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    Chester lakes dodleston pool

    Always nice to introduce yourself... Welcome to Carp.com. You may find you got a better reaction if you had introduced yourself and given a brief explanation of your fishing experience. As Yonny pointed out, go back to basics. Look for the fish, do your thing, be your own angler. I would imagine you can fish two rods, on a new water one rod would be a hi-attract bait, probably the ever-present pineapple pop-up, but I would be changing bait regularly, casting around looking for fish. The other I would be fishing over a small amount of bait, maybe some really dry groundbait, with a couple of free whole or chopped boilies in a PVA bag. On a day session unless I knew the water responded ok, I would NOT be leading around. Too many casts may possibly spook the fish. Next thing, don't fire off at other users, you have a tendency to get ignored, or draw my attention, which could be worse... Yonny gave genuine advice. I simply would not turn up at a new water without knowing something about it. Yes, asking on the internet is great, but nothing beats going around it first and having a look, you can learn loads. The dreaded Facebook can be useful, look at the fishery if they have a FB page, look at the fishery website. Also, you could ask me (or any other anglers) about a water they are fishing, sorry, on one water in particular, I will not give anything away, my hard work is not for sharing until I know you are putting effort in yourself.
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    Chester lakes dodleston pool

    No idea but they're pleasure lakes so I'd guess you could put pretty much any half decent bait on a half decent rig in front of active fish and you'll catch. The tricky bit will be locating said fish as the water temps are defo dropping. I see posts like this a lot and I struggle to understand the intent. For me, the act of fishing consists of trying to figure out how to catch the carp in front of you. If you're told how to do that then you've literally avoided the point of our great sport imo. I cannot understand how anyone could feel a sense of satisfaction or achievement from being told to put this bait, on that rig, on this spot, to catch a fish. Carp are not as smart as they're made out to be, use your eyes and they will tell you where they are. Nine times out of ten a bait you are confident in, presented well, will catch them. If it doesn't you need to use the old noggin to figure out why and react accordingly. That's the fun bit, trying to figure it all out. Get rid of that and there is no challenge, what's the point. I'm not having a dig buddy so please don't be offended by my comments. Get down there an figure it out, that's what fishing is. That's how you learn and improve as an angler. What you learn can be applied to other waters. You'll not learn anything by having guys on forums tell you what works on a given water. Good luck fella.
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    Winter Drinks

    very smooth single malt only drink at home though always like to be clear headed you never know if you might have to drive home unexpectedly plus ive seen a few drunk anglers in my time and sods law the drunk fella gets a bite middle of the night then does not even hear it while hes asleep have to go and wake him up cant leave the fish running all over the place in distress
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    Chester lakes dodleston pool

    Enjoy the pre crawling ..... they soon walk,then talk and generally become a pain in the ars e πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Enjoy every moment buddy,old cliche but they ain’t young for long πŸ™„πŸ˜¬πŸ˜Ž
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    Chester lakes dodleston pool

    I was genuinely trying to give good advice πŸ˜‚ Oh well, you can lead a horse to water.... All good buddy, he'll be crawling soon, more mobile by the day.

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