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Fishing Seat Box Accessories, Seat Box Side Trays, Fishing Seat Side Trays

Accessories for match and coarse fishing are big business. Tackle companies keep bringing out new seat boxes and accessories that can go with them.

You can buy a seat box with us and add it at your leisure, even several weeks or months later. Likewise, it’s possible to keep adding drawers and trays, even if you don’t use them all in one go. These days many anglers switch different drawer and trays units to suit the tackle they need for a wide range of venues.

Seat boxes from Preston, Maver, Daiwa, and Guru often include accessories and extra attachments. You can buy side trays, wheel kits, brolly and feeder's arms, pole rests and much more.

At, we want you sitting on your seatbox catching well, thanks to having all the useful accessories in easy reach that make your angling even better.  Accessory arms and various clamp-on bits and pieces let you form a complete fishing station to suit all your needs. It's worth keeping track of what’s new on our website because tackle companies continue adding new seat box designs, attachments and other related products to their ranges.

If you own a Matrix or Preston seat box, we have all the products that go with them. There are also seat box accessories from other makes available for to buf for your own because most are universal. The team has studied all these accessories, along with spare or replacement telescopic legs, which allow you to change the height of your seat box and footplate system. There are so many products to view on our website at, so please get scrolling for all your seat box needs.