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  1. manc70

    bivvys again

    Just ordered the jrc tx 2g £265 complete with winter wrap
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  2. newmarket

    Pride of Derby

    Sorry i cant help with the lakes . When i saw the thread title i thought it was about Kevin Hector
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  3. joshcowin

    sunset on the pit

    a photo from the other night when i took some fish photos for a friend
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  4. Jontain...I know what your saying. Truth is everyone has different opinions and a lot is opinion based. The fish make the rules not us. I made the transition from coarse to carp two years in August and it's a steep learning curve....I've made all kinds of mistakes in my carp fishing but you learn from them. The videos by korda, fox, nash are all very good at helping but try to distill from it the basic concepts and view with a cynical mind as to the motives. Although I may be appearing in a nash one having won an auction so don't view that one cynically. [emoji12] Partaking in a forum and giving your views and opinions is a great way to learn and if you say something that's not right some of the more experienced members will put you right. It's only by getting opinions out in the open that you'll learn as well as by your mistakes. I still remember trying to fish slack lines with a lead clip set up and wondered why I had no indication when a fish had kited 60 odd yards and wiped out my other rods.
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