and lock reels firmly into place. These are far superior to old-style sliding metal or plastic rings, which were not very secure and tended to wear the cork out underneath where they were regularly positioned.


Telescopic fishing rods pack down into short lengths, leaving just the handle section and a short protective cap above it, which many anglers find appealing for easier transportation and storage. Carp anglers have taken to 9ft and 10ft telescopic rods over recent years, seeing them particularly good in tight swims and heavily overgrown areas. These rods break down into compact 3ft to 4ft lengths.

Travel Rods

Short telescopic, or multi-section take-apart rods, have become very sought after. This is because they break down very compactly, which is convenient when travelling or going on holiday.

A complete fishing kit that will fit into a small bag is useful because it can be left in a car boot, caravan or small boat, where space is normally tight. The Nash Scope Ops R10 or Scope R6 bags are perfect for these situations, taking 3 travel style rods, reels and all the tackles needed to go with them.

Telescopic rods from brands like Nash, Fox and Wolf allow anglers to fish for a wide variety of species. The action of these rods might be a little stiffer, but they do a great job. Even shorter 6ft and 7ft rods have become popular, suiting various fishing styles within the carp and lure categories. The only issue with very short rods is that they will not cast as far as longer versions and have more difficulty controlling the line.