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There are two options in fishing throwing sticks designed for carp fishing. The first is carbon, and the second is plastic. These are used to distribute fishing bait like boilies a lot further than you can throw or catapult them. Landing free bait on the correct spot can make all the difference between fishing success and failure.

Top-level carper love throwing sticks to distribute boilies or other carp baits like big pellets. They can be propelled short or long distances. Using a throwing stick correctly is a skill you must practise, while mastering one will dramatically improve your catch results.

Fox, Korda and Nash make carbon and plastic throwing sticks for carp fishing. On, we like to approve products like these from leading manufacturers who have spent many years perfecting their designs. So if you want an inexpensive plastic throwing stick or an expensive state-of-the-art carbon version, we have the product for you.