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Seat Box Accessories for Anglers: Enhancing Your Fishing Experience

Anglers know that success in fishing is not just about the right bait and technique; it's also about having the right gear and accessories. The seat box is an essential piece of equipment for anglers, especially those who prefer stationary or match fishing. But the experience doesn't stop at the seat box – the accessories can elevate your fishing game. This guide will explore the must-have seat box accessories that enhance your fishing experience.

1. Pole Supports and Roosts

Pole supports, and roosts are indispensable for match anglers. These accessories provide a secure and accessible place to rest your poles and rods. Keeping your gear well-organized and within arm's reach can minimize the risk of damage and fatigue during those long fishing sessions. Look for adjustable options to suit your specific setup.

2. Drawer Units

For anglers who like to have an extensive selection of tackle at their fingertips, additional drawer units are a game-changer. These units can be easily integrated into the seat box frame, offering organized storage for hooks, weights, small tools, and more. Say goodbye to rummaging through a cluttered tackle box; with drawer units, everything is neatly organised and easily accessible.

3. Side Trays and Bait Waiters

In competitive scenarios or situations where quick baiting is crucial, side trays and bait servers come to the rescue. These accessories offer immediate access to bait and tackle without needing to dig through your seat box's main storage area. They provide a convenient and efficient way to keep your bait and essential tools at hand, giving you a competitive edge.

4. Wheel Kits and Transport Systems

If your fishing adventures often involve trekking to remote or challenging spots, consider investing in a wheel kit or transport system. These accessories can transform your seat box into a versatile trolley, making transportation over rough terrain a breeze. You'll save energy and effort while ensuring your gear remains intact during the journey.

5. Seat Cushions and Backrests

Comfort is paramount during long hours by the water, and that's where seat cushions and backrests come in. Upgraded cushions and backrests can be added to your seat box, ensuring ergonomic support and comfort throughout the day. Say goodbye to sore backs and uncomfortable seating – with these accessories, you'll stay relaxed and focused on your angling.

When to Accessorize: Tailoring Your Seat Box to the Occasion

The decision to accessorise your seat box should align with the type of fishing you plan to engage in:

  • Match Fishing: Speed and accessibility are paramount in match fishing. Accessories allowing quick changes and immediate access to gear can give you the edge over the competition.

  • Coarse Fishing: For a more relaxed session, comfort and convenience take precedence. Cushions, backrests, and leisure-focused accessories can make the experience more enjoyable.

  • Specialised Fishing: When targeting specific species or employing unique tactics, specialized accessories like electronic bite indicators or custom rod holders can be integrated into your setup.

Why Accessorize: The Strategic Advantage

Accessorising your seat box is about more than just personal preference – it's a strategic decision that can influence the success of your fishing trip:

  • Efficiency: The right accessories can streamline your angling process, allowing you to focus on the catch rather than fumbling with gear.

  • Adaptability: With a fully accessorised seat box, you can adapt to changing conditions and tactics without missing a beat.

  • Endurance: Comfort-focused accessories can reduce fatigue, allowing you to fish for longer periods with greater concentration and enjoyment.

Brand-Specific Accessories: Enhancing Your Experience

Leading brands like Preston Innovations, Guru, and Matrix offer a range of proprietary accessories designed to integrate seamlessly with their seat boxes:

  • Preston Innovations: Known for innovation, Preston Innovations offers the 'Inception Feeder Arm,' providing a stable and adjustable platform for feeder fishing.

  • Guru: Guru has developed a unique 'TackleSafe' system that fits neatly into their seat boxes, ensuring that every piece of tackle is securely stored and easily accessible.

  • Matrix: Matrix boasts the 'Deep Drawer Unit,' perfect for storing larger items or those needed in bulk, like spools of line or boxes of hooks.


The right seat box accessories can transform your fishing experience from good to exceptional. Whether you're a match angler seeking speed, a coarse angler seeking comfort, or a specialised angler targeting specific species, these accessories cater to your needs. Invest in the right gear, personalise your setup, and prepare for more successful and enjoyable fishing trips. With the right seat box accessories, you'll be well-prepared for whatever angling challenges come your way.