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    January catches

    Hope I'm not treading on any toes but thought I'd start this off as I was out today, 1 bite all day.... went off like a rocket as I was packing up in the rain! 7lb 3oz
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    January catches

    Last night ,4 fish from 7 lbs to 23 lbs ,
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    January catches

    Managed to sneak out for a night, last night and this 22lb on the nose ghosty graced my net.
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    What did you get for Christmas?!

    bottle of jack daniels
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    pebble drop off system

    while I have some time on my hands I will look at a few other ideas, I was thinking about drilling the hole with a bigger bit and possibly filling with something that could slowly leak out,this would have to be done after both lines had been passed through or drilling a separate hole and filling it , could be handy on rivers as it will not wash away with the flow ,and cant be nicked by bream ,
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    January catches

    Just sayin lol
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    Hello and welcome AlkaSeltzer. Reading this post made me feel much better this morning I'll get my coat
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    Help regarding wychwood riot 65s

    I found I'd bent the shaft on my spod reel, I was pretty sure it wasn't through transporting or storing and I'd not dropped it, so I came to the conclusion it may have been while clipped up with the spool fully extended... i sometimes have a numpty moment when i forget im still clipped up from the last sess and over did the cast while clipped up short.... I'm not 100% on this, but since , I always make sure the spool is right back when hitting the clip.
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    River Medway maidstone carp

    Hi there I live up the road and I no there are a few big carp in the rivers down this was
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