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Essential Guide to Selecting the Right Rod Supports for Every Angler


Selecting the ideal rod support is crucial to fishing, particularly for diverse styles such as river, carp, and barbel fishing. This comprehensive guide provides insights into choosing the best rod support for your angling needs.

Barbel Fishing and the Roving Angler

Barbel fishing, a favourite in river settings, often involves a dynamic approach called roving. Anglers targeting barbel require equipment that is effective, quick to set up, and easy to move. Key rod supports for this style include:

  • Bank Sticks: Perfect for the roving angler, these lightweight and portable supports are ideal for frequent movement along the riverbank. Their swift setup and adjustability offer flexibility and convenience.
  • Buzz Bars: Using multiple rods can be advantageous for barbel fishing. Buzz bars enable anglers to set up several rods side by side on a single bank stick, creating an efficient and compact arrangement.
  • Rod Rests: Essential for securing rods, especially when targeting strong-swimming fish like barbel. Rod rests attached to bank sticks or buzz bars, offering stability and peace of mind.

Types of Rod Supports and Their Uses

Rod supports vary to cater to different needs:

  • Bank Sticks: Best for minimalistic setups, these are adjustable and excellent for river or carp fishing.
  • Rod Pods: Favored by carp anglers, rod pods provide a stable base for multiple rods and are suitable for uneven terrains.
  • Boat Rod Holders: Designed for boat fishing, these holders secure your rod, facilitating easier management.

Selecting Your Rod Support

When choosing rod support, consider stability, material, portability, and the type of fishing you’ll undertake. For instance, a sturdy and reliable setup like a rod pod is beneficial for carp fishing, which typically involves longer wait times.

Innovations in Rod Support Designs

In 2024, I brought innovations in rod supports, including adjustable lengths, integrated bite alarms, and eco-friendly materials, enhancing both functionality and sustainability.

Maintaining Your Rod Support

Proper maintenance, including regular cleaning, rust prevention, and adequate storage, extends the lifespan of your rod support.

Making the Right Purchase

Prioritize brand reputation, warranty, and the balance between price and quality when selecting rod support.


The right rod support system is vital for stationary or roving anglers. It ensures gear security and enhances your efficiency and mobility, particularly in dynamic fishing styles like barbel fishing. At, we offer a range of rod supports designed for quality, convenience, and the unique challenges of different fishing environments.


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