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    What bivvy?

    Not actually received it yet but this is it
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    What bivvy?

    Just got myself a second hand JRC extreme tx 2 Man bivvy. Think I got myself a good deal and the patience paid off. It's only ever been set up once and got it for £180 delivered.
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    Custom Stainless

    They’re ideal mate. Shame you don’t know the make 🤦‍♂️
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    Youll be in trouble , 😀
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    The neoprene covers are for the alarms not the reciever. they also have a piece of metal in them the same as the plastic covers so the alarms turn off
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    Mine are also on banksticks for my pods goalpost setup... Also did same last night trying wipe off...used a multi surface wipe and thought did trick...but went sticky again.... Be this case...but werw the aerial is on the Deluxe...the on off switch will be.
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    Trakker Tempest

    I have the V2 brolly and love it for it's ease of use. Have had no problems whatsoever with it's build quality. My only complaint, (well it's not really a complaint), is it's lack of height. It is a bit low, and I never fail to catch my bonce on it when getting in and out, but I've been prepared to put up with it for the sake of it's other benefits. The other dimensions are great, it's nice and wide so I can get plenty in, and deep enough to push my bed chair right to the back and keep out of the worst of the weather. But I'm sorely tempted to swap out to the new 100T. It's not a bad price at all, bearing in mind the benefits of the extra height, and in particular the two rear vents as standard. I looked at having a couple of vents put in my V2 by Army Andy, and the cost would work out more than a new 100T taking the purchase price into account. I've checked the other dimensions and it's the same width as the V2, and 5cm deeper, so I wouldn't be losing out anything at all. It's a win/win as far as I am concerned. I'm watching carefully, and may well pull the trigger on the new one.
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    Swapped for soniks I think you got yourself bargain there mate. 🙂👍
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    Swapped em for my Soniks...try something about different...read some good reviews about em...also some good feedback on here too..

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