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    Wife bought me a packet of these new Skittles "Chewies" last week. Lovely and fruity, bit of coloured leakage when left in water. Lots of attractive colours to entice Mr Carp. As they have no crispy shell they are soft enough to hair rig a couple so they are sitting like two grains of corn or fish them as singles. Everything going for them I reckon..... I reckon it's the fruity flavours that will do it. I could be on to something here. He who dares Rodney, he who dares........
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    Dave Hedgehog

    Beginners bivvys

    For a first bivvy I’d go second hand. Bargains to be had out there. I’d recommend the avid hq. Great bivvy. A mate of mine bought an avid tardis brand new for £99.99, granted its small but for quick over nighters it’s perfect. Set and pack down in minutes and weighs next to nothing.
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    By this time next year Rodders....we'll be bagging up!
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    Recommend some rods for me...

    Mmmm...... the "better" names out there are names like FreeSpirit, Harrisons and Century. You are going to be hard pushed to find a trio of rods from one of these manufacturers second hand with your budget. Personally, I'd be looking at Sonik.... Dominator X 3.25tc. Erics Angling..... £224,97 delivered. http://www.ericsangling.co.uk/index.php/sonik-dominator-x-carp-rods.html They will last you years. Believe me.
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    Finally got the snow that they have forecast all week. Been down to the lake tonight and it's ice free. Tomorrow is snow carp Saturday.
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    January catch reports

    Was on my way home from work today when I got a call from a mate who was down the lake so I popped down to see him for an hour. I cheekily asked if he had a spare rod to which he obliged. Flicked it out and 5 mins later had this little beauty.
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    Might give these a bash......

    Let's hope for the forums' sake you get out on Tues. , Smufter , that's 2 items to review . 😀
  8. 1 point

    Thought of the Day pt.2

    Well roll on Tuesday , it should hopefully be a top job . Please keep the forum posted . 😁
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    Dave Hedgehog

    Recommend some rods for me...

    I’ve had the sonik xtr3 rods and managed to snap 2 on the spigot in the space of 18 months. Did replace the first one but lost confidence after that. Strangely they’re the only rods I’ve snapped in 25 years and both snapped at the spigot. Now using free spirit ctx and love them. Anyone looking for a 3lb tc cork handled sonik I’ve got a spare!😂
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    SKS Black look nice too!
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    Getting back around mid march to be fair. Got plenty to sort out when I get back so that could be perfect time to start bagging up on gear at least. In theory everyone is starting to upgrade or sack it in by then.
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    I think that counts as pilfering someone else swim!
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    Yeah of Sandhurst lake, opposite, might of struggled landing anything over the boundary fences though.
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    Perfect for fishing the fair margins there mate 😂 I know I can get good range with my Shimano XTEAs so all good there. Will keep an eye out on some deals and steals (sale of the ...... century)
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    I've got Sonik XTR's, 3.25 TC, 50 mm butt rings. A mate busted one, haven't been bothered to get a replacement yet, supposedly lifetime guarantee. But great action, I've cast small pva bags to around 80 yds comfortably. I also brought them from Eric's @the big one 5 years ago. Spent a grand, new shimy 10000 bait runners, bivvy, fox alarms (Got ATT'S now, look much tidier) & few other bits. They do better deals on the Sunday because they don't want to take gear back with them I guess. Highy has quite a bit of Sonik gear, so he'll tell you what the other gear is like.
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    Recommend some rods for me...

    Shimano Tribal Velocity are quite heavy (I've had 3!!)..... For your budget I'd be looking somewhere in the Sonik or Wychwood range. You'll get three new rods for that money and they'll last you Donkeys. 😉
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    Also something from Sonik might be an option?
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    Might give these a bash......

    Me and mate used to go a local pond that was pasty bashing. We used try what weird baits we could use had a few on sweets.
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    Beginners bivvys

    Sounds ideal for trips to France to me. BOF
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    Beginners bivvys

    I have a JRC STi 2 man... for the money you can't beat it... groundsheet, twinskin, very roomy, easy to put up & take down... I paid £180 for mine... the only downside is you can't really use the bivvy as a single skin (only if its really hot with no chance of rain) as the inner capsule is mainly mesh.. you have to put both up really...
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    Beginners bivvys

    the jrc sti bivvies are twin skin and only £180

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