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  1. jofoley

    From: woman in carp fishing

    Source: woman in carp fishing
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  2. Hi there, This is my first entry on this site and I'm looking for any information that may help. I have been fishing a local fishery for quite a while and have enjoyed reasonable success. Last year the owner restocked the lake with quite a few bigger fish and since then it has been very poor on the "fish in the net" front. All the regulars are having the same problems and even the owner has said that he is disappointed in the results. Recently we have been told that on restocking it could take a couple of years to come on again. Have any fellow carp enthusiasts come across this problem before?
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  3. Once again myself and the hairy one was sitting down at about midnight watching fishing vids on you tube and as we sit there obviously craving a session we decide, right let’s forget work and go fishing. As we sit there running through our usual choices of lakes we pondered about a reservoir just around the corner from us that we have still yet to try and said let’s give it a go. However as always, the carp gremlins start to take hold before we’ve even given it a shot, ‘it’s a big lake, bigger than anything we ever tried’, ‘it’s a hard time of year to try a new lake’, ‘I am pants at spodding’,
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  4. cyborx

    gear wish list.

    ok peeps, my intention on using this blog as a place to create my wish list was boosted by an attempt to clear out my tackle bags, it was while emptying the first bag that i realized just how bad a condition some of my stuff had gotten into. my rod pod was so worn that it falls apart when it is picked up (how did i not notice this?) my lead bag is almost empty, i dont own a lead bag, my scales are knacked, my rod bag is holey and the list goes on and on and etc it is with this in mind that i have been prompted to start a list of gear needed and wanted in the hopes that the hairy boss will stu
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  5. Norkrise

    First time french carping

    I am taking my nephews to france to a samll private lake in normandy/ brittany called chestnut pool near Saint James. Two questions, has anyone any experience of this place and are their any rules/limits on taking baits in to france by car? Thank you
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  6. glyngriffiths

    safe zig

    Good morning ive just been thinking on how to lose the lead on the fox zig float system so far ive thought of, tying the lead on to the boom with a weak line but to allow to cast tieing it on with pva tape or string just for added security on the cast.or does anyone know of an easyier way,obviously using fox zig float system. cheers glyn
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  7. jofoley

    Weekend at Home :(

    First weekend at home for the past 5 weeks! I must say it will be wierd waking up in our own bed and not in the bivvy but needs must. The Garden needs much needed attention before the weather gets warmer and the urge to fish becomes stronger than ever! Ladywood next weekend for a 56 hours session! PB on its way hopefully
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