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  1. Yesterday
  2. What is it with fisherman and these atrocities? Lol 😂
  3. I think you may be right, I think we catch them when they pity us or have a mad moment and let there hair down
  4. I really don’t think it matters to the fish as much as it does to us
  5. Went Crocker's today and became very middle aged 2.99 in Aldi thought im having some practical fishing slippers and I may even keep my socks on
  6. Ha I just want something that may blend Into both if possible just takes out the guess work of what I am fishing on, I guess that's why I am keen to stick with fluorocarbon, it helps with my colour blindness
  7. They do a black and a green version as well can you get silty weed lol
  8. That's actually a good tip , I never usually think to do that What colour is best for silty choddy weedy bottoms ? i just want to make a g string thong
  9. Have you done the lotto nick ? Glad you are having a good week, are you sure that's not the sea off of Felixstowe docks
  10. Even better this week I got my tax rebate, so Season Ticket for my local reservoir paid for. 350 acre reservoir, unknown carp stocks, some big roach (I had some 2's 3 years ago), tench and pike along with a few bream.
  11. Last I heard from someone I know he had 8 out in a 24hr session. Wouldn’t say that’s bad going but naseby was always basically a Drayton type water. Also got told bait boats were becoming a must due to fish moving further away from the fishing bank.
  12. Doesn't sound like a big otter problem then really , as your group probably would of caught at least one fish over the years... that would of obviously had a lucky escape & bare the battle scars . A big cormorant problem will hit the fishing too though as the fish don't tend to get there heads down as confidently from what I've seen . Hard to say as I don't know the venue. Greeskii is local though so his comments are probably more on point.
  13. Over the years, we have all fished all areas of the lake and the fish caught are all in great condition.
  14. Cormorants will stab & injure big fish though , which in some cases will cause a slow death if infection takes hold . Not knowing the place or area but looking at a map , it looks prime for otter visits . But I'm surprised you've not spotted any evidence. Do you walk around the whole reservoir regularly?
  15. No they won’t and I doubt recruitment is good in there either without cormorants hammering the smaller fish. Just because you haven’t seen them dead doesn’t mean they aren’t there. Management could be clearing them up and keeping it quiet. From what I know of the place I’d put it down to years of heavy fishing meaning the fish are either dying early or becoming harder to catch if it isnt otters.
  16. This is for advice I can't afford to buy a expensive barrow saw bnq have one that stands up for 25 pounds and I could get straps for it I don't drive bus goes to a lake not far or 50ish in a taxi would it fit all my gear on it cheers ie bivy landing net tackle box rod rest landing mat food for 48 hours bait etc all stuff needed thanks
  17. me and my buddies have never seen any otters or dead fish at the fishery. we've seen cormorants in recent years but surely they wouldn't be taking carp of 15 pound and over.
  18. Second Chillfactor here. From what I gather it’s been run differently recently too? Won’t have been netted, it’s way too big.
  19. Last week
  20. Not to keen on the pinky colour but a bit of dirt sorts that lol
  21. You sure it's not otters ? The time frame would fit 4-5 years then very little left .
  22. Boot was on the other foot today at Lemon's Hill on Alton. Dave had 2 roach, I ended up with 12 roach, 1 skimmer and 1 ruffe which took double red maggot and a dendrobena
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