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    leaky shed and its all melted. ive got 4 sizes of pva bag that ive not used in 5 years and 6 tubs of pop ups and ive not fished a pop up in probably the same amount of time ive got between 30 and 40 leads and 12 back leads and 3 captive back leads. but I know if I take any of it out ill need it the very next session
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    Fluorocarbon leaders.

    Tie an overhand loop in the thicker material, then the thinner material put through the loop parallel and tie a Grinner or Uni knot around the thicker material. I lighter blob the tag ends. I would suggest checking leader to mainline knots regularly, and please make sure any end tackle can be ejected in the event of a crack or break-off. If it goes anywhere, it is nearly always at the leader mainline knot.
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    I have 2 huge rig wallets full of old rigs... after a session they go into my wallets & they are a bloomin' mess.... I think I'm going to disassemble them and tie a few new ones to just a couple of patterns.. what do you guys (and gals) do with yours...???
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    Spent nearly 2 hours yesterday stripping old rigs and tidying my rig wallets... think I dumped about 14 rigs that were useless and recycled the hooks after giving them a quick burr on the stone. saved a few rig sleeves and swivels.... and now my wallets look tidy (ish) really should do this more often.... all that said, I'm out on Sunday with my Young Padawan and no doubt I'll tie a couple of fresh rigs and try and make room for them in the wallets.... I really must learn... either that or start buying ready mades
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    one of my pet hates, there's just no need for it and anyone caught should be fined extremely harshly (£5000) and made to do community service every weekend for a year picking litter up
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    Yeah I always do this too. Good tip that.
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    I did this for years, then as with most things in life, someone showed me if you cut both ends of the wrap, the line then becomes 4-6"long and no longer poses a threat to the wildlife etc. should it ever be taken from the bin in future, simply genius
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    Need a new bait company

    Yes Steve. Reading great reviews on it. I'm going to try it because it's not a fishmeal and I'm trying to avoid the cats in the lake we're going to. I know nothing is guaranteed but in for a penny (as they say).... 😉
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    Need a new bait company

    Bit of confusion here I think mate. It's not XCel who are bringing out a test bait, it's ABS. Sorry, didn't make that clear did I?!!! My VNF arrived yesterday and it's in the freezer now. If the smell of bait caught fish, this is a winner. Smells absolutely gorgeous to my nose. But it doesn't work like that does it (sadly!). As I say, I'm going to introduce it to the Cottage starting from next week, as far as I am aware nobody else is on it, so hopefully it might just give me an "edge". But like I say, I'll be taking a couple of K's of it to France with me as back up to the new ABS test bait. It's available to order from 10th June so I'll be phoning them and ordering sometime next week. Sorry for any confusion.
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    Same as above I will give the odd hook a little tinkle with the sharpener and keep em if I’m fishing an easier water
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    I used to keep them "for emergencies" but now I just reclaim any micro swivels/beads etc and bin them. Never used them anyway.
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    Dropshot/lure setup

    at a pinch you could get by with a short (8') quivertip rod if you have one... the tip is the key it must be soft... and a 1000 size reel... I think my Shimano Alivio was about £25... the expensive stuff are the braids, fluorocarbon for hooklinks and lures, don't forget if there are pike present in your venues you'll need a wire up-trace above the hook in case of bite off's... it really isn't summat where you can just tie on a lure and away you go... you need a bit of forethought... once you start the thing snowballs
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    I came across a very distressed lady whilst walking the dog. Her dog had picked up a treble hook in its paw. It then tried to bite at it and ended up with his paw tethered to its cheek and was in A LOT of pain. We whisked it to the vet who sedated and operated immediately. He said dogs picking up discarded hooks was quite a common problem.
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    I know this is an old thread, but thought I'd bring it back up. I keep on going on about my local park lake, even back then, some things just don't change, this was yesterday, right next to where a bin has disappeared from.
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    I take my dog with me so I give the swim a good go over picking up rigs and discarded line before we fish. Fires me right up when you see 20ft of mono just chucked to the side when it takes a few seconds to wrap it up and put in a bag. I would say in the last 3 sessions I’ve picked up a couple rigs and over 100ft of mono from different places. I salvage everything I can from my rigs and have started to do it to the ones I find aswell lol

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