Fox Micron RX+ Receiver

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Ultra-Long Range™ Digital circuitry Low battery drain Battery life indication when receiver is switched on (4 x green LEDs indicates full/close to full, 3 x green LEDs indicates the batteries are used, but do not need replacing, 2 x orange LEDs indicates the batteries are becoming low, 1 x red LED indicates batteries are low and need replacing) Low battery warning (LEDs will flash cyan periodically indicating the batteries need replacing) Alarm low battery warning (when RX+ head turns to low battery warning so will the receiver for that particular alarm, again changing colour to cyan) Vibration alert function (via switch on rear) Bivvy light function (via switch on rear, see below for more details) Anti-theft alarm Easy RX+ Micron registration (via switch at rear) Indicator LEDs with Colour Sync™ On/Off and volume control High quality cone speaker Lanyard attachment point Requires 3 x AA batteries RX+ single heads, 2-rod, 3-rod and 4-rod presentation sets also available separately
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