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    Ground bait/ method mix boilies

    my first ever venture into making my own boilies was with solars "bag mix". i added a bit of binder to it to hold the bait together and it worked a treat
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    erm.... new PB?

    I beg to differ Trayner. As you'll see here. Snappers do have long(ish) tails. With regards taking it to the RSPCA, if it was being a menace in the fishery and decimating the wildlife, I'd agree. But as it's been there for 25 years and the fishery continues to thrive. I think it's better just to leave it there.
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    July Catch Reports

    Nice carp guys.The bellies on those are huge.
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    Rain is a bit depressing I must admit. But I love it when you are all set up and dry, it's tipping it down outside and the kettle is on.
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    lac de juvigny in champagne?

    fished it and looked after the lakes when chris is away. pm me for info, chats and crays have been bad, especially in high summer months. more bait theft off chat and a few rigs damaged by the crays so keep an eye on ur terminal tackle. always use netting/webbing on any fish meal/pellet baits. i always air drie my freezer baits rock hard too. if u search lac du juvigny on north west carp forum i have done a brief map on there wit few spots. end of july/august usually the biggest bags of fish, but the 60's all seem to get caught in march and november. water levels all over the marne department are close to flood uptil early/late may. past few years the fishing has been slow due to 4-7 feet of extra water in most lakes around this time of the year. swims 3 and 4 close in margins and fishing towards the snags (swim 10), swims 10 and 9 also towards the snags. if swims 6 and 1 are free most will drift into the top bays, pads and little humps at medium range towards the bbq area will find the fish. upto late april most rods have produces that are left in place for 48hrs+, single hookbaits roving during the day seem to work better as well, away from the baited areas of course. row boat/echo sounder is a must, loads of weed and humps/bars to shake a stick at. strawberry and tigers both have there fits and fads of action on juvigny. technispice did well on cooler days. hope this helps liam

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