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  2. First 20 of the year 10 mins after casting out...
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  4. They are the best none cork pop ups available imo. Flavours that have done me well include Fishy Peach, Pineapple/Butyric, Condensed Milk, Scopex Strawberry, Devils Dung (like a butyric acid kinda flavour, really stinks). I also use the their none flavoured hook baits for zigs, and for suspending alternative hook biats when the going gets tough. I'd use any of the flavours they do tbh. That Kevin that runs it really knows what he's doing.
  5. I used to love the banana ones and they did me a few fish, then he stopped making them in the matt orange colour and the yellows didn't seem to work as well. Prompted me to make my own in the same colour.
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  7. I had these given to me once by a mate when i first started off...didn't know how good they were at first as i was only just into carp fishing and was a bottom fisher only...wish i had kept them now.
  8. Don’t get excited it’s a simmosaurus!😀
  9. Nice one mate. Looking forward to the pics
  10. Must be a good night for it. I’ve just had my first 30 of the year. Pics in the morning. Mate in the next swim has had a 30 too! Never happens to us!
  11. Good evening so far.
  12. I would like to think so. Fished on a lake I know fairly well and fished on known spots with fish showing.
  13. He’s still alive to tell the story. You didn’t do much wrong! We’ll forgive you for not doing a catch report on this occasion..😀
  14. I'm just tired. Had the thought spinning through my head 'did I do everything right?'
  15. Are you putting it where the fish are even a good bait can’t catch if no fish are in the area
  16. Hi guys. Has anyone ever used proper job pop ups. I have used 2 flavours Bananna and Cream special and although they are super buoyant I haven’t had a touch on them. I always fish at least one pop up so have used them quite extensively. It could be my angling. I just want a pop up I know is gonna stay up for 16 hours.
  17. I can't do June as I'm in France from the 8th until the 16th. September or October are good for me and my son. Ian.
  18. Thank goodness your mate is recovering , Nick . What about what Dave Hedgehog wrote , how are you after the shock of it all Nick ? . 😀
  19. That's a nice brace of Tench , Elmo . 😀
  20. I was quite happy with the rigs performance tbh , it's a weedy,silty lake so I had to think about it , I didn't want to have to use pop ups or chods so I went with wafters and PVA bags using a coated braid , seemed to get them presented well so that was encouraging and will continue with that unless I find too many problems I think the bait will catch carp also may just be a location thing for those 😬
  21. Hi yes they are lead acid batteries I have I stalled some 12v screw down connectors for the feed to the solar panel now , do you just disconnect the solar panel and run the mains 12v battery charger through where you connect the solar panel to Thanks for you help
  22. At least you know your rigs are doing the business! Tweak the bait and you should be in luck. 🤞
  23. As stated by others..Well Done and prasie all round...Life Saver. The consequences could have been far worse. 🏅🏅🏅
  24. Dave's Mum and Dad phoned me last night from the hospital, he was awake but groggy and confused. From landing the fish to waking up surrounded by emergency services he has no recollection. I'm thinking it was a hot day, he was on his box, and despite drinking plenty to keep cool getting up to weigh a fish had heatstroke or a head rush and went over. This morning Dave himself phoned me, he is being kept in today, still bringing up water every now and again. Must have swallowed a lake full. The thanks I needed was hearing his voice, but I did tell him he is buying me a pint😉
  25. Well done Nick ,good job you were there and credit and praise is due , hope he makes a full and speedy recovery, makes you realise how easily things can go wrong
  26. I caught a brace of 6lb tench last night, my first fish in an age and actually quite pleasing to get a bend in the rod and as for birdlife I've never seen a swan feed right through the night before but it was having a go, I now see why it needs to get it's energy up to chase this one around all day, they will spend all day now like that ,that is one angry swan they were at it yesterday too
  27. There in lies the problem mate. I'm easy... Ish June is good ??
  28. Firstly well done. You stepped up and believe me not everybody would. I hope your mate makes a speedy and full recovery. Hopefully it’ll be one of those story’s you both can joke about in years to come. what I would say is look after yourself. Things like this can have a huge effect on you. You’ll be in a form of shock even if you feel fine. Once again we’ll done you. Respect due.
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