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  1. Hi everyone, I'm an ex pom (25 years in Oz), getting back to my passion for carp fishing from my youth. Getting back in practise here in Melbourne at the moment, fishing places such as the Murray river (Yarrawonga) Lake Elidon, etc, but going to be moving back to Brisbane at the end of the year. Anyone in Brisbane interested in some serious carping later in the year. Would love to meet like minded individuals who would like to crack the Australian carp record, share ideas on how to adapt UK techniques to meet our very different conditions, etc; personal best in Aus at the moment just on 13
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  2. Taurine

    Stop the Madness!!

    Hi Folks a brief thought on this. The virus we are all talking about was first found in fish farms in Israel. It didn't just "happen". It arose as a result of a change in an old virus that affects other fish species; there are related viruses in channel catfish etc. What is really interesting is that sensitive techniques such as one called PCR, can pick it up in a variety of organisms such as molluscs etc so the virus can lurk in other species and, given it has become a carp-killer as a result of a recent minor change in an old virus, it is probable it will change again. The scary thing is
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  3. yonny

    3 targets for the year.

    I never set a target other than to catch some fish and enjoy my angling. It can only end in elation or disappointment. Happy with the year so far, although the last month has been a real ball-ache.
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  4. cars bikes and golf clubs i cant fault, but women being organic can and often do go off
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  5. Gazlaaar

    Silt set up

    Doesn't anyone realise this may well be down to how fish are feeding. A group of fish feed a lot more vigorously than maybe a singular to two fish. Bigger fish tend to either swim alone or with one maybe two other fish. If you watch how they feed they are a lot more cautious. What I'm trying to say, maybe this has nothing to do with the lead set up, maybe it's more to do with the hook end. Try a pop up, an instant grab rig rather than a balanced or bottom bait, it might just be the little tweak that changes everything. It's very rarely lead set ups that cause losses, it's more down to pres
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  6. Ginger9991

    Bobbins and isotopes

    So i went for the Fox black label bobbins which seems alright, Used them at the weekend but only caught Bream so i think they may be faulty?
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