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  1. malcfish

    Last nights catch

    done my 2nd trip out last night 2015. had a common of 15lb and this one at 27lbs
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  2. Back to basics, then. The sound of a singing clutch. Love it. Ian
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  3. dalthegooner

    Running rigs?

    If you're fishing near a snag with tight lines then you can't effectively fish a running rig. The closest you can come is the PD Hit and Run System. However, Milky has posted before to say that you can fish with slack lines near a snag. I've never had the b.alls to test this myself, but I agree the logic is sound. Generally (In my experience) if you get a take from a snaggy area, the fish then associates (For that take) the area with danger and tries to run to an alternative area to try and hide.
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