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It’s not easy and quite time-consuming setting up in the dark, but there are useful lights that can help you get fishing faster. The best time to get to a fishery and bag a good swim is before the sun rises. Many night anglers rely on a head torch, which can be kept around their necks while not being used, ready for when next needed.

Angling in the dark also runs more smoothly when you have a suitable bivvy light combined with a head torch. With these two vital products, you will have no issues while night fishing. Many lighting accessories are designed for fishing, from head torches to lanterns that can be used on bivvy tables.

For anglers who like to fish in the dark, head torches are perfect for unhooking fish and making trips back to your car when you need something. A head torch is a must-have item because it’s easy to hurt yourself stumbling about in the dark when looking for something or trying to land a fish.

On, we have fishing lamps from trusty brands such as Ridge Monkey, which market excellent bivvy lights and popular head torches.

Other manufacturers include Fox and Petzl. The Fox Halo Head Torch and Halo Bivvy Light have become must-have products for many night fishermen.

With suitable lighting, anglers using bivvies and shelters now class them as being like homes from home. Many options are available for anglers to light up their swims, so fishing after dark can continue hassle-free. A head torch ensures you don’t get into a mess playing and landing fish, also when adding a new rig, re-baiting and casting out again.