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    He's still not 100% but came back to work with me last Friday. Your wife is quite right, he planned to fly to Le Mans with me collecting him from there when released from hospital. He told one of the doctors as much and was told, in absolute terms, that it would probably be the death of him. He's since told me that he thought his demise was near, for a strapping, muscular 37 year old this was something of a shock. He'll get well, he's got to. We've got a backlog of wrought iron gates, railings etc to catch up with...………... Crusian, thanks for your concern and show this post to your wife, please. Ian.
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    Hopefully new yearsday and into the evening...not the night
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    Rod Shots

    Went to a mate trying his luck and new reels today...lost 2...and was only person on lake Shimano Ultegra 14000's...the osolation is emence on these.
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    Me and my mate have done a couple of 24 hour sessions in the last month or so, it can be hard graft but its nice just to be out. Had a few lower doubles to which makes it feel like it’s worth it.
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    Not for me. A bit of winter piking and odd day carp session. I could think of many better things to do on a cold winters night than sit in a bivvy. Night fishing without sunset or sunrise seems a horrendous endeavour for a multitude of reasons. Each to their own though 🙂
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    Thought of the Day pt.2

    Just been sent this from a buddy, cracked me up
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    Thought of the Day pt.2

    Saskcarp just caught a beautiful walleye, which he dedicates to the Bristol Rovers.
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    Dave Hedgehog

    December catch reports.

    Just out for a Wednesday night. Not expecting much, hot water bottle at my feet laying in the bag drifting off for a nice early night and I get the tell tale beep beep of a bream bite. Ignore it for a few minutes hoping it’ll drop off and then this happens....
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    Genius required, what to buy the Mrs?

    Dependant on budget, get her a spa weekend, two birds one stone......the weekend she’s away you can go fishing for the weekend

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